1st ODI, Bulawayo, Jul 13 2018, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(35/50 ov, target 309)107
Pakistan won by 201 runs
Player Of The Match
128 (134)
end of over 351 run • 1 wicket
ZIM: 107/10CRR: 3.05 RRR: 13.46
Ryan Murray32 (48)
Shadab Khan 9-0-32-4
Mohammad Amir 7-1-21-1

3.50pm That is that in Bulawayo. Pakistan break their 2018 ODI duck in some style. The win was set up by Imam-ul-Haq's second ODI hundred. His 128 and Asif Ali's late assault carried the visitors to 308 for 7, shaping a 201-run victory. Chasing a steep target, Zimbabwe continued to lose wickets and were eventually dismissed for 107 - their lowest total in Bulawayo. Do stick with us for the presentations...

Hamilton: I thought the seamers bowled well upfront and at the death. We lost it in the middle. Too many soft dismissals - the first three wickets were soft and you can't chase 300 with that. Murray and Liam made a good account of themselves and showed promise. The guys need to pick themselves up, four more to go

Imam, Player of the Match: It is a great feeling to come back in the side. We did not have a good time in New Zealand and I was working hard. I want to thank the management. We knew if we play the first 10 overs according to the situation we knew we could put up a good score. Thanks to my parents and the management. If you get set, you make sure you play in the end. I try to do that and I succeeded today.

Sarfraz Ahmed: If the team performs well, the captain is definitely happy. I think we could have got more runs in the end but there was overcast conditions. Zaman and Imam played well in the first 15 overs. Very pleased with the bowlers' performance but we need to work more. Every match is very important and we want to take it one by one.

That's a wrap of this game. Goodbye for now

Shadab to Muzarabani, OUT

shorter wrong'un, spins in from outside off, Muzarabani looks to cut and ends up chopping the ball back onto the stumps. Shadab claims his best figures in ODIs and wraps up Pakistan's win

Blessing Muzarabani b Shadab Khan 0 (5m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Shadab to Muzarabani, no run

tossed on off stump, glided away to point

Shadab to Muzarabani, no run

here comes the wrong'un, turns in to take the inside edge and roll away to the leg side

Shadab to Muzarabani, no run

follows two legbreaks with a slider outside off, left alone

Shadab to Murray, 1 run

floated up outside off, driven with the break through the covers

Shadab to Murray, no run

on a length and turns away outside off, the batsman leans back and forces the ball to backward point

end of over 34Wicket maiden
ZIM: 106/9CRR: 3.11 RRR: 12.68
Blessing Muzarabani0 (4)
Ryan Murray31 (46)
Mohammad Amir 7-1-21-1
Shadab Khan 8-0-31-3
Amir to Muzarabani, no run

off-stump yorker, jammed out to mid-off

Amir to Muzarabani, no run

very full and wide outside off, left alone

Amir to Muzarabani, no run

full, angling in and seaming away last past the iffy prod

Amir to Muzarabani, no run

bouncer, angling in at the head, Muzarabani ducks out of the way

No. 11 Muzarabani

Amir to Chatara, OUT

healthy edge as he pokes at a short of length ball that nips away, Sarfraz gleefully accepts.

Tendai Chatara c †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Mohammad Amir 5 (17m 21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 23.8
Amir to Chatara, no run

the length ball nips back in from outside off to hit him high on the thigh pad

end of over 334 runs
ZIM: 106/8CRR: 3.21 RRR: 11.94
Tendai Chatara5 (19)
Ryan Murray31 (46)
Shadab Khan 8-0-31-3
Mohammad Amir 6-0-21-0
Shadab to Chatara, 1 run

rolls off a thick inside edge to the leg side, played outside the line in trying to defend that

Shadab to Chatara, 2 runs

uppish but safe, stretched forward and lofted this drive wide of Asif Ali at mid-off

Shadab to Chatara, no run

nice full stretch forward as he keeps out this tossed up delivery

Shadab to Chatara, no run

drifts in a full delivery on middle, defended with soft hands

Shadab to Chatara, no run

fired full and flat on off stump, kept out

Shadab to Murray, 1 run

eases this drive with the spin to long-off