1st T20I (N), The Oval, Sep 23 2011, West Indies tour of England
(15.2/20 ov, target 126)128/0
England won by 10 wickets (with 28 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

What a comprehensive thumping this young England side have handed out, rushing to a 10-wicket win with almost five overs to spare. It's hard, if not impossible, to fault England in any department. The West Indies openers got away from them a little at the start, but the bowling - led by Ravi Bopara - came back strongly, and the fielding, with two run-outs, was top notch. West Indies would have come into this match hopeful of unearthing some new talent, but they've left dejected. Read all about this resounding win in Andrew Miller's report, and if you're feeling particularly sadistic then check out our gallery. Bopara's figures were the best ever by an Englishman in a Twenty20 international, and this is England's first 10-wicket victory in Twenty20s. Says it all really.

"When we started batting we were right on course, but we lost our way from there and we never caught up," says a forthright Darren Sammy. "As soon as the spinners came on it started to turn a bit, we lost crucial wickets and we couldn't rotate the strike enough. It's something that's affected our game in 50-over cricket too, rotating the strike. But we're working on it. We were expecting our spinners to turn it more. Patel and Swann bowled much slower, found some turn." Sammy agrees that the fielding was sloppy, but in mitigation cites the very chilly weather out there tonight. "We had lots of footage of the england guys and we had plans on how we wanted to bowl to them, but we didn't execute them," he adds.

"I'll take that," says a beaming Graeme Swann. "I was delighted with the way everyone performed. Good old Ravi Bopara, he's been bowling me out for two years in the nets and I've told everyone he should bowl more. He did really well. It speaks greatly for the depth in the squad when we can leave someone like James Anderson out and still win like this. It bodes well. Even though we've not got a lot of international experience in this team, the guys have grown up playing twenty20 cricket and no-one panicked out there. Kiesy has already shown what he can do at this level, and this was an important knock for Halesy too."

Ravi Bopara is the Man of the Match. "I actually feel a bit embarrassed by having the best figures!" he jokes in his Essex-lilted tones "The lads played really well. I'm playing with more of a free spirit, which is definitely a big thing for me. The pitch was very similar to a subcontinental wicket, slow and low. We knew changes of pace would be vital. Swann asked me to bowl in the first six overs on, and I said 'are you having a laugh?' He put Samit on instead. It's a great dressing room, these young players are unbelievable. It's brilliant to see and its exciting for the fans."

And that's all from us tonight. Andrew McGlashan and Liam Brickhill have been your commentators, and Andrew Miller has been reporting from the ground. Thanks for joining us, I'm off to enjoy some birthday cake!

Smith to Kieswetter, FOUR runs

a shovelled drive flies through cover, and that's the game!

Smith to Kieswetter, no run

good start from him, Kieswetter having to dig out a pinpoint yorker

Dwayne Smith comes on to bowl what should be the last over on his international return.

end of over 156 runs
ENG: 124/0CRR: 8.26 RRR: 0.40
Alex Hales62 (48)
Craig Kieswetter54 (47)
Chris Barnwell 2-0-12-0
Devendra Bishoo 4-0-28-0
Barnwell to Hales, FOUR runs

just two runs to win now, as Hales swivels on one leg to pull a slower ball past the man at short fine leg

Barnwell to Kieswetter, 1 run

chopped down on the off side for a single

Barnwell to Kieswetter, no run

both batsman are just having a look here, there's a definite 10-wicket win on the cards now

Barnwell to Hales, 1 run

flicked off the pads for one

Barnwell to Hales, no run

good bowling again from Barnwell, and Hales can't put him away

Barnwell to Hales, no run

Barnwell hustles in and hits a good length straight away, Hales defending

Sammy has seen enough of his legspinners, and Christopher Barnwell has been brought into the attack to bowl some seamers.

end of over 145 runs
ENG: 118/0CRR: 8.42 RRR: 1.33
Alex Hales57 (44)
Craig Kieswetter53 (45)
Devendra Bishoo 4-0-28-0
Nkrumah Bonner 2-0-18-0
Bishoo to Hales, 1 run

slower through the air to end the over, and it's swept out to the man at deep square

Bishoo to Hales, no run

Hales has an almighty heave to leg and gets nowhere close, Bishoo having fired this one in fast and flat

Bishoo to Hales, (no ball)

Hales seemed to be readying himself for a mow here, but it was nicely tossed up and he eventually opted for defence ... but oh no, now Bishoo has over-stepped!

Bishoo to Kieswetter, 1 run

Kieswetter plays late and with soft hands to find a single behind point

Bishoo to Kieswetter, no run

Kieswetter lunges forward with bat and pad tightly together to keep this one out

Bishoo to Hales, 1 run

quicker and flatter through the air, Hales easing the ball down to long off

Bishoo to Kieswetter, 1 run

Kieswetter waits and waits, and then chops daintily to get the ball to short third man

end of over 1310 runs
ENG: 113/0CRR: 8.69 RRR: 1.85
Alex Hales55 (40)
Craig Kieswetter51 (42)
Nkrumah Bonner 2-0-18-0
Devendra Bishoo 3-0-23-0

Bonner eventually seemed to be settling by the end of that over. You've got to feel for him.

Bonner to Hales, no run

tossed up on off stump. Hales hangs back to ping the man at extra cover

Bonner to Hales, no run

Hales bends into yet another sweep, but can't connect with this one

Bonner to Kieswetter, 1 run

nicely full again, the ball takes the inner half of the bat and rolls to square leg

Bonner to Hales, 1 run

finally, Bonner tosses one up, and Hales nudges into the leg side for one

Bonner to Kieswetter, 1 run

slashed out behind point

Bonner to Kieswetter, SIX runs

huge! There was major airtime on this shot from Kieswetter. He skipped down the track and lifted it handsomely straight back over the helpless Bonner's head

Bonner to Kieswetter, (no ball)

Bonner is really struggling here. Another long-hop. Another no-ball ...