1st T20I (N), Hobart, Feb 21 2010, West Indies tour of Australia
(20 ov, target 180)141/8
Australia won by 38 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 205 runs
WI: 141/8CRR: 7.05 
Nikita Miller11 (8)
Daren Sammy3 (4)
Shane Watson 2-0-14-0
Shaun Tait 4-0-30-3

Australia have won this comfortably, though had West Indies prevented that horrendous start to their chase, we would have had a more competitive match. Nevertheless, the crowd would have been entertained, especially in the Australian innings. Join us for the second T20 game on the 23rd.

A few comments from our readers before signing off.

Shafaqat Ali: "Unfair to criticize this WI outfit considering they are without six regular members. Much better PAK team failed to make any mark in any of the formats. I am sure WI will do lot better in T20 World Cup on their home grounds. Good luck Gayle and Co"

Karnail Singh: "Yes Peter Best you read it right. I live in the USA and follow bastketball. There are lots of kids from WI playing bastetball these days just last year a seven footer from WI was drafted during the first round and got paid $32 millions for four years. I talk to one of them he said, "cricket is very expinsive sport"

That's all, folks. Thanks for tuning in. See you in a couple of days. Adios

Watson to Miller, 1 run

short of a good length on the off, slapped past the bowler for a single

Watson to Sammy, 1 run

short of a good length on middle, worked away through square leg for a single

Watson to Miller, 1 run

shortish on leg stump, tickled into the leg side for a single

Watson to Sammy, 1 run

short of a good length on middle, pushed wide of midwicket for a single

Watson to Sammy, no run

short on middle, goes for the pull, misses

Watson to Miller, 1 run

short of a length on the off, tries to slap that over the in-field, gets a top edge but it lands safely in front of mid-off

Rob: "Nice try to belittle the Aussie achievements this summer, but you seem to forget that we whitewashed an English side that did very well against SA, humbled the 'mighty' Indian side 4-2 when they were tipped to annihilate us at home, and then took home the ICC Trophy."

Watson to bowl the last over

end of over 1910 runs
WI: 136/8CRR: 7.15 RRR: 44.00
Nikita Miller8 (5)
Daren Sammy1 (1)
Shaun Tait 4-0-30-3
Dirk Nannes 4-0-21-3
Tait to Miller, 1 run

gets an inside edge towards fine leg for a single

Tait to Miller, 2 runs

short of a length on middle, went for the pull, gets the top edge and gets it towards fine leg for a couple

Tait to Miller, FOUR runs

shot! Full outside off, makes room and square-drives it through point for a boundary

Tait to Miller, no run

short and wide, makes room to cut, misses

Tait to Sammy, 1 run

yorker, dug out into the leg side, did well to get his bat down in time

Tait to Sammy, 1 wide

short of a length outside leg stump, given a wide

Tait to Miller, 1 run

low full toss on middle, driven wide of mid-on for a single, he did well to dive and keep them down to just one

Nannes will be on a hat-trick in the next, if West Indies survive this over. Actually, no. He's done with his spell