2nd ODI, Dublin, May 8 2014, Sri Lanka tour of England and Ireland
Match abandoned without a ball bowled

14.20 Unfortunately the game has been abandoned. Areas around the wicket are saturated with no hope of drying sufficiently. A very frustrating outcome for all at the ground. Sri Lanka take the series 1-0.

13.40 News here is that it is dry now and the covers are coming off. There will be an inspection at 2 pm assuming we have no rain.

12.00 Still raining, quite heavily now too. Lunch will be taken at 1.00 pm and if the rain has stopped then, after that we will get an inspection.

Bad news here as it has begun raining and the covers are going back on. Will delay any possible start.

11.00 am Still some damp patches on the pitch, no word on a start time but we won't lose overs until midday.

Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the second ODI between Ireland and Sri Lanka from Clontarf in Dublin. This is Conor Hayes here and I can report that it was quite wet here overnight so while the rain has stopped we will more than likely have a delayed start. The forecast is good for the afternoon though so we can be hopeful of seeing a match.