13th Match, Leeds, Jul 31 2021, The Hundred Women's Competition
(100 balls, target 110)105/4
N S-Chargers won by 4 runs
Player Of The Match
42 (30) & 2/17
after 100 balls5 runs • 1 wicket
OI-W: 105/4
Mady Villiers1 (1)
Dane van Niekerk27 (21)
Alice Davidson-Richards 2/17 (20)

The Superchargers are now at the top of the table. That brings us to the end of this game, but there's a lot more Hundred action stil going on. In a short while, we'll have the men's teams taking on each other at this venue.

Alice Davidson-Richards: It was unbelievable. The amount of times we played that scenario, and when it comes off, bloody hell. Oh sorry (laughs). It was quite a hard wicket to bat on, I don't think anyone properly middled the ball. It was just a case of batting on. At the innings break (we thought) it was a bit under, would have wanted 120.

5 pm: The Superchargers have defended a meagre total of 109. The Invincibles will not enjoy looking back at that chase. Both sides' batting largely lacked any sort of fluency. No timing or power behind the shots. Pace off the ball worked well, but it was still a much below-par batting show. Superchargers are at the top of the table now.

Davidson-Richards to Villiers, 1 run

she can only punch a length ball to cover, and the Superchargers have won by four runs. Incredible win.

6 needed off the last ball to win. It'll be a miracle if they get it.

Davidson-Richards to Bryce, OUT

she's caught at long-on. The fielder was standing well in, and she had a big heave at it. Can't get any power or timing behind it and can't clear the fielder. It's Heath, who had dropped a catch that seemed crucial earlier in the game.

Sarah Bryce c Heath b Davidson-Richards 29 (52m 33b 2x4 0x6) SR: 87.87
Davidson-Richards to D van Niekerk, 1 run

can't get it away, length ball with pace off, she was backing away the bowler followed, and she can only slap it to cover

Davidson-Richards to D van Niekerk, 2 runs

very short, keeps low, she's making a lot of room, swipes it straight back. Long-off cuts it off but they hare back for the second

Davidson-Richards to Bryce, 1 run

yorker, but she was making room and ends up swiping to deep midwicket. There's a possible two on offer but they hesitate a bit. Might want van Niekerk on strike anyway

10 needed from the final 5.

after 95 balls13 runs
OI-W: 100/3Need 10 from 5 balls
Dane van Niekerk24 (19)
Sarah Bryce28 (31)
Linsey Smith 1/22 (20)
Smith to D van Niekerk, 1 leg bye

goes for the sweep, having moved well across, big appeal but I think that struck outside the line. The ball goes to short third man and they take a single. Review taken. They have to take it at this stage. No bat on that but impact is well outside the line.

Smith to D van Niekerk, no run

flatter and quicker, slapped towards cover, the bowler runs across and fields it.

Smith to D van Niekerk, FOUR runs

van Niekerk has turned it around in three balls. Makes room and slashes hard at this, gets it over point and a third successive boundary

Smith to D van Niekerk, FOUR runs

lovely shot. Suddenly the timing's back! Makes room and drills this over the bowler's head, flat and low. Another boundary

Smith to D van Niekerk, FOUR runs

full toss to start with and she finally gets a meaty whack at it, hits it straight back past the bowler to find the boundary

23 needed in 10 balls, going further and further away from Invincibles. Been a bit of a turgid batting display this game.

after 90 balls4 runs
OI-W: 87/3Need 23 from 10 balls
Dane van Niekerk12 (14)
Sarah Bryce28 (31)
Kalea Moore 0/11 (10)
Moore to D van Niekerk, 1 run

tossed up fuller, swept to deep midwicket. They're not putting pressure on the fielder, settle for just one

Moore to Bryce, 1 run

tossed up outside off, they can't find the boundaries or the forcing shots, this is tamely stroked to cover

Moore to D van Niekerk, 1 run

has a big heave at it, but it goes off the under-edge to short fine leg

Moore to Bryce, 1 run

fuller, clipped to midwicket

Moore to Bryce, no run

fuller, driven back and the bowler stops it

Dezz: "Is the wicket as difficult as the score suggests? Doesn't bode well for the men's match if so!!"

- It's a slow surface and the bowlers have taken the pace off, but I still think the batting has been fairly uninspiring.

after 85 balls4 runs
OI-W: 83/3Need 27 from 15 balls
Dane van Niekerk10 (12)
Sarah Bryce26 (28)
Katie Levick 1/23 (20)
Levick to D van Niekerk, 1 run

looking to make room and slash it through off, but can only chop it down towards point

Levick to Bryce, 1 run

down the track, tries to go over the top, but no timing on that again, and it plops towards deep cover

Levick to Bryce, no run

beaten outside off. Spins away from the bat and she's left feeling for it

Levick to D van Niekerk, 1 run

length outside off, cuts it past point

Levick to Bryce, 1 run

fuller on the stumps, worked to long-on