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4th T20I, Providence, Aug 3 2021, Pakistan tour of West Indies
(3/20 ov)30/0
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There's no Player of the Series, which you can understand, I'd imagine. That's the end of our coverage, then. So take care, and see you for the Test series.

"We couldn't execute our plans, of course, because we didn't have much cricket," laughs Babar. "We were looking to experiment ahead of the series, switching up batting positions. But the weather's not in our control, sadly.

"Staying away from family is difficult, but credit goes to my team and the management for taking care of their fitness and getting good results.

"We're looking forward to the Test matches, and we want to bring the same intensity to the Test series that we brought here. We need to work hard and do as well as possible. But we'll enjoy the T20 victory now."

Actually I'm around for the presentations, which we suddenly have pictures from . Kieron Pollard's up talking about the series, expressing disappointment for the series defeat. Expresses the importance of match play and continuing to improve ahead of the World T20. "Each and every person who's in a bubble understands the value of getting breaks," he concludes. Which, of course, West Indies have ahead of the T20 World Cup now.

02.20pm Match has been abandoned

Abid: "Pakistanis don't get upset from Danial, He is rain tool, to be used when Pakistan is loosing " Tool is a bit harsh mate

02.15pm It's still drizzling and the covers are in place, still. 15 minutes away from calling this off.

Hamdan Mukthar: "Does this match have a spare day to continue the match tomorrow ?" With all you know about cricket, what do you think, Hamdan?

Adeel: "Daniyal, i think we should leave to comments here because there is no match and even less traffic on comments section, my comment still not yet upload... Why whyy :(" Consider me chastised and here you go with your comment.

The rain is quite heavy, and this means it's unlikely we'll get the ground in shape before the cut-off time, which is about 2.29pm. That's just under half an hour from now.

ALI AHAD: "D for DUSTIN HOFFMAN and D for DANIYAL RASOOL ... both will be remembered as THE RAIN MAN" I can massage my ego for the next 20 minutes or so before they inevitably call this off.

Rayyan Ali: "Guys if you all agree, we should collectively send hundreds of email to ESPN cricinfo office to either get Danyal fired or to never let him commentate a match. Please support me on this." You'd think I wouldn't publish this comment, but here you go!

Mnjbkhan: "@Mr .Brar it started raining again. Just asking if it started after you thought of getting danyal back or before. If ur ans is after am filing a case to get danyal fired! " I was due, Hemant's hour was up :)

Ahmad Ali: "So this means, that this game is abandoned and the weather forecast for the first test is also not very promising. This tour is dedicated to rain." Can't wait for the (very) late nights, then.

Well, hello, if it isn't the man who brings rain to the Caribbean back in the hot seat. Hopefully we can still get a game on but the chances are dwindling.

1.57pm We were only a couple of minutes away from the resumption and a bad news pops up: it's drizzling and the covers are back on. Danyal will update you further.

1.30pm Play will resume at 2pm. Nine overs per side. Maximum two overs per bowler and the powerplay is of three overs.

Ahsan: "With nine overs a side, it's very much like a tape ball match. Now I get it why Michael Holding doesn't do commentary in T20"

Zaim: "Windies have a major advantage here , They have 30 from 3 overs , each over now with the situation can bring 10 per over easily and there will be further adjustment in the score. I think if game goes on Windies will easily level the series"

Manoj Gautam: "Wow, I had lost all the hopes about happening of the match, that's why I went to sleep, I awoke at the midnight,looks like match is going to resume soon. Finger crossed."

1.25pm The umpires are out there doing an inspection. They are checking the fast bowlers' run-up area. Jason Holder is lurking around too. The Pakistan bowlers are warming up. Looks like there are a couple of spongy patches.

Farhan: "As the game evolves and newer formats (like the Hundred) are introduced to build attract a bigger audience, perhaps it's time we look into covered stadiums to avoid disruption of games. The Telstra Dome was ahead of it's time."

Hamza: "Can you please tell me how to participate in commentary?" --- Just like you sent this feedback.

Zain: "A shortened game will surely warrant a change up the order for Pakistan. Sharjeel and Sohaib to open? That is, if we get to a chase. Weather app still showing showers across Georgetown "

Ehtisham: "If it's 10-12 over game, I must say WI is very well positioned at the moment. 115-120 to chase in such overcast conditions will definitely test PAK."

zohaib: "my address sialkot from pakistan and waiting for mangoes" --- My grandfather was born in Shorkot.

Qamar Awan: "Is there full 20 over match or 12 ovr match? " --- More like 12, or even ten.

1.05pm An inspection is scheduled at 01.25pm.

Usama Abbasi: "A perfect click bait .. I went on to check what's absolutely fascinating ! :D On that note ..Cricinfo's click baits are the only ones I don't mind clicking on !" --- That's how Adnan sent it

Ehtisham: "If this match resumed and we had a full game, Hemant and Danyal, you guys can share your addresses and I'll send a box of mangoes to each of you." --- I am almost certain some overs have already been lost.

Adnan: "Absolutely fascinating..."

1.00pm Thanks, Danyal. Looks like nothing has changed in the last one hour. The rain has stopped and the covers are being removed.

And on a rather soggy note, I hand you back over to Mr. Brar, who may be luckier than I've been in getting the game to start.

"Tomorrow i.e. 4 Aug is my 1st wedding anniversary, and i wish my comment to be published, apart from anything I m a huge fan of Cricinfo." Congratulations, Imran!

Badar: "I personally don't like the idea of truncated T20 games specially the 5 over mayhem" It'd be especially tricky with West Indies already more than halfway through that. But we'd need play to resume in the next 90 minutes to even have a chance at that.

Fun fact: "This is the most dry season in West Indies the whole year......Shit! That is not dry at all...So disheartened" It's harder and harder to predict weather patterns, apparently.

Inamullah: "Danyal i m dishearted with u... Why u not show my single cmmnt??? Plzzz shoelw this one for my encouragement.... " We wouldn't want that now, would we? Here, enjoy

Ayoob : " While its raining lets enjoy Babar's onslaught vs Steyn "This is batting of the highest quality, it could be Kohli or it could be de Villiers, such is the command"" Forever grateful to be at Supersport Park for that innings. Electric.

12.10pm: The news isn't much better. The covers are still on and it continues to rain steadily. We're into losing-overs territory now.

Shoaib: "How can someone forget the famous Chennai Test, 1999"

Faraz : "For me I want to change the result of 2011 india vs pakistan worldcup semi final it will be pretty easy it is just pakistan got sachin out on 12 and thats game for pakistan "

Tarang: "Since there is NO video of this match, Kapil Dev's 175 in 1983."

Salman Sherazi: "New Zealand vs South Africa Semi Final WC-15"

Ankit verma: "Australia vs south africa johannesburg 2006. It would be really exciting to read ball by ball commentary of that epic match."

Abd: "The Gabba test!!" Or the Asad Shafiq parallel universe Test, as I call it.

YASIR LODHI : "WC 2019 Final (Lords). England win by barest of margin! I can still hear Ian Smith ! What a commentator! "

Shujaat Raza: "Just one ball where Misbah plays a straight shot rather than a scoop and Pakistan wins the Wt20 in 2007"

Osama: "The last Champion's trophy final"

Tabukhans: "Dear cricinfo! You can write imaginary ball by ball commentary during rain time, and we will still read it with same intensity and intrest. " Let's have a little poll - which match would you want commentary rewritten for the most?

Isuru Heendeniy: "All the quaruntines ,Bubbles etc. players have to go through will end up like this what a waste?" There is still the Test series to come, so chin up

BURHAN: "dear WICB, dont schedule the game time to suit our prime time viewing. we (ind/pak/bd) can wake up early in the morning or stay late at the night." There's the spirit

Rovaid Khan: "@Danyal, here's a suggestion for you. During the test series, please take some time off and enjoy roti with your family. Don't even open cricinfo during that time please..."

Nirmal: "Hello Rasool Bhaiya Is there heavy rain like last game??" Yep, that's the word we're getting, sadly.

See, all of you who blamed me for the rain? IT CAN HAPPEN WHEN I'M NOT AROUND, TOO!

Barkat: "Today according to forecast it will be dry spell for 3,4 hours mid-day and same was for last two washouts, I don't understand why they organized the games in the mornings" To be fair they were being nice about it. They wanted to fit the games into a good time slot for Pakistani audiences

end of over 34 runs
WI: 30/0CRR: 10.00 
Andre Fletcher17 (12)
Chris Gayle12 (6)
Hasan Ali 1-0-4-0
Mohammad Wasim 1-0-11-0

While we wait for the rain to stop, I will go and have roti. Here's Danyal to bring you ball-by-ball drop-by-drop updates in the meantime.

11.35am Looks like the rain has got a bit heavier. The ground staff are making sure the whole square is covered firmly.

M.FarooqRoomy : "@Hemant Brar, according to google the weather will be clear after 30 to 40 minutes. Let's hope for the best."

Hamid: "'Hemant Brar' Dude your name sounds like a Punjabi movie's Police Officer, who's friend with the Heroine's father :)" --- :P

Enough of the roti group talk. I am already feeling hungry.

Sohail: "In french, roasted chicken is called "poulet roti", and I had a hard time getting hold of this when in France a few years back. "

Ali Taha: "Roti group includes Shadab, Hassan, Faheem and Asif Ali. Roti means bread or food. They made a Whatsapp group to hangout and have food on tours and this name has stuck since."

Faizan: "Fakhar is also part of roti group along with Faheem, Shadab and Hassan. Also Haris Rauf is the new entry to that group. The Roti group is simply this group of friends and they've named it "Roti" because it means bread/eating and they mostly eat together on and off tours."

Naukh: "Roti group was created by young Pakistani cricketers during PSL1 comprises Faheem, Hassan, Shadab, Hussain Talat etc. They often meet for eating out"

11.25am The only good news is it's not raining heavily.

Jalal : "What is this Roti group. Can someone explain please " --- Any takers?

Umair: "Man of the Series Award Goes to Rain ..!!"

Aftab: "A four-match series won by 1-0, reads more like a Test series of the 70s."

Muhammad Aqib A: "Sharjeel is not part of the roti group."

Hamid: "@Ehtisham. The roti group comprises Shahab, Faheem and Hassan. They had a reunion following Hassan Ali transfer from Zalmi to United"

Zakir Jan: "Rather than closing my eyes I better switch to Ban vs Aus match...Ban winning...."

11.15am And the covers are on. It's drizzling at the moment and is quite windy. The players are walking back. The umpires are out there with the umbrella.

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, no run

fuller around off, comes forward and blocks again

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, no run

length ball around off, defended back towards the bowler

Ehtisham: "The roti group (Hassan Ali, Shadab and Sharjeel) needs to step up today. So far it seems like a high scoring game. "

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, no run

length ball outside off, looked like a slower one. Fletcher was looking to dab it down towards third man but the ball came back in to cramp him

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, no run

give the charge this time and looks to go over mid-on but ends up playing down the wrong line. The ball goes between the batter and the leg stump

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, FOUR runs

short of length outside off, moves across and pulls it disdainfully towards deep square leg

Hasan Ali to Fletcher, no run

length ball on the stumps, tucked away towards square leg

Hasan Ali

end of over 212 runs
WI: 26/0CRR: 13.00 
Chris Gayle12 (6)
Andre Fletcher13 (6)
Mohammad Wasim 1-0-11-0
Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-14-0
Mohammad Wasim to Gayle, 2 runs

fuller outside off and Gayle looks to go over mid-off. Didn't middle it enough to clear the inner ring. Two more to Gayle

Mohammad Wasim to Gayle, no run

short of length angling across, punched towards cover-point

Mohammad Wasim to Fletcher, 1 leg bye

length ball on the stumps, tucked away towards square leg and Gayle was alert to the possibility of a single. Easily done in the end. Oh, looks like there was no bat involved

Mohammad Wasim to Gayle, 1 run

once bounce to Qadir at third man. Fuller and wider once again from Wasim. Gayle wanted to cut it through covers but managed only an outside edge

Mohammad Wasim to Gayle, FOUR runs

streaky this time. Fuller and wider and Gayle once again freed his arms. Got a thick outside edge that flew past the slip fielder. Third man is squarer and had no chance

Mohammad Wasim to Gayle, FOUR runs

fuller outside off and Gayle reaches out with his hands, little footwork but he manages to steer it to the right of the cover fielder

Mohammad Wasim Jr now. Gayle is in a helmet now. A slip in place

end of over 114 runs
WI: 14/0CRR: 14.00 
Andre Fletcher13 (5)
Chris Gayle1 (1)
Mohammad Hafeez 1-0-14-0
Hafeez to Fletcher, SIX runs

make that two for the over, Fletcher is not letting Hafeez dictate the terms. A touch fuller on the stumps, Fletcher goes down on one knee and slog-sweeps it over deep square leg

Hafeez to Fletcher, no run

short of length around off, turn and bounces. Worked towards short midwicket

Hafeez to Fletcher, no run

uses his feet once again but Hafeez shortens his length. Defended towards short midwicket

Santosh Kumar S: "Gayle will fire today, my heart says! It's going to be raining sixes "

Hafeez to Fletcher, SIX runs

74metres. Short of length, goes back and pulls it with the turn, over the deep midwicket fielder for a six

Hafeez to Gayle, 1 run

fuller around off, Gayle defends it on the off side and takes off. A quick single, his cap comes off while he is running. It's quite windy out there

Around the wicket to Gayle with a slip in

Hafeez to Fletcher, 1 run

down the track and pushes it towards long-on to get off the mark

Chris Gayle, in a cap, and Andre Fletcher jog in. And I guess Mohammad Hafeez will open the bowling. Fletcher to face. But before that, the West Indies contingent take a knee. The Pakistan camp are standing with their hands on their hearts.

11am Thanks, Danyal. We are all set to roll. Hopefully.

Colin Croft says the pitch is a bit damp and the bowlers bowling from the media centre end should have the better time.

Hamid: "ANDDDD it's Danyal!!!!" It was, but I'm about to hand you over to Hemant, who'll take you through what will (hopefully) be a rain-free first ten overs.

Tasvid Khan: "On a positive note, the unpredictability of the weather may lead to an aggressive approach from the start, which may lead to an extremely fun match! Fingers crossed for a completed game this time."

Waqar Younis talks about the importance of versatility in T20 fast bowling. "You've got 24 deliveries so it's important you don't just run in and bowl fast. You have to know when to bowl slower balls, vary your lengths and adapt to the nature of the batsmen you're up against."

Pakistan have won the toss and will field first Babar says uncertainty about the weather has meant he feels it's better to chase a target.

"No pressure, we're trying our level best to win this match and play good cricket," he concludes. Both sides are unchanged

Kieron Pollard: "It's been long and tough over the past few weeks, but now we've got one last crack ahead of the World T20. Guys like Dwayne Bravo have one last opportunity to play on West Indian colours. They have done fantastic for us and we want to give them a win at the end.

West Indies: 1 Andre Fletcher 2 Chris Gayle 3 Shimron Hetmyer 4 Nicholas Pooran (wk) 5 Andre Russell 6 Kieron Pollard (capt) 7 Jason Holder 8 Romario Shepherd 9 Dwayne Bravo 10 Haydn Walsh 11 Akeal Hosein

Pakistan: 1 Mohammad Rizwan (wk) 2 Sharjeel Khan 3 Babar Azam (capt) 4 Fakhar Zaman 5 Mohammad Hafeez 6 Sohaib Maqsood 7 Shadab Khan 8 Hasan Ali 9 Mohammad Wasim 10 Usman Qadir 11 Haris Rauf

Haris: "Is bravo going to retire after the match ??" After the World T20

10.30am: Colin Croft tells us there's been a lot of rain over the past couple of days

Rizvi: "So is the lineup same for today? i.e. Rain, Wet out field, Cover, See you shortly, Heavy drizzle, Captains shaking hands, Match abandoned.Can't be better than this.." The mood in the feedback section is darker than the clouds hovering above the stadium

Since so many were caught out by the absence of a match preview last time (we don't carry previews for back to back games), here's Umar's take on the game from yesterday.

tiwana: "hoped a thriller series before world cup as west indies was with full of their guns..pakistan is aslo a great t20 side but sadly it didt happen."

Ali Raza: "I think Pakistan will win this series by 1-0 " Not much confidence in the Guyana weather, I see.

Aditya: "Weather report please? Straight up." Cloudy, apparently, but don't have live pictures yet. Sadly, there is rain forecast once more

Hello people! Join us for the final T20I between West Indies and Pakistan. It seems like this series never really got off the ground and yet it ends today as West Indies try and stave off a series defeat