1st Test, Lord's, Jul 6 - 9 2017, South Africa tour of England
458 & 233
(36.4 ov, target 331)361 & 119
England won by 211 runs
Player Of The Match
87, 4/59 & 6/53

England win by 211 runs with a very impressive all-round display in Joe Root's first match as captain. South Africa faded away in a flash this afternoon, conditions were tricky but some of the batting was very poor. All credit, though, to Moeen Ali who has produced a magnificent display to secure his first ten-wicket haul in Test cricket. He has been to the fore throughout this game. He is the sixth England player to score a half-century and take 10 wickets in a Test - and the first since Ian Botham in 1980. So much has happened in the last few hours, but before lunch we pondered if South Africa had got themselves back into the match. They clearly hadn't. Bairstow added useful late-order runs, but England probably already had enough on a surface the like of which we haven't seen at Lord's for a long time. Much for South Africa to ponder over the next few days before Trent Bridge where they'll be without Kagiso Rabada. They will, though, have Faf du Plessis back. I'll stay with you for the presentations in a short while.

Barath, our stats man, reminds us: "Moeen in this match - completed 2000 runs, 100 wickets, scored a fifty, took a 5-for, 10-for." There's also still just about time to get your questions in over Twitter for #PoliteEnquiries with George and Firdose. Remember the hashtag! (And well done to those of you who said this match would end today).

It's presentation time...Dean Elgar "We are disappointed with the way things went down, but pleased to see Faf back. Anything under 300 would have given us a great shot, the late runs pushed that up and it didn't go our way. You can break the game down in so many ways, it's not an intentional action [to drop catches] but there were two or three occasions when we could have made it easier - it's probably over 200 runs if we'd taken our chances. Quality players will make you play. We need to work a little hard, be a little harder on ourselves. A lot of the guys in the Test side weren't part of the other disappointments so hope remains high. [Kagiso] is a massive loss, for us and for international cricket. He adds a different dynamic, so losing him is a big thing. It will be a tough ask for us. Pretty sure Vernon will be fit, just when he's batting it's a bit sore."

Joe Root "Great start. Everything I asked of the lads they did. Responded to all the challenges. It's nice to get the runs, a monkey off the back, but through the entire game we had vital partnerships. Moeen had very aggressive fields and was still able to put pressure on the batsmen. It's nice to be stood here having made the right choices. Everyone contributed at some point in the game, the whole team played a big part in the win. A lot of credit has to go to the three guys who batted last night, those runs are probably worth double. It was a very valuable 100 runs, was very tough today."

The Man of the match is Moeen Ali "Was a great game for myself and very happy today. Was a great wicket, even in the first innings. Tried to make the batsmen play as much as I could. I learnt a lot [in the winter] speaking to Saqi, it made things a lot clearer for myself and I'd like to dedicate this to him. Rooty told me to attack, Alastair used to be the same. It was like a fresh start with a new captain. It's a nice time to come into bat, you can play a few shots against the second new ball. I thought Liam bowled really well, unlucky not to get more wickets but things went my way."

That just about wraps things up from us for this match. First honours to England and they'll move to Trent Bridge in very good heart. We know South Africa are a proud team and you'd expect them to fight back. For now, from Gnasher and Andrew, it's goodbye and thanks to you all for joining us. Stay tuned for all the follow-up stories and video from the ground and we'll see you again on Friday.

Dawson to Morkel, OUT

that's it! He can't get it right for a third time in the over. Tries to clear deep midwicket where Jennings takes a good, tumbling catch

Morne Morkel c Jennings b Dawson 14 (7b 0x4 2x6) SR: 200
Dawson to Morkel, SIX runs

that's a hefty blow down the ground, a full delivery outside off and it's clean swing straight over long-on

Dawson to Morkel, no run

spins in, beats the inside edge, an appeal for lbw. Might be outside the line. No review

Dawson to Morkel, SIX runs

swings this out towards deep midwicket and it just has the legs to clear Jennings in the deep who isn't right on the rope

Kunal: "'Nope, it's given byes as it trickles into the boundary', no comment on the Cook-Stokes race then? Cook beat stokes easily, must be said." Cook always rates very highly in sprint testing. Think he was won the beep test for five years in a row

end of over 3613 runs
SA: 107/9CRR: 2.97 
Vernon Philander19 (29)
Morne Morkel2 (3)
Moeen Ali 15-4-53-6
Liam Dawson 11-4-22-1
Ali to Philander, SIX runs

bit more air on this one and Philander takes advantage, tonking it high and handsome over wide long-on

Ali to Morkel, 1 run

squeezed off a thick inside edge to the leg side

Saffer2: "Nicely set up for a record last wicket stand...."

Ali to Philander, 1 run

full outside off and clubbed to mid-on...South Africa reach 100

Ali to Philander, 4 byes

more sharp spin, did this take the glove as it flew fine of leg slip? Nope, it's given byes as it trickles into the boundary

Ali to Philander, no run

spins in sharply from outside off, Philander has to make sure he gets his gloves out of the way as he leaves alone

Ali to Morkel, 1 run

nudged into midwicket off the back foot

Mian Hamza: "If anyone has a problem with bowling average above 40 then get a spinner from england who is currently playing and averages below it. Moeen gets a batting average of 35 aswell"

end of over 35Maiden
SA: 94/9CRR: 2.68 
Vernon Philander12 (25)
Morne Morkel0 (1)
Liam Dawson 11-4-22-1
Moeen Ali 14-4-44-6
Dawson to Philander, no run

cut away from outside off and finds backward Moeen will have a chance for seventh

Dawson to Philander, no run

trapped out into the leg side as he props forward

James: "5 wickets in 5 consecutive overs for Ali! Some kind of record??"

Dawson to Philander, no run

spins sharply past the outside edge

Dawson to Philander, no run

pushed to short cover

Peter Fardell: "Yes, for the MOM award, many would root for Joe, but I'm Moeenclined towards Ali now..."

Dawson to Philander, no run

fuller at leg stump, jabbed past short leg

Dawson to Philander, no run

plays back and cuts to the off side, that's another drag on waiting to happen

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