2nd Test, Hobart, Nov 15 - 20 2007, Sri Lanka tour of Australia
542/5d & 210/2d
(104.3 ov, target 507)246 & 410
Australia won by 96 runs
player of the match
Brett Lee

The players from both team shake hands. And Sangakkara is seen shaking hands with Rudi Koertzen who, I think, apologized about the decision. I could lipread, Sanga saying, "No Problem" as he patted Rudi on the back.

It was absolutely fabulicious knock from Sangakkara. A shame it had to end the way it did, but grab the dvd. There were some breathtaking shots, some improvised, some traditional and some out of this world. He moved outside leg, walked towards off, waltzed down the track and indulged himself in the middle.

Sri Lanka started the final day with hopes of staging a upset. 260 runs with 7 wickets in hand. They started off positively with Jayasuriya looking to attack but Lee drew a false stroke from him and that was the beginning of the end.

Sangakkara played a delicious knock, counterattacking in the end with some breathtaking shots, before the fatal finger of fate intervened. Malinga indulged in some hit and giggle before Australia wrapped up the series win.

Man of the Match and the Player of the series Brett Lee

"I am pretty pleased with the way the ball is coming out. Credit to all the bowlers. Sangakkara played a fantastic knock but we knew if we could get one wicket we could win the game."

Mahela Jayawardene Let me congratulate Ricky and his boys. They played great cricket .. they keep raising the bar. Congrats to Lee who showed how to bowl on these tracks." He then thanks his team-mates.

Ricky Ponting: It was a pleasure to play against you [Sri Lanka] guys. It was good to see some of the talent going around in Australia. The transition has been very very smooth and I look forward to playing with the boys." He then thanks the crowd.

That's it for now. I am Sriram Veera, signing off. Meanwhile, his team-mates join Ponting on the dias and they pose for photographs. Laughter all round. Their 14th Test win in a row. Thanks for logging on. On behalf of Sid V ... bye!

Lee to Murali, OUT

It's all over. 14th consecutive Test win for Australia. Finally, some sense prevailed and Lee sent one full and straight. Murali was again moving outside leg stump and flailed at it. Death rattle. And Australia clinch the series.

Muttiah Muralitharan b Lee 15 (25m 12b 1x4 1x6) SR: 125
Lee to Murali, SIX runs

A six over thirdman! And you guessed it right, it was another short-pitched delivery, on the off stump line, Murali moved outside leg and upper cut it over third man

Lee to Murali, no run

Lee fires in a bouncer, following Murali who backs away but manages to steer it to point. Can we have a yorker on the stumps please?

end of over 10411 runs
SL: 404/9CRR: 3.88 
Lasith Malinga42 (58)
Muttiah Muralitharan9 (9)
Stuart Clark24-5-103-1
Brett Lee26-3-81-3
Clark to Malinga, FOUR runs

a tennis style hit now. Yet another short-pitched delivery and Malinga, moving outside leg, flat-batted it over mid-on. It was a forehand slap

Clark to Malinga, no run

yet another short delivery - not too intelligent bowling- and Malinga has a flash and a miss

Clark to Malinga, SIX runs

Malinga is having a party. He connects with his pull shot and it's 'dropped' in the stands. He shuffled outside leg and swung a short-of-length delivery over deep midwicket

Clark to Murali, 1 run

run out chance missed. Clark anticipates that Murali will move outside leg and sends one well outside leg, Murali is cramped and manages to push it to off side. Clark swoops on the ball, turns around to fire at the non'striker's end but ..

Clark to Murali, no run

Another slow bouncer and Murali falls down as he tries to pull it away! He had moved to leg side and was through with the shot as the ball followed him.

Clark to Murali, no run

slow bouncer and it lobs over the stumps way after Murali had completed his pull shot!

end of over 1032 runs
SL: 393/9CRR: 3.81 
Muttiah Muralitharan8 (6)
Lasith Malinga32 (55)
Brett Lee26-3-81-3
Stuart Clark23-5-92-1
Lee to Murali, 1 run

moves outside leg, another yorker-length delivery, on the leg stump and Murali gets a inside edge to the on side

Lee to Malinga, 1 bye

yorker, but outside leg stump, misses the jab of Malinga and Gilchrist fails to collect cleanly

Lee to Malinga, no run

backs away to the leg side, tries another pull shot, misses and the short-of-length delivery just gets over the middle stump

Lee to Malinga, no run

Ouch. Malinga is hit by a bouncer. Top-edges it to his neck. It reared up from short of length, Malinga was late on the pull and got a top-edge on to his neck. The physio is out and massages that area before spraying the magic spray and Malinga has a laugh.

Lee to Malinga, no run

yorker length, on the legs, jabbed away. Lee rushes to pick the ball and heads back to top of his runup

Lee to Malinga, no run

a bouncer to start off the proceedings, Malinga tries to pull but can't reach it

All set for the resumption