(D/N), Coolidge, Oct 25 2008, Stanford Super Series
(20 ov, target 147)124/8
Superstars won by 22 runs
end of over 203 runs • 1 wicket
T&T: 124/8CRR: 6.20 
Ravi Rampaul1 (5)
Sherwin Ganga1 (1)
Sulieman Benn 4-0-15-2

So, that's the end of that. The Superstars avoid embarrassment as they emerge victorious by 22 runs. The main man was Sylvester Joseph, whose unbeaten 45 from 31 balls provided vital impetus to his team's innings. In reply, T&T never really got going. They looked as though they were pacing themselves at one stage, but it turned out they only had one gear, and Sulieman Benn's figures of 2 for 15 from four overs put the skids under their ambitions.

Still, it's been an entertaining start to the tournament, with the promise of much more to follow. I'm Andrew Miller, and join me again tomorrow for England against Middlesex.

Benn to Rampaul, 1 leg bye

off the pads and the batsmen jog through for a single to wrap up the proceedings. In the end, the Superstars were too super for the Stanford champions, but they were made to sweat for their victory

Benn to Rampaul, no run

Rampaul has swung with such massive intent that he has lost his bat! Square leg comes under fire from a lump of timber while the ball nestles in the wicketkeeper's gloves ... all manner of referrals going on, firstly for a no-ball, secondly for a catch at the wicket. Everything is very inconclusive, but not out is the verdict. The only person celebrating is Rampaul ...

Benn to Rampaul, no run
Benn to Ganga, 1 run

ever hopeful stuff, but no contact again

Benn to Badree, OUT

that's definitely that! Full and angled into the leg stump, and beats Badree's ambitious swish across the line

Samuel Badree b Benn 2 (13m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
Benn to Rampaul, 1 run

drilled into the covers where it is fielded on the bounce. And that's probably that

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
T&T: 121/7CRR: 6.36 RRR: 26.00
Samuel Badree2 (4)
Ravi Rampaul0 (1)
Jerome Taylor 4-0-24-2
Taylor to Badree, no run

a wild swish, just the latest of many, and that's another over done and dusted. T&T need a miracle now

Taylor to Badree, no run

bouncer, and an accurate one. Another dot ball

Taylor to Rampaul, 1 leg bye
Taylor to Cooper, OUT

that's plumb! Cooper walks across his stumps, and is struck right in front of middle. No doubts there for umpire Taufel

Kevon Cooper lbw b Taylor 6 (3m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100
Taylor to Cooper, no run

extraordinary delivery. Such a slow and looping bouncer that Cooper had enough time to play five shots, and miss with them all ...

Taylor to Cooper, FOUR runs

that's an exceptional shot! Makes room to cream the ball through the covers. Cooper dooper!

A big ask now ... but anything can happen ...

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