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Cape Town, December 17 - 19, 2015, Sunfoil Series
146 & 243

Knights won by an innings and 102 runs

Player Of The Match
2/34, 103 & 1/34
Cape Cobras 1st INNINGS 
Andrew Puttick (c) b Coetsee32861364037.20
Stiaan van Zyl  b du Preez1525262060.00
Hashim Amla c †Second b van Schalkwyk1045501022.22
Keegan Petersen c †Second b van Schalkwyk1340522032.50
Jean-Paul Duminy lbw b van Schalkwyk3584984041.66
Lesiba Ngoepe c Erlank b Coetsee1826334069.23
Dane Piedt c †Second b du Preez02025000.00
Mthokozisi Shezi c Erlank b van Schalkwyk747620014.89
Tshepo Moreki not out 324470012.50
Dane Paterson c Erlank b van Schalkwyk011000.00
Lizaad Williams c & b Olivier517151029.41
Extras(lb 6, nb 1, w 1)8
TOTAL69 Ov (RR: 2.11, 277 Mts)146
Did not bat: Beuran Hendricks 
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Stiaan van Zyl, 6.4 ov), 2-43 (Hashim Amla, 18.6 ov), 3-76 (Keegan Petersen, 31.4 ov), 4-76 (Andrew Puttick, 32.6 ov), 5-106 (Lesiba Ngoepe, 42.1 ov), 6-112 (Dane Piedt, 49.1 ov), 7-133 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 57.5 ov), 8-139 (Mthokozisi Shezi, 65.2 ov), 9-139 (Dane Paterson, 65.3 ov), 10-146 (Lizaad Williams, 68.6 ov)
Dillon du Preez1332421.84611000
6.4 to S van Zyl, Left ball outside off stump on back foot, only to have it swing in and knock out the off stump. 21/1
49.1 to DL Piedt, Drives at a widish ball outside off stump and edges to the keeper. 112/6
Duanne Olivier1752511.47892011
68.6 to LB Williams, The short ball finally does the job, as the batsman sways back and tamely pops up a return catch to the bowler in his follow-through. 146/10
Shadley van Schalkwyk1764552.64837000
18.6 to HM Amla, Slight away movement just catches the outside edge of Amla's back defensive stroke and carries nicely to the keeper. 43/2
31.4 to KD Petersen, Plays back defensively, but an awayswinger takes the edge and carries low to the keeper. 76/3
57.5 to JP Duminy, Trapped on back foot by ball keeping low. 133/7
65.2 to M Shezi, Forward defensive push edged straight to second slip. 139/8
65.3 to D Paterson, Another defensive push edged, this one just carrying to second slip, who had to dive forward and scoop a hand under the ball. 139/9
Mbulelo Budaza531202.40273000
Werner Coetsee1783422.00875000
32.6 to AG Puttick, Played back defensively, but surprised by a bit of extra pace and jams bat down too late to prevent his off stump from being uprooted. 76/4
42.1 to LC Ngoepe, Forward defensive push takes the outside edge and flies neatly to slip. 106/5
Knights 1st INNINGS 
Letlotlo Sesele lbw b Piedt661332129049.62
Rudi Second lbw b Paterson2530040.00
Michael Erlank lbw b Moreki451492196030.20
Diego Rosier lbw b Moreki611271829048.03
Pite van Biljon c †Petersen b Piedt53981206054.08
Tumelo Bodibe c Puttick b Moreki661361869048.52
Werner Coetsee (c)c Shezi b Duminy10317923510057.54
Shadley van Schalkwyk st †Petersen b Piedt1123281147.82
Dillon du Preez  b Piedt5159676186.44
Duanne Olivier not out 22117009.52
Mbulelo Budaza not out 24110050.00
Extras(b 7, lb 8, nb 10, w 4)29
TOTAL154 Ov (RR: 3.18, 637 Mts)491/9d
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Rudi Second, 0.6 ov), 2-120 (Letlotlo Sesele, 46.5 ov), 3-122 (Michael Erlank, 49.1 ov), 4-230 (Pite van Biljon, 79.4 ov), 5-261 (Diego Rosier, 90.4 ov), 6-364 (Tumelo Bodibe, 124.4 ov), 7-392 (Shadley van Schalkwyk, 130.6 ov), 8-478 (Dillon du Preez, 148.6 ov), 9-484 (Werner Coetsee, 149.6 ov)
Dane Paterson821411.75401000
0.6 to RS Second, Hit low down looking to work the ball to leg off back foot and overbalancing somewhat. 3/1
Lizaad Williams2429403.919913012
Mthokozisi Shezi1806003.33788002
Dane Piedt44912142.7519410200
46.5 to LLL Sesele, Played back and looked to glance that to leg. 120/2
79.4 to PJ van Biljon, Big forcing shot off the back foot gets a thin edge to the keeper. 230/4
130.6 to SC van Schalkwyk, Went on the big drive again, missed and lifted the back foot momentarily for Petersen to whip off the bails. 392/7
148.6 to D du Preez, Went on the drive, beaten by turn and had his off stump knocked back. 478/8
Tshepo Moreki2317533.2610510016
49.1 to MN Erlank, Shoulders arms on the back foot and is nailed by an inswinger as Moreki switches to bowling around the wicket. 122/3
90.4 to DS Rosier, Got him this time - played back defensively and again the ball kept somewhat low. 261/5
124.4 to TM Bodibe, Slashes again outside off stump on the back foot looking to edge the ball over the slips, but Puttick at first slip leaps up and successfully grabs it. 364/6
Beuran Hendricks2256002.721039010
Stiaan van Zyl301304.3391000
Jean-Paul Duminy1223913.25474000
149.6 to WL Coetsee, Top-edged sweep skied high to the man at short fine leg. 484/9
Cape Cobras 2nd INNINGS 
Andrew Puttick (c)c †Second b Olivier3560060.00
Stiaan van Zyl c van Schalkwyk b Olivier21214040100.00
Hashim Amla c Erlank b Olivier23212550109.52
Jean-Paul Duminy lbw b Coetsee2740553267.50
Keegan Petersen c Rosier b van Schalkwyk54668310081.81
Lesiba Ngoepe c & b Olivier1139521028.20
Dane Piedt c du Preez b Erlank1255711021.81
Mthokozisi Shezi not out 501121339044.64
Beuran Hendricks  b Budaza2728356096.42
Tshepo Moreki lbw b Erlank643341013.95
Lizaad Williams lbw b Erlank11070010.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 2, w 2)8
TOTAL73 Ov (RR: 3.32, 275 Mts)243
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (Andrew Puttick, 1.2 ov), 2-48 (Hashim Amla, 6.5 ov), 3-49 (Stiaan van Zyl, 8.1 ov), 4-98 (Jean-Paul Duminy, 20.5 ov), 5-146 (Keegan Petersen, 29.1 ov), 6-148 (Lesiba Ngoepe, 32.6 ov), 7-178 (Dane Piedt, 47.5 ov), 8-215 (Beuran Hendricks, 58.2 ov), 9-239 (Tshepo Moreki, 70.4 ov), 10-243 (Lizaad Williams, 72.6 ov)
Dillon du Preez503607.20187000
Duanne Olivier1418846.285617012
1.2 to AG Puttick, Top-edged hook skied for an easy catc to the keeper. 8/1
6.5 to HM Amla, Back foot forcing shot flies head-height to third slip, who makes n omistake. 48/2
8.1 to S van Zyl, Firm front foot push outside off stump flies head-high to gulley. 49/3
32.6 to LC Ngoepe, Digs it in short, the batsman goes for the pull and top-edges it, where it loops high back to the bowler. 148/6
Shadley van Schalkwyk15102011.33832100
29.1 to KD Petersen, Lifted back foot drive tamely straight at cover. 146/5
Werner Coetsee24133411.411262100
20.5 to JP Duminy, Pushes forward defensively but misses that and they all go up - as does the umpire's finger. 98/4
Mbulelo Budaza512915.80237010
58.2 to BE Hendricks, Stumps trimmed as he looks to whip this one through the leg side on the back foot. 215/8
Michael Erlank1023233.20445000
47.5 to DL Piedt, Goes on another drive, but miscues it and loops a catch to cover. 178/7
70.4 to TL Moreki, Goes back on stumps to force off back foot, misses and is struck halfway up the pad. 239/9
72.6 to LB Williams, Hit on toe looking to sweep and missing, and that wraps up the innings victory for the Knights!. 243/10
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Newlands, Cape Town
TossCape Cobras, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Werner Coetsee
Hours of play (local time)10.00 start, Lunch 12.10-12.50, Tea 15.00-15.20, Close 17.30
Match days17,18,19 December 2015 - day (4-day match)
Player Replacement
Beuran Hendricks for Dane Paterson (Knights 1st innings, 25.0 ov)
South Africa
Brad White
South Africa
Ryan Hendricks
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Abdoellah Steenkamp
Match Referee
South Africa
Shaid Wadvalla
PointsKnights 18.02, Cape Cobras 2
Thu, 17 Dec - day 1 - Knights 1st innings 59/1 (Letlotlo Sesele 38*, Michael Erlank 15*, 25 ov)
Fri, 18 Dec - day 2 - Knights 1st innings 346/5 (Tumelo Bodibe 53*, Werner Coetsee 45*, 121 ov)
Sat, 19 Dec - day 3 - Cape Cobras 2nd innings 243 (73 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
  • Knights 350 up in 509 mins off 121.6 overs (743 balls). 42x4
  • 100 partnership for the 6th wicket in 126 mins off 198 balls. Bodibe 50, Coetsee 47, Extras 4
  • WL Coetsee 50 in 137 mins off 112 balls, 5x4
  • Knights 400 up in 558 mins off 132.2 (807 balls), 1x6 49x4
  • Morning Drinks - Day 3: Knights 421-7 off 136 overs in 572 mins. WL Coetsee 70*, D du Prees 22*
  • 50 partnership for 8th wicket in 41 mins off 63 balls. Coetsee 15, Du Preez 33, Extras 2
  • Knights 450 in 601 mins off 143.2 overs (873 balls), 1x6, 52x4
  • D du Preez's 50 in 60 mins off 55 balls, 1x6 6x4
  • WL Coetsee 100 in 234 mins off 178 balls, 10x4
  • Lunch - Day 3: Knights 491-9 off 154 overs in 637 mins. D Olivier 2*, M Budaza 2*
  • Cape Cobras Second Innings
  • Cape Cobras 50 in 42 mins off 8.2 overs (52 balls), 10x4
  • Afternoon Drinks - Day 3: Cape Cobras 70-3 off 14 overs in 65 mins. JP Duminy 6*, KD Petersen 15*
  • Cape Cobras 100 in 92 mins off 21.1 overs (129 balls), 2x6 16x4
  • KD Petersen 50 in 76 mins off 60 balls, 9x4
  • Tea - Day 3: Cape Cobras 146-4 off 29 overs in 124 mins. KD Petersen 54*, LC Ngoepe 10*
  • Cape Cobras 150 in 148 mins off 34.3 (211 balls), 2x6, 23x4
  • Evening Drinks - Day 3: Cape Cobras 171-6 off 46 overs in 191 mins. DL Piedt 5*, M Shezi 19*
  • Cape Cobras 200 in 225 mins off 56.2 overs (342 balls), 2x6 32x4
  • M Shezi 50 in 132 mins off 112 balls, 9x4
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