2nd Test, Manchester, Jul 21 - 24 1928, West Indies tour of England
(47.3 ov)206 & 115
England won by an innings and 30 runs
West Indies 1st INNINGS
George Challenor run out 24---00.00
Clifford Roach lbw b Freeman50---00.00
Freddie Martin run out 21---00.00
Wilton St Hill c Jupp b Tate3--000.00
Teddy Hoad lbw b Jupp13---00.00
Karl Nunes (c)† b Freeman17---00.00
Baron Constantine lbw b Jupp43--0133.33
Snuffy Browne c White b Freeman23---00.00
Tommy Scott c Chapman b Freeman32---00.00
George Francis  b Freeman1--000.00
Herman Griffith not out 1--000.00
Extras(b 10, lb 7)17
TOTAL(105.4 Ov, RR: 1.94)206
Fall of wickets: 1-48 (George Challenor), 2-100 (Freddie Martin), 3-105 (Clifford Roach), 4-113 (Wilton St Hill), 5-129 (Teddy Hoad), 6-133 (Baron Constantine), 7-158 (Karl Nunes), 8-185 (Snuffy Browne), 9-203 (George Francis), 10-206 (Tommy Scott)
Maurice Tate35136811.94---00
Wally Hammond621602.66---00
Tich Freeman33.4185451.60---00
Vallance Jupp1853922.16---00
Jack White1361200.92---00
England 1st INNINGS
Jack Hobbs c St Hill b Browne53---00.00
Herbert Sutcliffe c †Nunes b Griffith54---00.00
Ernest Tyldesley  b Browne3--000.00
Wally Hammond c Roach b Constantine63---00.00
Douglas Jardine run out 83-160-00.00
Percy Chapman (c)retired hurt 3--000.00
Maurice Tate  b Griffith28---00.00
Vallance Jupp c Constantine b Griffith12---00.00
Jack White not out 21---00.00
Harry Elliott lbw b Scott6---00.00
Tich Freeman lbw b Scott0--000.00
Extras(b 15, lb 3, nb 6, w 1)25
TOTAL(107.2 Ov, RR: 3.27)351
Fall of wickets: 1-119 (Jack Hobbs), 2-124 (Herbert Sutcliffe), 3-131 (Ernest Tyldesley), 4-251 (Wally Hammond), 4-255* (Percy Chapman, retired hurt), 5-285 (Douglas Jardine), 6-311 (Maurice Tate), 7-326 (Vallance Jupp), 8-351 (Harry Elliott), 9-351 (Tich Freeman)
George Francis2346802.95---00
Baron Constantine2578913.56---00
Snuffy Browne2527222.88---00
Herman Griffith2576932.76---00
Tommy Scott9.202823.00---00
West Indies 2nd INNINGS
George Challenor c †Elliott b Hammond0--000.00
Clifford Roach c Jardine b Tate0--000.00
Freddie Martin c Hammond b Freeman32---00.00
Wilton St Hill c Hammond b White38---00.00
Teddy Hoad lbw b Freeman4---00.00
George Francis c Tate b Freeman0--000.00
Karl Nunes (c)†c sub b Freeman11---00.00
Baron Constantine c Sutcliffe b Freeman18---00.00
Snuffy Browne c †Elliott b White7---00.00
Tommy Scott not out 3--000.00
Herman Griffith c Hammond b White011000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 1)2
TOTAL(47.3 Ov, RR: 2.42)115
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (George Challenor), 2-2 (Clifford Roach), 3-57 (Freddie Martin), 4-67 (Teddy Hoad), 5-71 (George Francis), 6-79 (Wilton St Hill), 7-93 (Karl Nunes), 8-108 (Baron Constantine), 9-115 (Snuffy Browne), 10-115 (Herman Griffith)
Maurice Tate941011.11---00
Wally Hammond602313.83---00
Tich Freeman1853952.16---00
Jack White14.344132.82---00
Old Trafford, Manchester
TossWest Indies, elected to bat first
SeriesWest Indies tour of England
Series resultEngland led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 174
Match daysday(3-day match)
Test debut
Teddy Hoad
Teddy Hoad
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott
England Image
Arthur Morton
England Image
Bill Parry
Sat, 21 Jul - day 1 -England 1st innings 84/0 (Jack Hobbs 32*, Herbert Sutcliffe 39*, null ov)
Sun, 22 Jul - rest day
Mon, 23 Jul - day 2 -West Indies 2nd innings 71/4 (Wilton St Hill 33*, George Francis 0*, null ov)
Tue, 24 Jul - day 3 -West Indies 2nd innings 115/10 (47.3 ov) - end of match
  • APF Chapman retired hurt at 255/4