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3rd ODI (D/N), Gros Islet, Apr 15 2008, Sri Lanka tour of West Indies
(18.2/50 ov, target 258)81/2
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9.38 pm The game has been abandoned. West Indies have won the series 2-0. Pity, it had to end like this but that's that. Thanks for joining us. Good bye and good luck.

9:15 pm Raining again. The covers are back on. It's pouring down. Things are looking gloomy. Would it stop soon and will they have time to mop the ground dry? Tricky situation here. It's still raining.

8:57 pm: The umpires will inspect the conditions in a short while again.

8:48 pm The match referee walks out with Simon Taufel. There is still some concern over the wet outfield. So the drying process continues.

8.43 pm It's stopped raining a short while back. The umpires have been out there, checking the state of the outfield. No official word yet, on the start time. The umpires are working out the D/L targets. Once they finish that, they will start the game.

8:05 pm Rain suspends play. Cozier informs that the breeze is blowing pretty hard and it might just be a passing shower. No play for the moment, though. The wind is indeed pretty strong. Meanwhile, the rain gets heavier.

Thushara to Samuels, 1 run

full in length, angling across, steered to the backward point region.

Thushara to Samuels, no run

leans forward to defend

Drizzling again. The ground staff are getting ready with the covers

end of over 182 runs
WI: 80/2CRR: 4.44 • RRR: 5.56 • Need 178 runs from 32 overs
Ramnaresh Sarwan13 (26)
Marlon Samuels2 (9)
Chaminda Vaas7-0-36-1
Thilan Thushara5-1-11-1
Vaas to Sarwan, no run

a tad slower and guided to backward point

Vaas to Sarwan, no run

turns it to midwicket

Vaas to Sarwan, no run

leans across to jab a length delivery off the inner edge to the on side. Sanga rushes after it to prevent the single

Vaas to Sarwan, no run
Vaas to Samuels, 1 run

around that off stump, steered to third man

Vaas to Sarwan, 1 run

slanted across Sarwan who runs it down to third man

end of over 17Maiden
WI: 78/2CRR: 4.58 • RRR: 5.45 • Need 180 runs from 33 overs
Marlon Samuels1 (8)
Ramnaresh Sarwan12 (21)
Thilan Thushara5-1-11-1
Chaminda Vaas6-0-34-1
Thushara to Samuels, no run

shuffles across to guide to short-of-length delivery to Dilshan

Thushara to Samuels, no run

short in length, cracked to point where Dilshan intercepts.

Thushara to Samuels, no run

punches a length delivery to point.

Thushara to Samuels, no run

And again

Thushara to Samuels, no run

angled across Samuels who watches it sail into Sanga's gloves

Thushara to Samuels, no run

on the middle stump line, turned to square leg