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Sultans vs Kings, 11th Match at Sharjah, , Mar 02 2018 - Match Result

11th Match (D/N), Sharjah, March 02, 2018, Pakistan Super League

No result (abandoned with a toss)

Match centre 
Comms: Deivarayan Muthu

6.05pm That is that. Rain has the final say. The clash between Karachi and Multan has been abandoned without a ball being bowled. The teams take one point each. Hopefully, the weathers clears for the second match of the day - Lahore v Islamabad. Thanks for your warm company and comments. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off. Cheers

Mazhar Shehzaad: "Cricket is a funny game, Play being abandoned because of RAIN IN THE DESERT."

6pm Shahid Afridi, meanwhile, has tweeted: "My appologies to all my fans who came to watch me play today. Getting an MRI done for my knee. Need your prayers. Will get bak soon inshallah"

Karachi Kings' latest tweet: "Covers are off but umpires are still examining the wet outfield for the possibility of a shorter version of the game."

Muhammad Bilal : "I think it would be a T10 instead of T20! :D"

5.40pm Karachi Kings have tweeted that the covers are coming off. Play is imminent. Let's hope it doesn't rain again (fingers crossed)

Ahmed : "Both these teams depend on their bowling.. For a reduced match Multan only have Pollard(Hit or miss) and Ahmed Shehzad(need I say more).. As Sanga and Malik are not players who can hit big from ball one.. While from Karachi only Ingram and Bopara can hit big but from ball one? This will be a different kind of competetion.."

Shayaan : "As a Quetta fan, I really want play to start and Karachi Kings to win. It will help Quetta stay 2nd in the points table."

Rehan: "Sitting in the lab and looking at cricinfo, no ongoing cricket still unable to work :( It should either start now are called off so I could concentrate on one thing."

Asim: "Wonder why KK elected to bat despite the forecast, that too without any strong strike force in their lineup. Pretty sure this is Multan's match to lose with Sanga, Malik and Pollard in their side. Praying for a quick start and a belter of a match!"

Fahad: "Dosn't matter Afridi is playing or not Multan has a best even Bowling attack with Irfan Tanveer and all over them a Hat Trick Man Junaid Khan."

Rizwan: "Multan's best chance in AFRIDI'S absence!!!!!!"

shoaib malik: "i cancelled the program to go out with my wife because of this big match of the tournament but this rain spoiled everything" --- Hang on, we can still have a 10-over dash or something

Suriya Suriya: "Ohh god. Finally match is gonna start. Is it?? I was worried about my boring weekend.. I wanted to kill boredom with these matches but rain had another plans.."

Shams Omair: "Nature does not want Karachi to play without Shahid Afridi I suppose :D"

5.15pm Argh. The rain refuses to relent in Sharjah. If play begins, it could impact the second match

Baya: "Guess what! If it keeps raining the whole day, then the Lahore Qalandars will get their first points in PSL3."

Indian and Pakistani players recently bonded at the ice cricket tournament in St Moritz. The bonhomie between former players from the two countries underlines how it is a pity the two sides don't meet on the field

Samuel: "Hopefully, this match and the next are not affected; even the Dubai Tennis Championship is suffering on a busy weekend with expectant crowds."

Hermione Graing: "@Muthu you need Elder wand" --- I could do with one, Hermoine!?

Usaid: "I wanted to stay home and peacefully watch the match but was forced to go out with my family. It is turning out to be a good choice."

Muhammad Cheema: "What a Shame We didn't have a crowd at all over the last week , had a house full today ... And it is the RAIN... By the way Happy Holi to all Indian Brothers"

Ali Hussain: "Witnessing Rain getting a bit heavier from my window in sharjah. do not want match to be called off..."

ARKhan: "I m surprised, why Tabish Khan is not playing. Because Karachi Kings are already in good condition. They should try they bench strength as well as give change to youngsters."

Saleh Mehar: "PSL definitely has given a lot to us, this is the most exciting and balanced side I have seen since the times of greats like Ws , Saeed , Inzi , M yousaf and Razzaq and Akhter . And look at the fielding standards , never saw a Pakistani side better at fielding then this side. "

4.40pm Still raining in Sharjah. Nothing more to report for now

While it rains, here's something to brighten you up: How the PSL is bringing Pakistan's swag back

When all's said and done, what is it that you really want? Do you want the swag to return? Or can you live with just the results? And when you get down to it, this really is the question spiraling away unresolved at the heart of modern Pakistan cricket, ever since the #Mighty90s sides broke up. It's probably less a question, more a behavioural test - how you answer is who you are.

You want the swag, and how could you not?

Shaheer Imran: "Please produce some magic cricinfo, bored due to this rain." --- I'm swishing my wand...oops, the rain isn't clearing.

Ahmad: "Desperately waiting for start. The rain has stopped in Dubai, hoping the same in Sharjah. I dont want to read "rain abandoned today's play". "

Umair Khan: "@Osman, One has to bear... I remember when I bought my first gaming pc, transformer of my area had gone down the same day :D " --- Sometimes, life isn't fair

Osman : "All my life been watching the sun screaming down at the Sharjah Stadium... first time I come here and it's bloody raining :( God, no.. what a bummer!"

Rahim Chagani: "Come on guys, the rain wasn't in the script. I'm following the commentary from work in London and I was looking forward to being distracted for 7 hours today (add in a cheeky lunch break and that's my day done). Working on a Friday is so overrated. "

Matanat: "It doesn't rain much in that part of the world but it has to rain when Karachi is playing. Snowing in London, keeping myself warm and cosy and waiting for clouds to Sharjah"

Umar Burki: ""YESTERDAY WAS" Match of the tournament so far. The Pakistan Super League needed a great match like that with such a close finish #PSL2018 #PZvQG" --- A lot of it is down to that man Darren Sammy

Wahaj Asim: "I feel so sad for hasan mohsin a future star being wasted. His stats talk for him. 3 matches won by Karachi and afridi not playing was a perfect opportunity for the young guy. "

4.18pm We will start in a couple of mins. Just as the players come on, the drizzle returns. The players troop off. It's going to be that sort of a day. Malik and Sanga wait near the edge of the boundary as overs get docked.

Umar Burki: "Tom Moody "For the first time in my coaching career I am working with a player who is taller than me & that is Mohammad Irfan" #PSL2018"

4.15pm The two umpires are out for an inspection. It's still drizzling here.

Shafiq Burki: "I want to donate one knee to Darren Sammy (Khan) but the problem is it will be a bit shorter for him. Regardless he is a legend."

Arthur, Karachi coach: It's very frustrating. The adrenaline goes away in the dressing room. Afridi is going for an MRI tonight. He felt something in his knee during the warm-ups. I am very pleased with Karachi's progress. We haven't started well in the previous years. We are happy with three wins, but there's a long way to go. We have kept the local players in tact. Denly, Tymal, Lendl, Morgan will come soon. It's a money ball scenario, if you like. OI am very happy with the way Imad has taken the team forward. He has sort of owned it. He has done really, really well so far. The prep has been outstanding. For us, it's just about keeping the momentum going.

4.12pm The rain's like a moody kid; it's back again. The pitch is being covered again. If it doesn't stop, we might start losing overs. Do stick with us for further updates

4.10pm Interesting selection from Karachi. They don't have spinners who can turn the ball. Imad Wasim bowls flat induckers. They have gone in with four seamers and a medium-pacer in Ravi B.

4.03pm No reduction in overs, the covers are being peeled off, and play will start at 4.15pm

Sadam Hussain: "In my opinion this is the most balanced match of psl-3 , both teams compliment each other very well .. so fingers crossed for a nail biting game .. "

Umar Burki: "Who needs Afridi when you have Sammy? " ---- Sammy's the man

4pm Umpire Dar: The drizzle has stopped, and it is clearing. We will start in the next 15 minutes. Consistent rain, however, will be dangerous for the pitch. Hopefully, we will have a game after 15-20 minutes.

Farrakh: "Hoping for a Multan win here today just to spice things up. KK have not really been tested so far. I reckon a well balanced Multan should give them a run for their money."

3.55pm The light rain is still around, but Slater believes it is light enough to start the match. The umpires are out in the middle. We've to wait further. We won't lose overs until 4.10pm

3.50pm Tom Moody, Multan Sultans coach: "So far, so good. This is a new franchise, and the players are just understanding each other. As you've seen, the standard in this tournament is high. We've seen wickets where the conditions are challenging...I think it's important to play your game and I encourage players to play to their strengths. Young players coming through the system know that fielding is a must in T20s. If someone is better in the field, you tend to pick that fielder. The fun part in franchise cricket is a diverse dressing room. The cultural difference is exciting. You've got Tahir, Sangakkara, Pollard, and local players like Malik."

Slater pulls up a drinks crate and gets taller than Moody. Moody perhaps does that when he speaks to Mohammad Irfan

Umair Khan: "I was waiting for this clash, and now this rain. Hush Hush Rain! Please let Amir extract out some swingers today!"

3.35pm It does not look good for now. Additional covers are coming on.

Hasan Mohsin getting a lot of love on feedback. Who's he? This is from Umar Farooq's Karachi team preview:

Hasan Mohsin finished the 2016 U-19 World Cup as the best allrounder, scoring 293 runs at 97.66 and picking up 11 wickets at 14.81. He has recently announced himself in the Grade I cricket in Pakistan domestic, where he played five first-class and nine List A games for Pakistan Television and scored a total of 356 runs and picked 18 wickets. The 20-year old started his cricket as a legspinner but later switched to medium-pace. The PSL could be a turning point in his career, especially if he fills in as the match-winner.

Sufi: "Rain, rain, go away - Come again another day - Mohammad Amir wants to play - Rain, rain go away !!!"

Maktoobi: "Where is Tabish Khan. Everyone in Karachi is surprised that he is not part of playing eleven. "

Update on Darren Sammy (Khan's) injury: He hurt his leg yesterday, and has been sent for an MRI scan today

Umar Burki: "Never seen anything like this, Sammy is more passionate about PSL than most of the Pakistani players." --- What a legend he's

Hamza: "Excited to see sanga vs amir. For me Multan is the most balanced side of PSL 3. Best bowling attack and mixture of stable and hitters in the middle. Lahore Qalandar is the 2nd balanced squad just has to manage the players. Fakhar and BAZ should open sunil narine should come down the order promoting umar akmal. Narine, yasir, mustafiz and sohail khan. Lahore Qalandar should understand their ability and give their flavor tonight against islamabad" --- I'm excited for Sanga v Amir as well. Hope this rain clears quickly

Jibran T. Siddi: "There's something seriously wrong with Karachi Kings' planning. Too many bowlers, very few batsmen. They are not willing to drop Khurram Manzoor despite back to back failures, even if they intend to drop Khurram, there is no specialist batsman in backup to replace him. Irfan Jr., after a bad first season and ineffective second season is still in the team while U19 WC's leading wicket taker and scorer Hassan Mohsin is on bench. Now an allrounder replaced by a bowler. I don't know who is planning."

Usama: "I was so pumped up for this clash but raining is spoiling the fun...half of the fun has been already spoiled as i am in office...."

Saami Raja: "Everybody going mad over khurram not considering has 10 List A tons in last 18 games. I believe if he gets a chance, today might be his day. "

Zaheer Abbas Kh: "Khurram recent stats are outstanding...He just needs a click... 4 Feb 187 against Islamabad 6 Feb 143* against Lahore W 8 Feb 100 against Peshawar Best of Luck to him"

Niaz Ali : "Ohh rain, please don't spoil my biryani party today!"

Ali : "Have to Say that Karachi have too many bowlers and not enough batsman - K Manzoor is not a T20 player so his inclusion in the PSL is beyond me. Apart from Bopara'ss recent quick fire innings, this should be a walk in the park for Multan with the Way Sanga/Shezad Pollard/Bravo; a much more balanced side full of power hitter in the end. Without afridi Karachi dont look treating at all in the batting element and today without his senior, it's a big test for Imad!"

3.30pm Oh dear! It's drizzling in Sharjah, and the covers have been brought on.

Khan: "Why are KK presisting with khuram, why not try the U19 hero, Mohsin since they are the table toppers "

3.25pm Umair: "Captain Amir : Gets Injured Captain Russell : Dropped Captain Afridi : Gets Injured My Fantasy Team = Dead"

3pm Karachi win the toss and choose to bat first in bid to consolidate their top spot. Afridi is out injured, while Amir is fit. Multan, on the other hand, are unchanged.

Fatima: "Going to be watching through midnight as a Karachi supporting fan living in Aus. For now, I'll wait while watching the test."

Muhammad Asif S: "Any updates on Rumman Raees and Darren "Khan" Sammy Lala II (Lala the second)? They are the integral parts of their respective teams. And yes, GO KARACHI!!!" --- No news on Darren Sammy Khan yet. Raees is expected to be fit in about two weeks

Asim: "Afridi;s not playing?! Well, not all that a bad news. Probably will ease out the traffic starting to build around the Sharjah Cricket Stadium!"

Multan: KC Sangakkara(wk), Ahmed Shehzad, DM Bravo, Sohaib Maqsood, Shoaib Malik(capt), KA Pollard, Saif Badar, Sohail Tanvir, Imran Tahir, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan

Karachi: Khurram Manzoor, JL Denly, Babar Azam, CA Ingram, RS Bopara, Mohammad Rizwan(wk), Imad Wasim(capt), Mohammad Irfan (4), TS Mills, Usman Khan, Mohammad Amir

Awais Iqbal: "With Afridi not playing, My Favourite team is now Multan Sultans*"

Matanat: "A face off of two most balanced sides in the league. Malik' captaincy however add an extra aspect in any domestic team. Gonna be greet fun."

2.40pm Five days after folding for 113 under overcast Dubai skies, Shoaib Malik's Multan Sultans run into the table-toppers Karachi Kings. The action has moved to Sharjah now, and in case you had missed a hobbling Darren Sammy (Khan) giving Peshawar Zalmi a leg-up on Thursday night: here you go. What a cracker of a match that was! Hoping for more of the same today.

Sidra: "All the best for today's match team Karachi Kings. By the way, happy belated birthday Afridi " --- He's always 17 right? And he celebrated his birthday with the news of being retained by the Jamaica Tallawahs in the CPL

arsalan: "Hoping to see some fire works from #KARACHI#KINGAFRIDI#"

sUFIAN: "Wish to see Usama Mir playing today - Young boy has got talent !!"

Hanzala Ajmeri: "What About Amir?Is he playing today?" --- Remains to be seen

Mo: "Greetings from the (rather snowed under) Reading! Both teams have really good bowling attacks, but I reckon Multan have slight edge in batting (despite the recent 113); should be a cracker of a game!"

adil abbasi: "Any updates on Darren Sammy Khan injury?" --- No updates yet. We will keep you posted

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Match details
Sharjah Cricket Stadium
TossKarachi Kings
Match days02 March 2018 - daynight (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsMultan Sultans 1, Karachi Kings 1