Only T20I (N), Colombo (RPS), Aug 14 2018, South Africa tour of Sri Lanka
(16/20 ov)99/7
Sri Lanka won by 3 wickets (with 24 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
31 (26) & 2/22
end of over 169 runs
SL: 99/7CRR: 6.18 
Isuru Udana5 (5)
Dinesh Chandimal36 (33)
Lungi Ngidi 3-0-25-0
Jean-Paul Duminy 1-0-2-1

10.30pm Mathews collects the trophy and joins his team-mates for the post-match revelry. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of this tour as much as we did bringing it to you. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Chandan Duorah.

I'll let Andrew Fernando sum up SA's tour:

Strange tour for South Africa.

Lowest Test total since readmission in the first match. (73 all out in Galle).

Lowest T20 total ever in the last match (98 all out in Khettarama).

Some rollicking ODI wins in between.

Dananjaya de Silva, Player of the Match: Nothing much (what was special?), I was just playing according to the situation. It was a good pitch, 130-140 would have been a good total. Very much (enjoying bowling spin v South Africa?). The new ball was coming onto the bat.

Chandimal: Before the game started, we thought it was a good pitch for batters. It was up and down, some sharp turn, it was tough for the batters. When you're at home watching the game, it's tough. Especially because you don't have injury. I changed some technique for the shorter format and I got an opportunity to play the emerging game and got some confidence. When I went to bat, we were one down, and after I faced four-five balls, I realised it was not a T20 wicket and just rotated strike. I just played like Test cricket. We all know South Africa are good, it was a good fight from them. Dananjaya's spell was the turning point. It's really good to come back after ODI series. The boys showed a lot of character and attitude and finish it on a winning note. It's good for the Asia Cup.

JP Duminy: In the context of the game, 30-40 runs would have made a difference. We took the positive route but it did not work. We will take a lot of positives from this tour. It wasn't a raging turner, but key is to understand options and the execution. Again, lot of positives. The seamers did the damage for us, but we were 30-40 runs short in the end. It's good to lead from the front but unfortunately did not lead with the bat. I think coming here and after losing 2-0 in Test matches, we had to change our mindset and fortunate enough we put our best foot forward in the ODIs. We have a few weeks off to rethink and get better. End of September, we have a series against Zimbabwe, hopefully we do well there.

Angelo Mathews: Towards the end, we made it difficult for us but it was fantastic bowling. We have to blame only us because we did not bat well and kept losing wickets. The experience they've got, we have to put in such a performance. You can seem the improvements in various departments. Different conditions, but we are high on confidence. We let the fans down in the ODIs but they did not give up on us.

10.06pm That is that in Colombo. What might have been had South Africa made 120? What might have been had Miller seen off three balls from Akila Dananjaya and set himself up for the seamers in the last six overs? What might have been had South Africa played an extra batsman or an allrounder? South Africa will leave Sri Lanka with these teasing thoughts.

Even as wickets tumbled around him, Chandimal, returning to action after serving his suspension, shepherded the hosts home in a tense finish. Do stick around with us for the presentation.

Jonathan: "Great to have a sensible, experienced guy back in the team! Welldone, SL end the tour with 3 straight wins..onwards and upwards!"

PraveenD: "This match shows you at least 1 player like Chandimal should be in the team to hold one side in a collapse.Well played Chandi !!!"

chandana perera: "hathuru & SL team should be pleased with these performances after run down by SA in first 3 ODIs..."

RiwajAdhikari: "So overall tour : SA 3 - SL 5 Limited overs : SA 3 - SL 3. Good Series overall."

Ngidi to Udana, FOUR runs

Shot, Udana! He seals it for Sri Lanka with a text-book style straight drive. With short leg in place, Ngidi pitches it up on middle, 143.2ks, Udana picks up the length. He presses forward and drives it smoothly straight past the bowler

Short leg in place

Ngidi to Chandimal, 1 run

good length on a fourth-stump line, Chandimal stretches out, meets the pitch, and push-drives the ball to the left of Amla at short cover

Ngidi to Chandimal, 2 runs

full-toss, on the pads, whipped away to deep midwicket

Ngidi to Chandimal, 2 runs

just short of a good length and outside off, Chandimal jumps back and flays a cut to the left of sweeper cover. Klaasen in the deep throws himself to his left to stop the ball

Ngidi to Chandimal, no run

short and angling into a push to mid-on

Ngidi to Chandimal, no run

back of a length and slanting in at off, leans back and jabs to point

Lungi returns

end of over 152 runs • 1 wicket
SL: 90/7CRR: 6.00 RRR: 1.80
Isuru Udana1 (4)
Dinesh Chandimal31 (28)
Jean-Paul Duminy 1-0-2-1
Junior Dala 4-0-22-2
Duminy to Udana, no run

wide of the crease and slides on outside off, Udana searches for the ball... and misses

Anji: "Shows why Chandimal is needed in this SL team. Holds one end"

Duminy to Udana, no run

short and breaks in, draws an inside edge to the leg side

Duminy to Udana, no run

darted on leg stump, jabbed to midwicket

Vincr: "Miscalculation?This is Duminyyyy!!!"

Duminy to Chandimal, 1 run

shuffles across off and whisks an offbreak down to long-on

Duminy to Udana, 1 run

full-toss, angling into leg stump from over the wicket, patted to the leg side for one

Duminy to Dananjaya, OUT

The chase tightens in Colombo. Chandimal watches his team-mates crumble around him. Slider on middle from round the wicket, Akila stays leg-side of the ball and looks to belt it through the covers. He does not touch it at all. The middle stump takes a beating

Akila Dananjaya b Duminy 2 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

SA's fifth bowler: Duminy. Two slips and a short leg in place