2nd Test, Kingston, Aug 20 - 24 2021, Pakistan tour of West Indies
302/9d & 176/6d
(target 329)150 & 219
Pakistan won by 109 runs
Player Of The Match
6/51 & 4/43
Player Of The Series
18 wkts

4.10pm And that is all we have from this series. I will leave you with some of your own thoughts here below. Thanks for joining us through this lovely Test, especially those of you who stayed up in the subcontinent. On behalf of Shashank and Binoy, this is Varun signing off.

Bilal: "Well played Nauman too! Took wickets at crucial times when pacers weren't."

Shiraz: "3 for 2 reminded me of 26/6 Kolkata in 1999 and 41/6 Karachi in 2005 and I thought, sure enough, we can win this."

Babar Azam: It was an important game for us after losing the first one. The way I played with Fawad and made that partnership was crucial and I thank the almighty for getting us this win. The partnership helped us and then that exceptional spell from Shaheen yesterday made things easy for us. We knew that the ball would turn on the last day and it worked out well. [Declaration] The plan was to take it to 330-340 and give them whatever number of overs were left after that on day 4. We needed to win the series so we had to take a bold decision. The bowlers delivered, Nauman especially on the final day, took some crucial wickets. We thought the last day would help the spinners, some patches were being formed. We knew it would assist Nauman and he used it well. [Shaheen] he is a genuine talent, seems like he's improving day by day and it's lovely to have and watch someone like him in the team.

Shaheen Afridi: Such a great effort, it's a team effort. The team needed from me and I delivered this time. It was tough because last day and the weather is really hot. As a team we knew that getting one wicket would get us another, so we looked to give 100%. All credit goes to my brother Riaz Afridi - he's a brother, he's a father, he's everything to me. Credit to my family as well who are always praying for me.

Shaheen Afridi is the Player of the Match and the Player of the Series.

K Brathwaite: I think we were behind the 8-ball from the start. I think it's mindset. Test cricket is never easy. All the guys technically can bat, it's all mindset. First 30 balls if always the toughest period and finding out ways through that phase is key for us. I still think it's a positive since we didn't lose the series. We let ourselves down in the first innings of this match. Kudos to the bowlers again for leading the way. We made some strides in the series, but this Test the first innings really let us down. [Seales] is a star in the making, you see him getting over 250 wickets. I know he has a big future ahead. With the experience in our bowling group guiding, he for sure is a future star. [Pakistan] as a bowling unit they were very consistent. Batting wise, their guys who got in in the first innings went big.

Asif Afridi: "From 3 for 2 to winning it comprehensively despite a day being washed out. Must make some history books! Congrats Pakistan!"

Wasim: "I believe that was a very brave decision to declare with windies to chase 329... But that has paid off... "

Statsfan: "The previous ball of the last FOUR wickets was hit a FOUR."

Awais Syed: "Given Shaheen shares his last name with another Pakistani legend every time he does the star man pose it gives me goosebumps!"

Adnan: "I think, Abbas also took a 10-fer against Aus in UAE.. so is that best after Asif Stat correct??" --- Yeah, by a run! Abbas had 10/95

3.52pm That's ten wickets in the game for Shaheen, first time in his career. His match figures of 10/94 are the best by a Pakistan pacer since Mohammad Asif (11/71 vs Sri Lanka in Kandy) in April 2006. Runs to the non-striker's end and rips up a stump for his collection. He finishes with 18 in the series, taking at least four in each innings. Lovely comeback win this for Pakistan, after starting the match three down for just two runs. They were also 1-0 down coming into this game, and they have turned that around before leaving. Fawad Alam and Babar Azam laid the foundation. Then, we had rain washing out the entire second day. A result suddenly seemed hard after that. But, starting from yesterday, Pakistan have managed to take 17 West Indies wickets while having a free hit in the middle - scoring at over six an over before declaring - to seal the win. Mohammad Abbas and Hassan Ali playing their parts, and Nauman Ali really showing up today when they weren't; but at his end, Shaheen was just going on and on, getting a wicket every time it was asked of him. Pakistan win by 109 runs.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Da Silva, OUT

taken at mid-on! That's ten wickets in the game for Shaheen. It's a full inswinger at middle and leg, Da Silva tries to loft it over the fielder but it's come off the toe-end

Joshua Da Silva c Faheem Ashraf b Shaheen Shah Afridi 15 (52b 2x4 0x6) SR: 28.84
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Da Silva, FOUR runs

caressed to the extra cover boundary. Da Silva showing his wares. Good length and pushed wide across him. Stands tall, reaches out with his arms, and drives aerially to find the boundary

end of over 833 runs
WI: 215/9CRR: 2.59 
Jayden Seales0 (2)
Joshua Da Silva11 (50)
Mohammad Abbas 14-3-42-0
Shaheen Shah Afridi 17-5-39-3

Omair: "I hope Shaheen gets 10. He deserves it so much."

Abbas to Seales, no run

good length and into the thigh guard as he misses on the glance. Pops up for short leg, but no bat involved

Abbas to Seales, no run

good length and just outside off, defended solidly

Abbas going around the wicket to Seales

Abbas to Da Silva, 1 run

good length and just outside off, jabbed to cover point's left and they take the run this time

Rizwan is up to the stumps now to stop Da Silva from walking out at Abbas

Abbas to Da Silva, no run

good length at off stump, defended off the inside half

Abbas to Da Silva, 2 runs

handsome drive through the covers. Walks a long way down again to an outswinger, nicely behind it to drive through extra

Abbas to Da Silva, no run

good length outside off, walks into that and turns it into the midwicket region. Won't take the single

end of over 826 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 212/9CRR: 2.58 
Joshua Da Silva8 (46)
Shaheen Shah Afridi 17-5-39-3
Nauman Ali 22-7-52-3

One wicket left, Abbas has been thrown the ball. Three slips and a gully, short leg catching.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, OUT

Roach has reviewed an lbw decision. Inswinger from Shaheen, pins him deep in the crease as he gets on the back foot and looks to defend. It swung in from an off stump line. He missed it by a long way as he got his front leg across late and caught this on the knee roll. It's three reds on DRS. That is hitting the wickets and is a good decision by the umpire.

Kemar Roach lbw b Shaheen Shah Afridi 7 (15b 1x4 0x6) SR: 46.66
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, FOUR runs

lovely shot! Full and swung in at leg stump, stands tall, offers the full face, covers the angle into him and punches it between mid-on and bowler

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, no run

short of a length and swinging into the body, cops it on the thigh as he shapes to glance it fine

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, no run

good length and shaping down leg, shuffles and seems to have got a thigh on this before it lands in front of Rizwan

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, 2 runs

full, wobbly delivery just outside off. Keeps the front leg in the leg side and chops this through point

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Roach, no run

good length in the corridor, left alone

end of over 81Maiden
WI: 206/8CRR: 2.54 
Joshua Da Silva8 (46)
Kemar Roach1 (9)
Nauman Ali 22-7-52-3
Fawad Alam 3-1-3-0

Umar: "Why take the ball? If ur gonna bowl the spinner. Why not just take it at the other end in the next over" --- This is a question Shaheen might be asking as we speak. Here he is, three slips, a gully, and short leg.

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

length at off stump, defended with the turn

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

short of a length just outside off, punched into the covers

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

short of a length at middle stump, gets deep in the crease and pushes to midwicket

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

good length outside off, defended into the covers with the turn

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

length at off stump, blocked on the front foot

Nauman Ali to Da Silva, no run

good length and sliding on in the corridor, left alone

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