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1st Test, Kanpur, September 22 - 26, 2016, New Zealand tour of India
318 & 377/5d
(T:434) 262 & 236

India won by 197 runs

Player Of The Match
42*, 5/73, 50* & 1/58
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Thank you for your company. It's been fun bringing the ebbs and flows of Test cricket in India to you once again. There are 12 more matches to go. Two more in this very series. The next on start at Eden Gardens in three days' time. So do join us then, and also keep a weather eye for the report, videosand stats pieces and stories from Sid Monga in Kanpur.

Also, apologies for the technical issues that we've had at times during the coverage. We appreciate your patience and hope to do a lot better in the future. Or my name ain't Alagappan Muthu (which works fine for me cause I prefer being called Al)

"Definitely, the boys applied themselves very well. Few moments we were in a spot of bother. Intitially we had moment, 100 partnership, couple of soft dismissals. Then Jadeja, Ashwin and Umesh got us 30-40 extra runs. Makes a psychological difference,"Virat Kohli says, "Still pretty early in captaincy, I look for advice from people around me, In the past we've attacked and runs have leaked. But when wickets dont fall we need to be more patient, cut the runs down, use in-out fields. Lower down the order, its the most important thing in Test cricket, all the good sides around the world have that. That's one area we are working very hard. Everyone wants to contribute. Ashwin, Saha, Mishra as well. That's a big psychological dent on the opposition, they think then can get us down before 300 but we get 330. It's a memorable Test, it's been a very good Test, from the second day onwards when New Zealand were batting relaly well we and Ashwin were chatting how we had to show good resilience to win it. Credit to the, the reason the match went on to the final day was because of the guts they showed"

"There were a lot of positives throughout the match, hopefully a few lessons as well. India outplayed us though and if we look back there was a two session period where the game slipped away from us. It would have been nice to get closer to the first innings total, and to start off restricting India to 300 on a good batting wicket was good work," Kane Williamson says, "[Ronchi and Santner[ were both fantastic, particularly today with the ball spinning sharply. The way Santner applied himself with bat and ball and the way Ronchi played coming back into the team was fantastic. It's about recovery for us [in the break, fitness wise]"

Ravindra Jadeja is the Man of the Match on India's 500th Test. "Very happy. Just preparing to do my role with the bat, give myself time and then I can play my shots. Duleep final helped me a lot, I was getting wickets in that game too, I was very confident. I'm used to bowling on such wickets, on turning tracks. That's what I was focussed on. I was enjoying myself. The wicket was pretty slow in the first innings. I think we tried and mixed the pace, fast, slow. Obviously Ashwin is a very good bowler on slow turning tracks and I would like to congratulate him for 200 wickets. I'm enjoying bowling with him, and whenever wicket was not falling we always talk about what to do. We enjoy each other's company. In the first innings, when Williamson was batting, we used to talk about bowling over or around, bowling fast or slow, etc"

"Was pretty tough at times, I think we showed if we get it, it gets a little easier. But against world class spinners, and reverse swing... ," Santner says, "First time experiencing a really turning wicket under such heat. Pretty special for me. Theres more there for the spinners, but you have to be patient. Both Jadeja and Ashwin put it on the same spot for the whole time and didn't give the batsman anything. We have to do the same and hope for the pitch to do its magic. [Little warmer than Hamilton?] Yes it is. [Mood?] Not ideal losing, but we can take some positives out of the game, but the biggest thing is getting started is the hardest. But once you're in, it gets a little easier. [Tired?] Little bit. Recovery is going to be pretty key over the next few days."

Caleb: "From a kiwi point of view - I have to say that the game was played in good spirits, the pitch was a good test pitch where the toss didn't necessarily determine the winner and both teams had periods where they outplayed the other - India just had more and were better over the five days. I'm looking forward to the next test and hope NZ can challenge India more in the next game."

"Have to be alert in the slips on these kinds of wickets with Jadeja and Ashwin bowling," says Ajinkya Rahane. "Anywhere you have to concentrate hard, switch on and off as well. But in these kinds of wickets, you have to be more alert. Sometimes on flat tracks, it may not come at you. But here half chances matter a lot. It was a lot slower, the pitch today, credit to the fast bowlers too. Shami getting those two wickets. Ashwin was fantastic of course and Jadeja contributed too. Compared to first innings, it [reverse swing] was more in the second. Momentum is important, and first match of a series is very important. Credit goes to the boys and the management"

12.55 pm India's 130th Test win, 88th at home. Led by the spinners, led by batsmen who are exceedingly good in facing spin. Cheteshwar Pujara and M Vijay were outstanding. R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were a regular menace. The folks picking Man of the Match have a job on their hands. For those worried about commentary not updating, please switch to the tab that says "commentary" and scroll down to the final 50 overs of the final innings

New Zealand's batsmen have coped well on pitches decidedly alien to them. Kane Williamson was beautiful to watch. Tom Latham proved himself as a good option at the top of the order. Luke Ronchi and Mitchell Santner were revelations. They matched India for the batting. But their bowling was outclassed

Gitanshu: "India now winning their Test #300, 400 and 500. A very good fight back by the Indians after the first 2 days when NZ were on top. The session after lunch on third day was the key, especially the over by Jadeja. MoM contender here. "

Ken: "Second most LBW dismissals by a team in a test match. The record is 11 . Interesting that Ashwin called it before the match"

Ashwin to Wagner, OUT

pins him in front and Ashwin wraps up the 500th Test for India with his fifth ten-wicket haul as well. Sneaks in the carrom ball, pitches it on off stump, veers it into the left-hander. Wagner had no clue about the variation. He was playing for off stump and was a dead duck

Neil Wagner lbw b Ashwin 0 (12b 0x4 0x6 9m) SR: 0
Ashwin to Wagner, no run

flighted delivery on leg stump, defended

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

perfect offspinner - for such a worn pitch. Pitching a set of stumps outside leg and spinning past the off stump and the outside edge of the forward defence

end of over 87Maiden
NZ: 236/9CRR: 2.71 
Trent Boult2 (30b)
Neil Wagner0 (9b)
Ravindra Jadeja 34-17-58-1
Ravichandran Ashwin 35-5-132-5
Jadeja to Boult, no run

tosses it up outside leg, Boult goes for an ungainly sweep and gets a little inside edge

Jadeja to Boult, no run

tossed up on off stump, defended with the open face

Jadeja to Boult, no run

comes forward and blocks on off stump

Jadeja to Boult, no run

defends on middle and off

Jadeja to Boult, no run

defends from the crease with an open face

Jadeja to Boult, no run

flighted on off stump, defended

end of over 86Maiden
NZ: 236/9CRR: 2.74 
Neil Wagner0 (9b)
Trent Boult2 (24b)
Ravichandran Ashwin 35-5-132-5
Ravindra Jadeja 33-16-58-1
Ashwin to Wagner, no run

pushed through outside off, left alone

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

that's the carrom ball, pitching on a good length on off stump, Wagner defends from the crease because that seems to be his default setting. Didn't read the variation

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

beats the outside edge having pitched well outside leg

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

moves over the wicket to block a flatter delivery pitching well outside leg and turning sharply away

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

stays back to a length delivery and defends well

Ashwin to Wagner, no run

nicely flighted on middle, defended

end of over 85Maiden
NZ: 236/9CRR: 2.77 
Trent Boult2 (24b)
Neil Wagner0 (3b)
Ravindra Jadeja 33-16-58-1
Ravichandran Ashwin 34-4-132-5
Jadeja to Boult, no run

appeal for lbw, but umpire Tucker says no. Was sliding down, and may even had gotten an inside edge as Boult defends the arm ball

Jadeja to Boult, no run

pushed through on middle and off, defended

Jadeja to Boult, no run

bounce and turn outside off, left alone

Jadeja to Boult, no run

back of a length on off stunmp, slices it to point

Jadeja to Boult, no run

Comes on with the arm on middle and leg, Boult just about gets bat to it

Jadeja to Boult, no run

wafts at a quicker delivery outside off, beaten on the drive

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