5th ODI, Wellington, Jan 18 2018, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(49/50 ov, target 272)256
New Zealand won by 15 runs
player of the match
Martin Guptill
New Zealand
end of over 497 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 256/10CRR: 5.22 RRR: 16.00 • Need 16 runs from 6b
Aamer Yamin32 (27)
Matt Henry10-1-53-4
Tim Southee9-0-46-0

6.55pm In the setting sun in Wellington, New Zealand sweep Pakistan with another clinical display. Only this time, they had to contend with a strong Pakistan fight. It was another stuttering innings from Pakistan in the first 25 overs, but they put up arguably their best period of cricket in this series in the latter half of this innings.

Shadab Khan and Haris Sohail struck fine rearguard fifties to put Pakistan in a position from which they could at least fight. They needed 100 off 60, and they took it down to the penultimate over. But fell agonizingly short in a thrilling finish to the ODIs.

Martin Guptill is the Man of the Match and the Man of the Series: "Skidding on with the new ball. Precautionary to get off, the shoulder is fine. Reasonable form, not my most fluent work, but sometimes, you have to score the tough runs. We've had to do a lot of hard grafts with the bat."

Kane Williamson: "They (Pakistan) operated well on that surface. Our guys adapted well right through the series. The surfaces have been slightly on the slower side, credit to Pakistan's side. Singles were hard to come by. ODI cricket is fickle in its nature. It is about improving all the time.

Sarfraz Ahmed: "Very tough series, the main thing was batting, it didn't click right through the series. We had opportunities. We back our team."

Henry to Raees, OUT

and that's the game. It doesn't go to the last over, but that was a sensational finish to the ODI series. A short slower delivery outside off, Raees swats it away towards midwicket, who keeps his eyes on the ball and takes a reverse-cupped catch. New Zealand complete a 5-0 sweep in the ODIs

Rumman Raees c Ferguson b Henry 5 (12m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 83.33
Henry to Raees, no run

a short slower ball down leg, Raees misses a hoick, struck on the body and lobs towards the keeper. Gets much tougher now

16 off 8. Williamson and Henry have a chat.

Henry to Yamin, 1 run

a short slower ball on middle and leg, 130 kph, pulled to deep midwicket. Just the one

17 off 9

Henry to Yamin, 2 runs

126 kph, short and wide outside off, carved away behind point. He races back for the second and makes it with a full-length dive.

Henry to Yamin, no run

a well-delivered slower ball outside off, Yamin can't make contact with a pull

Henry to Yamin, FOUR runs

another thick inside edge to the fine leg boundary. How has he found just that little gap through the stumps and his body? A wild swing off a full delivery results in another boundary

A thrilling finish, can it go till the last over? Last ball? For now, it's 23 off 12. Henry will bowl out.

end of over 4811 runs
PAK: 249/9CRR: 5.18 RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 runs from 12b
Rumman Raees5 (4)
Aamer Yamin25 (23)
Tim Southee9-0-46-0
Lockie Ferguson10-0-64-2
Southee to Raees, no run

another straight yorker, kept out somehow.

Southee to Raees, FOUR runs

131 kph, beautifully placed. A sensational yorker again, on middle and leg. Raees is late on the ball but gets just enough bat, a thin under edge past the stumps and for four to fine leg.

Southee to Yamin, 1 run

132 kph, a low full toss is jammed out to square leg. Just the one this time

Southee to Yamin, 2 leg byes

two leg byes. A low full toss down leg, Yamin misses a hoick, off the pad to fine leg

Southee to Yamin, FOUR runs

130 kph, that's a handy hit. Full on leg, Yamin backs away and drills a drive through long-on. Enough power and pretty good timing

Southee to Yamin, no run

an excellent yorker on off and middle, jammed out into the leg side.

Very hard now, 34 off 18. One wicket in hand. Southee has the ball

end of over 474 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 238/9CRR: 5.06 RRR: 11.33 • Need 34 runs from 18b
Rumman Raees1 (2)
Aamer Yamin20 (19)
Lockie Ferguson10-0-64-2
Tim Southee8-0-37-0
Ferguson to Raees, no run

106 kph, another slower delivery around off, watches it onto his bat, played towards short fine leg but Yamin refuses the run

Ferguson to Yamin, 1 run

full delivery outside off, chipped to cover, on the bounce. Southee had an opportunity for a run-out but misses at the bowler's end

Ferguson to Yamin, 1 wide

another slower ball down leg, but it's too high again

Ferguson to Yamin, no run

another terrific slower delivery, the batsman has no idea of the pace or bounce. Plays waaay over the ball, beaten

Ferguson to Raees, 1 run

strays down leg, worked away to short fine leg for one

Last man in.

Ferguson to Nawaz, OUT

beaten for pace, raw pace. After two slower deliveries, out comes Ferguson's quick, straight delivery. And Nawaz can't adjust. Full on middle and off, Nawaz swings but misses, very late on the ball. The ball hits the stumps

Mohammad Nawaz b Ferguson 23 (15m 12b 3x4 1x6) SR: 191.66
Ferguson to Nawaz, 1 wide

another sensational slower ball, back of the hand, but called a wide, went over the batsman's head but the leg umpire calls it

Ferguson to Nawaz, no run

117 kph, the swerving slower ball outside off, deceived Nawaz for the lack of pace, goes past the outside edge

Right then, can Pakistan stay in this for two more overs? 38 off 24! Lockie will bowl out.