1st Test, Dunedin, Dec 3 - 7 2013, West Indies tour of New Zealand
(30 ov, target 112)609/9d & 79/4
(f/o) 213 & 507
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
end of over 30Maiden
NZ: 79/4CRR: 2.63 
Ross Taylor16 (61)
Corey Anderson20 (43)
Shane Shillingford 15-5-26-4
Tino Best 8-1-26-0

6.20pm I'm afraid the post-match presentation has come and gone as the broadcasters chose not to televise it. I can tell you, however, that the Man of the Match was New Zealand's Ross Taylor for his unbeaten knocks of 217 and 16. I hope you all enjoyed the fifth and final day, even though rain had the final say. Till the next Test, which begins on December 11. For the match report, you can click here. On behalf of Sanjay Murari, this is Rohan Sharma bidding you a good day wherever you are.

6.17pm We are just awaiting confirmation as to whether there will be a televised post-match presentation. If so, then post-match quotes can be found here. Do bear with us just a little while longer

Randy: "Ladies and gents, I hereby declare Operation Rain Dance a success!"

6.12pm After quite a long wait, I am afraid there is no further possibility of play. The match will end as a draw. Apparently the covers were so waterlogged and heavy that it became near impossible for the groundstaff to be able to go about their work and soak up the water

6.05pm Once again the rain has stopped and once again the groundstaff are out. We will have a better frame on things in just a few minutes. Also just learned that the covers are coming off

Jerry: "This rain is the best news we have had all day. Hopefully it keeps up and Bazza McCullum still doesn't have a win on the runs sheet as NZ captain. Then WI continue their improvement and roll us over in the 2nd and/or 3rd tests for a series win. McCullum is is the worst thing to ever happen to NZ cricket and does not deserve any success at all. After 50 years of being an avid NZ cricket supporter I have no desire to see them succeed any more and the sooner the likes of McCullum, Mills, Fulton and co, retire the better."

ashley chong: "response to Chris: Yes the 60-1 is massive, but its all about weighting the Bookie's books. NZ wouldve soaked up (no pun intended) most of the money to win at the start @$2 to take on the $80 i got, and some lucky ppl who got $100 this nothing to the bookie. Its the Net result - Big pay day for the NZ TAB ( and me)."

5.58pm Looking at fresh visuals from the ground and it is not looking good at all. The groundstaff think tank are huddled together as the rain seems to have increased

Rakesh S: "So, if it's still raining at 6.10, the game will be called off and if it has stopped, then after removing cover's & Mopping up, play could restart at 6.40 and be played till we have a result even if it takes 20 more overs????? or will they say that no matter what the game has to stop by say 6.45 or 7.00, even if the WI manage just 2-3 over's in that time??? This is RIDICILOUS!! & so is my way of spelling it BTW"

5.55pm If play can begin by 6.40pm, then New Zealand will have a grand total of one over to knock off the 33 remaining

Chris: "if it was 60-1 for a draw this morning and people knew rain was coming - TAB would be wanting NZ to win? as 60-1 payout would be expensive...wish I did a bet - $600 from a $10 bet would be great before christmas..."

Rakesh S: "Close of play is supposed to be 17.30. It's 17.40 now and it's still raining. Assuming that it stops 17.45 & the ground staff need 30 minutes to remove the cover's and mop up the ground, play can resume at 18.15 & with the WI using long run-up's and taking their time to bowl 5-6 overs, another 25 minutes, so the game could end at 18.45. Would it not be unfair to start the game beyond the scheduled close of play?? What if 100 more were required?? would the administrators of the game still have been waiting instead of calling off the game?? It is the situation that's deciding the start/stop of the game and not technical matters which is very highly unfair. Just because NZ require 33 to win and the administrators know that play if it can be started, the game could get over in 20-25 minutes, every effort is being made to wait till the last moment possible for a restart, others if 100 was required, the game would have been called off as a draw an hour earlier."

Jez Brown: "I spent a couple of years living in Dunedin and it is considerably drier than people think. In fact it generally doesn't bucket down, it does what it's doing now, steady fine misty rain. That's what will annoy everyone, it's hardly rain at all by New Zealand standards. But for goodness sake it is New Zealand, with the first sign of a dark cloud or speck of rain the Kiwis should have looked for the boundary. This result could haunt them for months."

5.50pm A final decision on play will be made at 6.10pm local time, so just 20 minutes time from now. In terms of the weather, the rain has downgraded somewhat into a steady rain, but has not completely stopped as of yet

Craig: "NZ have no one to blame but themselves - i live in Dunedin and i could hear thunder in the University Oval part of town for 30 mins before it started raining. Why they didn't put their foot down then only they will know as there was no wind so it was going to rain for a while."

Dan: "The odds on a draw reached as much as 60-1 yesterday, and maybe even higher that I didn't see. Oh for a cricketing crystal ball, what a missed opportunity that has turned out to be."

5.34pm New Zealand Cricket has tweeted that the ground staff are working hard to try and mop up the water, with the cut-off time being 6.41pm local time, so just over an hour away. But as soon as I wrote the previous sentence that the rain has come down hard again in Dunedin

5.26pm The umpire have made their way out to the middle to assess conditions. The main covers are still on the pitch. Should have word momentarily as to whether the match will continue or not

Shane: "I agree with vijay007, all things considered I think a draw is the fair result. West Indies did very well in their second innings and they did exactly what they needed to do on day five: hold out for almost the whole morning session, keep NZ's scoring rate low, take wickets (albeit soft ones) and finally, and, most crucially, pay attention to the forecast!"

5.17pm So according to Andrew the rain has nearly stopped, but it has fluctuated so don't hold your breath just yet. The groundstaff are currently out and about.

Vinay: "It has been raining for close to two hours now. So even if the cut off time is 6 pm, wouldn't the ground staff need half an hour to dry the field and NZ would still need at least 5 overs to get the 33 runs. So it has to stop raining NOW or else you may very well call off the game"

Sid: "In Dunedin and the rain is really heavy now - its big ol fat rain unlike the average drizzle we get to see normally.. no way Tamati and team can get the outfield dry in time even if rain stops."

Vinod: "@Rohan: I do not feel Windies would be too anxious to get on the park. No ways"

vijay 007: "I am a Black Caps supporter, but a draw is the fairest result here."

5.03pm Some images of a wet Dunedin flash on the screen. The West Indies and New Zealand players are still sitting pretty in their respective dressing rooms. Both teams anxious to get things going, but the rain is still coming down at a fair clip

Shane: "Due to NZs failure to take the wickets more quickly yesterday and their awful batting today, I think it's fair to say that Dunedin can't be blamed this time around. I get really tired of people saying that tests shouldn't be played in Dunedin because of the weather - in fact we're a much dryer city than most people think, just a little but colder than some soft people would like. I always worry when time is lost and a draw results that NZ cricket may for a second consider taking test cricket away from our lovely city. It's a common saying down here that the only way to make it rain is to schedule a cricket match!"

Pajjy: "there was always rain knocking around the radar, i'm sure McCullum and Taylor were aware of that. Shane Shillingford has turned the course of the game with a spell every bit as vital as Bravo's innings. Fair play to windies, i can only pray this can inspire England to do doing something similar."

David: "It's nothing short of amazing how this has turned out. As a WI fan I think NZ deserve to win but they ran they allowed WI a sniff of the food and they ransacked the pot."

4.52pm It's still hammering down in Dunedin.. Still over an hour to go before we know where this match is headed

Grant: "Sitting on the hill above the match, more rain in nor'west direction. Food for thought: NZ management could have seen this rain coming in from the MetService rain radar more than an hour off."

Riddymon: "If this actually ends in a draw..Christmas miracles do exist! From the beating the follow on, to the 110 run lead, Sammy getting 88 with a busted hamstring, the 4 wickets and the rain coming just when New Zealand started getting settled. Nothing short of amazing.."

Pete: "If it makes you feel any better its tipping it down in Barbados right now..."

sathish2888: "Mother nature is willing all of us to have a look at Johnson's thunderbolts.."

Austen: "Still really hopeful that play may resume but if it doesn't then all credit to the West Indies for hanging in there even after they were being comprehensively beaten."

4.35pm The latest from the ground is that it has taken a turn for the worst. Covers are still on and the likelihood of play resuming anytime soon looks slim

colin limmer: "i am in the groung guys good news is rain stop here now but its still cloudy its all depend on ground guys now how quick they dry ground and nz have to get those 33 run real quick before its rain starts again"

Karthik: "WI will be on cloud 9 if the match doesn't start. All credits to Bravo . Without him WI would have lost by an innings."

Paul Jennings: "I am hearing The Temptations in the Background.. Oh I wish that it would rain!!"

zaman: "NZ were too defensive after early loss of couple of wickets. Looking at the whole game how one would assess black caps after their recent BD tour ?? Are the fan reassured with NZ performance or they have to wait ?"

4.15pm Technically play will not be called off till 6pm local time. We are still an hour and 45 minutes away from that mark. Hopefully the weather improves enough before that though. The rain has almost stopped and there is now some movement from the ground staff. Keep your fingers crossed.

Andrew G: "Terrible captaincy enforcing the follow on with tired bowlers and the best batting conditions. A quick 150 and WI would have lost this test probably by the end of the 4th day."

Chris: "What's cut off time? 6pm NZT? or is light also getting worst?"

Randy: "Mwhahahahaha My rain dance seems to be paying dividends!"

Troy: "Coming down heavier now, heaviest it's been. I'm really disappointed I didn't back the draw at $60 this morning."

Basil: "May be it's WIndies' bad luck that rain arrived. They have only six wickets to get."

Sathya : "New Zealand have no right to blame the weather... if they had taken theyre chances and batted better in the second innings, theyd have won this easily. Thats the beauty of test cricket... you have to win inside 5 days no matter what... not 50 overs, not 4 innings, 5 days"

Lemuel: "Couple of km from the ground. Rain settling in heavier than before."

Anil Katwal: "Looking for Asian countries #Japan #SouthKorea and their strong bid to the trophy."

Andy: "Speaking of England. Mitchel Johnson is once again giving the English batsmen nightmares in Adelaide."

3.57pm I'm afraid I don't have any good news for you guys as Andrew has just messaged saying the rain has grown heavier over Dunedin..

Neil: "Weather looks to be closing in here on the hill. If they get back out on the field NZ better get those runs QUICK!"

Liam Loftus: "I really see my beloved England getting through that group."

Suresh: "I think a weather/light enforced "decision" is another way that cricket is unique among all sports. Think of it as another sideline, end line, or race against time. However, THE UNIQUE quality I love is that I don't think there's another sport where it's 2 (batsmen) v/s 11 opponents. Am I wrong?"

Troy: "I'm looking forward to seeing England exit during the group stage. They are in a horrible group."

Nakul Bagewadi: "2014 FIFA WC: So long England fans, all getting their hopes high from the qualifying round 'heroics'!"

Fatir Naeem: "Can't wait to watch Netherland's go against Spain,a payback to the 2010 Final. I believe Brazil is in the easiest group.!"

Avinash Singh: "I cant wait for England VS Italy and defending champs Spain to take on Netherlands aka Van Persie!"

3.50pm Our roving reporter, Andrew McGlashan, says the rain has become much lighter, but no visible movement from the groundstaff just yet

Anyone get a chance to take in the FIFA World Cup Draw? Group G looks particularly dangerous. What match-ups are you looking forward to seeing next year in Brazil?

Dave: "Metservice says rain for the next six hours. Southland rain radar shows more rain coming from the northwest, but Metservice reckon wind will shift to the east any time now."

Phil: "Rain has been easing and has finally stopped out South Dunedin. Let's hope it clears quickly over the rest of the city."

LEKHRAJ MERANI: "It is invariably absolutely amazing that CRICKET is the one and only sport spoiled or negated by rain. if it rains in tennis...another day is added until there is a winner, same with football(soccer), golf, hockey has overtime as does basketball. why not cricket?"

Dave: "Fun on Statsguru... Only 4 players have ever scored more than 217 and been on the losing side: two of them were Brian Lara. No team has ever scored more than 600 and still lost: in a timeless Test in 1894, Australia got 586 in their first innings and lost to England on the 6th day, while fourth on the list is Bangladesh's 556 in their loss to the West Indies in Dhaka last year."

Stewart Patrick: "Maybe the rain threat explains the rash shots from Rutherford & McCullum?"

Neil: "I'm up on the hill in Brockville and it's sunny, looks to be clearing over Wakari too."

Kyle: "I'm about 2km from the cricket and I think the rain might stop in the next half hour - looking better than it did 20 minutes ago. Some white cloud rather than grey cloud showing. Bad planning by NZ to let the rain catch them. McCullum lives here, he should have been able to tell that it was coming in - Anderson should have been told to hit out."

Chris: "Rain easing up, here in North East Valley, bout 2k from Oval"

3.35pm The rain is still falling in Dunedin. In fact, it looks heavier than before. The crowd have headed for cover, but no one has left the ground as of yet, so that's promising

Troy: "I'm sitting at home in Dunedin and I'm quite concerned at just how steady this drizzle looks. It's clearer down south but I can't see how that's going to get here. This would be a huge disappointment if this test is decided by Dunedin's weather - again."

Anyone else near the ground or in Dunedin? Would love to hear what is the latest in terms of the weather and the possibility of further play

Greg: "If the weather turns this into a draw NZ only has itself to blame. They should have won with an innings to spare, and if not then they should have only had 50-odd runs to get, rather than over 100 runs. Congrats to Bravo of course, NZ had no response to him."

James: "Sky has lightened considerably out here at St. Clair, about 5km to the south of the University Oval, with some blue peeping through. Good signs for play resuming in the not too distant future."

3.30pm Tea is over but the rain has not gone away. It looks to have got heavier now and so it's a matter of waiting on Mother Nature

and with that Tea has been called five minutes early on account of the persistent rain. The covers have come on and the ground staff are out in force. The cloud is just sitting on top of the ground, with no discernible win

Shilling to Taylor, no run

Taylor able to negotiate the final ball, and with the rain still pouring the covers are now coming out

Shilling to Taylor, no run

almost gets an outside edge as Taylor is again rooted to the crease, with the ball hurrying past the outside edge

Shilling to Taylor, no run

Taylor content to watch this one under his eyes as he defends

Shilling to Taylor, no run

Taylor defends this one carefully to the off side

Shilling to Taylor, no run

Taylor once again solid in defence to Shillingford

Shilling to Taylor, no run

Taylor defends this one off the back foot and close to his body

end of over 291 run
NZ: 79/4CRR: 2.72 
Corey Anderson20 (43)
Ross Taylor16 (55)
Tino Best 8-1-26-0
Shane Shillingford 14-4-26-4

Kyle: "NZ need to get after this. Rain has started to fall. They could knock this off in three overs if they go for it."

Best to Anderson, no run

Anderson looks for the pull through midwicket, but instead hits it straight to mid-on

It's starting to come down slightly. Hopefully it's a passing shower

Best to Taylor, 1 run

fuller one from Best which Taylor is able to clip off his pads for a single

Best to Taylor, no run

short delivery on off, Taylor stands tall and fends it to the leg-side

zaman: "NZ needed one partnership to win this game and now they got it . Good luck to WI , good effort and good come back !!"

Best to Taylor, no run

short one from Best which stays relatively low as Taylor looked to work this away to the leg side

Best to Taylor, no run

slanting in from back of a length as Taylor gets behind the line comfortably

Best to Taylor, no run

punches this back of a length ball to the covers

The fiery Tino Best has been brought back on by the West Indian captain