17th Match, Lord's, Aug 3 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(98/100 balls, target 127)129/3
Spirit won by 7 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
50* (34)

5.35pm: Relief for Knight and co, they've got themselves back in touch with a second win of the tournament. Dottin hadn't fired with the bat until now, but that was a classy, calculated knock to seal a low chase. First defeat for Northern Superchargers, but they scrapped hard throughout and are still well placed, with seven points from five. Spirit join a cluster of teams below them on four points.

Deandra Dottin is the Hero of the Match: "It's good to get it home for the team, been a bit of a struggle but I had to dig in and find a way. We play with a never-say-die determination, so I didn't think there was much pressure. Just stick to the basics. [Target?] We pulled it back a bit, they were a couple of runs short. [Feeling pressure?] I was a bit nervous, had to find a way to adapt, I'm in the groove now so you'll see a lot more."

Right, no rest for the wicket, the men are already getting ready. Toss in around 30 mins. Bye!

Moore to Dottin, FOUR runs

flayed over point for the winning boundary! Tossed up and Dottin steps down imposingly, thrashes it up and over to the rope... That means London Spirit win by seven wickets, and break a run of three defeats

Moore to Dottin, FOUR runs

brutally swiped through cover, that could be it! All bottom hand as she leans back and clubs it past the infield for a boundary that elicits a gentle cheer from the home crowd!

Moore to Gibson, 1 run

round the wicket, lobbed up and Gibson reverse-sweeps, tight single to short third but they scamper through

Smith has finished, over to 18-year-old Kalea Moore

You'd fancy the chasing team, right? But they'll probably need to find the rope

after 95 balls8 runs
LS-W: 120/3Need 7 from 5 balls
Deandra Dottin42 (32)
Danielle Gibson8 (6)
Linsey Smith 2/15 (20)
Smith to Dottin, 1 run

lobbed up and jabbed into the covers, they take the single... so Gibson has the strike back with 7 needed from 5

Smith to Dottin, FOUR runs

Dottin clears mid-off for a vital boundary! Just saunters out and lofts her drive, well above the leaping Kimmince! One-legged flamingo flourish from Dottin as she watches it go... Is that the decisive blow?

Smith to Gibson, 1 run

gives this plenty of loop, 47mph on middle and leg, Gibson punches to long-on

Smith to Gibson, 2 runs

tossed up and slashed towards short third, Graham is wrong-footed by the spin and they get a second!

Smith to Gibson, no run

flighted, skidding on outside off, cut into the covers but she won't get one

This is so tight, it really could go either way. Smith back to finish her allocation. Can she bowl a tight penultimate five?

after 90 balls6 runs • 1 wicket
LS-W: 112/3Need 15 from 10 balls
Danielle Gibson5 (3)
Deandra Dottin37 (30)
Alice Davidson-Richards 1/34 (20)
Davidson-Richards to Gibson, 1 run

continues with the dobblies, Gibson muscles a flat pull out to deep midwicket for one

Davidson-Richards to Gibson, no run

pace off, 52mph outside off, not quite so much room to free the arms and she slaps to cover

Davidson-Richards to Gibson, FOUR runs

pings her first ball to the rope! Slower delivery in the channel and Gibson waits for it, carves the hands through and four to deep point

Danielle Gibson heads out at No. 5. She can give it a biff

Davidson-Richards to Beaumont, OUT

goes for the big hit but picks out deep square leg! Slower ball, Beaumont jumped across her stumps and attempted to fetch this into the Mound Stand... but sent it straight down the throat of Rodrigues! Big wicket for Superchargers, and the pressure cranks up on Dottin

Tammy Beaumont c Rodrigues b Davidson-Richards 42 (59m 36b 4x4 0x6) SR: 116.66
Davidson-Richards to Dottin, 1 run

slower ball, swatted away through the leg side

Cool stuff from Beaumont and Dottin, but 21 still needed from 15. ADR again, she helped close out a tight one at Headingley at the weekend

after 85 balls4 runs
LS-W: 106/2Need 21 from 15 balls
Deandra Dottin36 (29)
Tammy Beaumont42 (35)
Linsey Smith 2/7 (15)

Here's DaWolf again: "You're absolutely right, I'd have bowled Smith straight after the break and hoped for that 3rd wicket. I'm an absolute believer in the kiwi captains method, taking wickets is the best way to slow a run chase. Use the best bowlers on the day against their best batters. Instead now the run rate has come way down. It'll be tough to defend now."

Smith to Dottin, no run

fired flatter and Dottin punches it back to Smith. First dot in 19 balls

Smith to Beaumont, 1 run

looped up full, Beaumont skips out and dinks another single through mid-off

Smith to Dottin, 1 run

drags this down, 50mph wide of off stump, swiped for one to long-off

Smith to Beaumont, 1 run

floated up and drilled back, Smith gets a touch on it in her follow through

Smith to Dottin, 1 run

lobbed up on off stump, Dottin leans back and pumps one to long-on

Here is Linsey Smith, 2 for 3 from 10 balls so far