46th match (D/N), Mumbai, May 10 2015, Pepsi Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 236)196/7
RCB won by 39 runs
Player Of The Match
133* (59)
end of over 2014 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 196/7CRR: 9.80 
Mitchell McClenaghan12 (4)
Lendl Simmons68 (53)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-51-2
Mitchell Starc 4-0-41-1

7.33pm 235 used to be competitive in ODIs at one point of time, so chasing it in T20s, no matter how thick the bats and no matter how short the boundaries, was never going to be easy either. Nothing unexpected happened after ABD's stormy 133. Mumbai did put up a fight, especially with Pollard's 24-ball 49. Simmons tried till the end but his scratchy fifty was never going to be enough.

Virat Kohli: Couldn't have asked for anything more from the team. I didn't expect 230 to be honest. 175 or so was expected around the six-over mark but AB proved me wrong. Playing with AB is an absolute pleasure, he's the best in the world. The way Mumbai were going in the middle overs I thought we needed 200-plus. The win feels good because it came at the right time for us.

Man of the Match AB: Things just went my day today. I was panicking a bit after the five dot balls but Virat is a remarkable player and gave great support. The basics for me remain the same from Tests to ODIs, to even T20s. My tactics change every game, I wait for some momentum on my side and then decide to get going. I only watch the ball closely and keep my head still.

That's all we have from the match in Mumbai, the action moves to Chennai now, so the humidity continues and the heat also continues for the top four as CSK host Rajasthan Royals. Enjoy that one, and everything else in life. Ciao!

Chahal to McClenaghan, SIX runs

consolatory six for Mumbai as McClenaghan sweeps this one over the midwicket boundary with the spin for six!

Chahal to McClenaghan, no run

flattish down the leg side, he tries to sweep and misses. DK appeals for caught behind and it's turned down, but not given a wide either

Chahal to McClenaghan, SIX runs

lofts the full delivery straight down the ground, he has middled it. Kohli jumps at long off, but it goes just over him

Chahal to McClenaghan, no run

slides the quicker one across the batsman on the off side, he swings and misses

Chahal to Suchith, OUT

goes down on a knee to slog it on the leg side, gets another edge as the ball turns, and this one doesn't go far. DK runs towards the short cover region and takes it easily

Jagadeesha Suchith c †Karthik b Chahal 4 (4m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Chahal to Suchith, 2 runs

length delivery outside the off stump, Suchith comes down and swings his bat. It goes high but clears cover and they come back for two

Last over, 54 runs. Chahal will bowl the six balls

end of over 196 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 182/6CRR: 9.57 RRR: 54.00
Jagadeesha Suchith2 (2)
Lendl Simmons68 (53)
Mitchell Starc 4-0-41-1
Harshal Patel 4-0-36-2
Starc to Suchith, 1 run

in the block hole outside off now, Suchith swings his bat and the thick outside edge runs down quickly to third man for one

Starc to Simmons, 1 run

accurate yorker on the leg stump, Simmons gets another edge - this one down to fine leg for one

Starc to Suchith, 1 run

short and wide outside off, Suchith opens up and cuts that over point from the middle of the bat

Hemraj: "Hope Ab bowls the last over"

Starc to Simmons, 1 run

swinging yorker on middle, driven firmly to cover for one

Starc to Harbhajan, OUT

that's not from the top edge, he has simply lofted the length ball down the ground to long on for an easy peasy catch

Harbhajan Singh c Kohli b Starc 3 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Starc to Harbhajan, 2 runs

falls safe! Bhajji miscued that with a thick edge that went very high and down the ground. Chahal ran backwards, Mandeep ran in; Chahal got a hand to it but wasn't under it to catch it

Starc for his last over