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4th Match, Harare, August 31, 2005, Videocon Triangular Series
(49/50 ov, T:239) 211

New Zealand won by 27 runs

Player Of The Match
50 (47) & 4/46
New Zealand Innings
Zimbabwe Innings
Match Flow
New Zealand  (50 ovs maximum)
c †Taibu b Streak03-000.00
c Blignaut b Ireland2325-2192.00
c †Taibu b Ewing6181-9075.30
c Taylor b Blignaut515-0033.33
c Chibhabha b Ireland711-1063.63
b Blignaut6381-1277.77
lbw b Ewing518-0027.77
c & b Ewing27-0028.57
c Taylor b Blignaut4747-30100.00
not out 12-0050.00
c Utseya b Blignaut56-0083.33
Extras(lb 6, nb 1, w 12)19
TOTAL49.1 Ov (RR: 4.84)238
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Lou Vincent, 0.3 ov), 2-39 (Stephen Fleming, 7.6 ov), 3-60 (Craig McMillan, 13.1 ov), 4-67 (Hamish Marshall, 14.6 ov), 5-129 (Nathan Astle, 28.1 ov), 6-147 (Jacob Oram, 32.4 ov), 7-149 (Brendon McCullum, 34.2 ov), 8-228 (Daniel Vettori, 47.3 ov), 9-230 (Scott Styris, 47.5 ov), 10-238 (Shane Bond, 49.1 ov)
0.3 to L Vincent, good length delivery just outside the off stump, Vincent gets forward and defense it, thin and easy catch taken by Taibu. 0/1
7.6 to SP Fleming, full in length, on leg stump, tries to play it on the on side, chips a simple catch in the hands of Blignaut at mid-on. 39/2
14.6 to HJH Marshall, short and wide outside off, cuts it and top edge to deep third man, Chibhabha runs in and takes a good catch, Ireland strikes again!. 67/4
13.1 to CD McMillan, short in length, outside off and moves away, tries to chase that one, edges it to slip, Taylor takes a good low catch, McMillan goes!. 60/3
47.3 to DL Vettori, good length ball, drives it in the air to deep cover, Taylor runs towards his right and takes a brilliant diving catch. 228/8
47.5 to SB Styris, full ball, goes for the big shot on the leg side, inside edge and ball just removes the off stump bail. 230/9
49.1 to SE Bond, All over!! full ball, on off stump, drives it in the air to long-off and Utseya takes a good catch!. 238/10
28.1 to NJ Astle, arm ball, tries to cut it, edges it to keeper, Taibu takes a sharp catch behind the stumps. 129/5
32.4 to JDP Oram, arm ball, tries to play across the line, hits on the pad on the back-foot, in forn of middle and off, huge shout for lbw, up goes the finger. 147/6
34.2 to BB McCullum, tossed up, came down the wicket and driven in the air back to bowler, Ewing took a god catch on his own bowling. 149/7
Zimbabwe  (T: 239 runs from 50 ovs)
c †McCullum b Bond120-005.00
b Patel3081-1037.03
c †McCullum b Mills03-000.00
run out (Oram/Styris)2130-3070.00
b Vettori1638-0042.10
st †McCullum b Vettori1833-1154.54
c †McCullum b Mills3521-22166.66
c Astle b Bond5047-32106.38
c Oram b Bond1216-1075.00
c Oram b Bond86-10133.33
not out 00-00-
Extras(b 1, lb 3, nb 3, w 13)20
TOTAL49 Ov (RR: 4.30)211
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Brendan Taylor, 4.5 ov), 2-5 (Chamu Chibhabha, 5.6 ov), 3-37 (Vusi Sibanda, 15.4 ov), 4-69 (Tatenda Taibu, 26.1 ov), 5-87 (Stuart Carlisle, 33.3 ov), 6-93 (Heath Streak, 34.5 ov), 7-156 (Charles Coventry, 41.3 ov), 8-188 (Gavin Ewing, 46.1 ov), 9-211 (Andy Blignaut, 48.5 ov), 10-211 (Blessing Mahwire, 48.6 ov)
4.5 to BRM Taylor, short in length, outside off, just holds it line, tries to play it away from the body, thick outside edge to McCullum who makes no mistake. 4/1
46.1 to GM Ewing, full ball, drives it hard in the air to long-on, Oram runs in dives forward and takes a lovely catch. 188/8
48.5 to AM Blignaut, full ball, outside off, goes for the big shot down the ground, edges it to third man, Astle runs in and takes a good sliding catch. 211/9
48.6 to NB Mahwire, Allover! full ball, was a slower ball, lofted it in the air down the ground, Oram took a simple catch. 211/10
5.6 to CJ Chibhabha, short in length, outside off and swings away, tries to play at it, edges it to keeper, debutant goes for a duck!. 5/2
41.3 to CK Coventry, full ball, outside the off stump, Coventry moves across and tries to chip it over short fine leg, leading edge up in the air and McCullum takes a good catch. 156/7
33.3 to SV Carlisle, short in length, just outside off and spins in a bit, tries to cut it, bottom edge onto stumps, Patel gets his 1st ODI wicket!. 87/5
26.1 to T Taibu, What a delivery, arm ball, came in with the arm, tried to cut it, ball hit the middle stump!. 69/4
34.5 to HH Streak, Streak again came down the wicket, Vettori saw him and pitched it wide and falt, Streak played all over it and McCullum did the rest behind the stumps. 93/6
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  • New Zealand innings
  • New Zealand 50 in 11.4 overs (Astle 14*, McMillan 5*)
  • New Zealand 100 in 19.3 overs (Astle 51*, Styris 3*)
  • Astle 50 in 54 balls, 9x4
  • New Zealand 150 in 34.4 overs (Styris 32*, Vettori 1*)
  • Styris 50 in 73 balls, 1x4, 1x6
  • New Zealand 200 in 44.1 overs (Styris 50*, Vettori 31*)
  • Zimbabwe innings
  • Zimbabwe 50 in 20.2 overs (Carlisle 20*, Taibu 4*)
  • Zimbabwe innings: 1x5 ball over (25th over, 2nd over bowled by Vettori)
  • Zimbabwe innings: 1x5 ball over (39th over, 9th over bowled by Vettori)
  • Zimbabwe 200 in 47.5 overs (Blignaut 44*, Mahwire 6*)
  • Blignaut 50 in 44 balls, 3x4, 2x6
Harare Sports Club
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Match numberODI no. 2276
Match daysday (50-over match)
ZIM Player Replacement
Substitute in out (2nd innings, 19 ov)
NZ Player Replacement
Substitute in out (2nd innings, 5 ov)
ODI debut
TV Umpire
Match Referee
PointsNew Zealand 5, Zimbabwe 1
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Zimbabwe Innings
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