Standings are updated with the completion of each game
M:The number of matches played.
W:The number of matches won.
L:The number of matches lost.
T:The number of matches tied.
D:The number of matches drawn.
N/R:The number of matches abandoned.
PT:Number of points awarded.

The tournament will be played on a league basis with each team playing the other once followed by the top four (4) teams progressing to the semi finals and the top two semi finalist into the final.

Points System

Completed match - Points

Outright win - 12
Loser if 1st Innings lead obtained - 4
Loser if tie on 1st Innings - 3
Loser if 1st Innings also lost - 0
Tie - 8

Incomplete Match - Points

1st Innings lead - 6
1st Innings loss - 3
Tie on 1st innings - 4

Score Equal in a Drawn Match - Points

Team batting on the 4th innings - 8
Team fielding on the 4th innings if That team has lead on 1st inning - 6
If scores tied on 1st innings - 4
If team has lost on 1st innings - 3

Abandoned Match

In the event of a match being abandoned without any play having taken place, or in the event of there being no 1st innings decision, three (3) points each.

Abandoned Match Due to Dangerous Pitch as per clause 7.2.7 Points Of Playing Conditions

Home Team - 0 Visiting Team - 12