Match abandoned without a ball bowled

11.10 am The match has been abandoned. The bowlers run-ups are very soft at one end but the decision seems alittle premature, with plenty of time left in the day for conditions to improve. Ireland take the series 1-0 thanks to their victory on Sunday, while Kenya will return home following a very unsuccessful tour in which they have won only two games. That's it as far as Irish cricket is concerned for this season.

10.20 am Good morning and welcome from the Stormont grounds in Belfast. Not for the first time this season we have been delayed by the weather, with the bowlers run-ups at the City End still causing concern for the Umpires. The more pessimistic members of the press around me think we will be lucky to get any play, but I remain hopeful that we will get some play in at some stage. An inspection is due at 11.00am.