3rd ODI, Bulawayo, Oct 25 2011, New Zealand tour of Zimbabwe
(49.5/50 ov)329/9
Zimbabwe won by 1 wicket (with 1 ball remaining)
Player Of The Match
99* (74) & 1/30
Player Of The Series
310 runs

New Zealand get a shield for winning the series. They don't look really kicked. The loss must be gutting for them. Jesse Ryder of all people gets to uncork the champagne. Those are the scenes we leave you with. Lovely day of cricket. Cheers for tuning in

Time to listen to the Taylors and the Man of the Match. Brendan Taylor is the Man of the Series. He says, "Awesome feeling. Nice to end the way we did. Nice to salvage a bit of pride. All credit to New Zealand. We will take a lot out of this. We have a little bit of momentum now. From start to finish the guys were positive in their approach. No nails left. The crowd always turns up, this one is for them, and everyone who has shown up in the past."

Malcolm Waller is the Man of the Match. "Feeling really good," says he. "Good to come out winning this game. Great. To take it right through the end was very good. Having Elto striking it s well was great. I was a bit nervous at times, but Elton took the pressure off with the big hits, and Razor in the end was great."

"I thought 320 was a par score. It was a pretty good wicket. The way Kane batted was fantastic, but Zimbabwe batted superbly," says Ross. "The story of this series has been, if you drop catches, you lose matches. I was a bit rusty and enjoyed some luck with the bat. Kane was outstanding. We could have bowled a bit straighter, but I am going to put my hand up. I dropped two easy catches, and if you do that you are going to lose matches."

Stumps are taken out, hands are shaken, hugs exchanged. This is a huge day for Zimbabwe cricket. Elton Chigumbura says before the ball he thought he would punch it down the ground, but the impulse took over. Just an example of how easy the game looks when played with fingers and a keyboard. "Sid, printed in triplet and the carbon paper joins the meal...Enjoy!!! this is a good day to die! :)" Although I don't like the first half of Luke's email, the latter half sums up just how much this means to Zimbabwe fans. Liam Brickhill must be dancing somewhere too. "Three consecutive Taylor centuries on the losing team? Maybe they should both score a ton next time." Brendan, that's what kept this from being a tie. Had Brendan reached his hundred I am sure we would have had a tie. Ironic that Ross Taylor himself dropped two-and-a-half catches in the end

Oram to Waller, 1 run

Waller does it as coolly as he has done in the rest of his innings. Short of a length, outside off, pushes it with an open face, past short cover, between point and cover-point, and yes they run like hell. I wonder if he thought of hitting a boundary to get the hundred? Who cares? Zimbabwe have won. Their biggest chase ever

Ncube walks out, gets a knock on the glove from Price. All he has to do is run like hell when Waller calls him, Anybody thinking of Lance Klusener? This is not Australia and South Africa, but their neighbours

Oram to Price, OUT

the game stays alive, but Price might have done just enough. Short of a length, Price tries to clear the leg-side field. The top edge goes nowhere, but Waller makes sure he moves to the striking end by the time the catch is taken

Ray Price c McCullum b Oram 2 (15m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57
Oram to Price, no run

yorker, hit to short midwicket, sent back

Everybody is up now

Oram to Waller, 1 run

Taylor has choked. He has dropped Waller thrice. This is a dolly. Taylor had just moved to short midwicket, and Waller hit straight at him. Out through the hands

Oram to Waller, 2 runs

Taylor has put down a half chance and is down on his haunches. Slower short ball, mis-hit towards midwicket, high to Taylor's right, who leaps, outstretches his right hand, touches the ball, but can't hold onto it. What's more? He has parried it wide of long-on to allow the second

Big Jake Jacob Oram to bowl the last over. Can he pull a rabbit out here? New Zealand's best bet would be to give him the single here, and then tie Pierce to this end

end of over 496 runs
ZIM: 325/8CRR: 6.63 RRR: 4.00
Malcolm Waller95 (71)
Ray Price2 (5)
Luke Woodcock 9-0-58-2
Graeme Aldridge 9-0-53-0
Woodcock to Waller, 1 run

no, he has worked too hard to risk it in one low-percentage shot now. He pushes this to long-off for one, and keeps strike

If he gets a single here, this is Zimbabwe's game. Or will he go for the hit to end it now?

Woodcock to Waller, 2 runs

into the pads again, helped away to the left of short fine and to the right of deep square. Easy two. This is sensible stuff

Woodcock to Price, 1 run

swept away crisply, takes a single amid huge cheers from the crowd

Woodcock to Price, no run

full and straight, hits him on the pad, Ryder is really close at short fine

Interesting now. Men come up for Price

Woodcock to Waller, 1 run

short of a length, punched away square for one

Woodcock to Waller, no run

full on the pads, hit to Taylor at midwicket, Price is sent back, Taylor fires in a throw and misses. N McCullum runs from mid-off to back up and save one

Woodcock to Waller, 1 wide

fired down the leg side, Watling does well to collect this. Target down in singe figures

"This is awesome I am ashamed by the fact that I am loving Woodcock's performance... Just for what it might imply." Ken is a confused Kiwi right now. Woodcock continues, though. Two hits away are Zimbabwe