Final (D/N), Bridgetown, Jun 26 2016, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
(45.4/50 ov, target 271)212
Australia won by 58 runs
player of the match

So a journey that started on June 3, ends three and a half weeks later. Hope you've enjoyed our ball-by-ball coverage. Plenty of cricket coming up in the Caribbean. The CPL kicks off on June 29. West Indies then host India for four Tests starting July 21. Until next time, it's goodbye from all of us here. Cheers!

8.40pm Justin Langer is a visibly delighted man. His first tournament as coach ends in victory. West Indies' dream run ends, but to be fair, they ran into a ruthless Australian bowling attack. Mitch Marsh did the damage upfront in an excellent opening burst full of variations, while Josh Hazlewood came into his own at the end. West Indies needed meaningful partnerships, but there was none. A case of stage fright perhaps? Marlon Samuels was the key, but once he fell early, the innings was on catch-up mode. Denesh Ramdin hung in there, but Kieron Pollard and Carlos Brathwaite's inability to kick on meant the chase fell flat despite spurts of aggression. That Australia got to where they did was courtesy Matthew Wade, who helped them recover from 173 for 6.

Steven Smith: Very satisfying, we scraped incredibly well. We were in trouble at one point, but Matthew Wade and the tail gave us 270, which allowed the bowlers to hit good areas and create chances. At 173 for 6, I thought we could pull off something like we did. I don't think we played our best cricket in this tournament, so we still have some work to do to get where we want to be. Justin has been outstanding on this trip, he has done a great job with Western Australia. It was nice to have a different voice around. Barbados is a great part of the world, it's been a great way to end the trip. I'm just delighted to get over the line.

Jason Holder: I felt we conceded 20-30 too many. We lost Shannon Gabriel as well, his overs at the end were crucial. With the bat, we fell away and didn't recover after a decent start. The wickets of Smith and Maxwell changed the game; credit to Shannon. lot of them didn't expect us to get this far, so credit to the group. Improvement is the name of the game. We need to keep building ahead and move ahead in the rankings. Among the positives, we got two hundreds from Samuels and Bravo, Pollard coming back in, not just with bat or ball but in the dressing room, was a huge influence. So yes, it's been good for us. We've got two-three weeks before the first Test against India, so there's time to recover.

Josh Hazlewood is the Player of the Series for his tally of 11 wickets. "We've all got our own role. The bowling group at the moment is working well together. The surface got slower, the way Zampa came in and got the wicket of Pollard, credit to him. I keep it simple, run in and keep it at length. I don't try and complicate it too much. It's as simple as that.

Mitchell Marsh is the Player of the Match for his allround performance. "Every series you play for your country is something you cherish. It's important to contribute, so yes, it's great to get a series win. I hadn't taken a wicket all series, so it was nice to knock over a few tonight. Also, I'm enjoying batting higher up in the order. Cross-seam deliveries were stopping on the batsmen a little, so that was the plan. West Indies had a great series, so wickets upfront was key for us. Happy to have got those."

CricSBS: "So indeed that Wade reprieve comes back to haunt WI. However, take nothing away from the WI for this series. They've been competitive from the first match to this point even though no one gave them a chance. Hopefully this transitions to their performance in Test cricket. "

Ananthasubraman: "This has been an extremely rewarding series for Australia. Each of Mitchell Marsh, Josh Hazlewood and Adam Zampa have grown in stature. This series will be remembered for the trio as much as it would for the progress West Indies have made. Who would have given them a chance to beat two top ODI teams consistently? "

Hazlewood to Benn, OUT

has he made clean connection? For most parts, it was six, until Glenn Maxwell leapt high, kept his eyes on the ball and then pulled off a stunner while he was air borne. All along, he was mindful of the ropes behind him as he timed his jump to perfection. Five wickets for Hazlewood, Australia are winners of the tri-series

Sulieman Benn c Maxwell b Hazlewood 2 (11m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Hazlewood to Gabriel, 1 run

swings across the line, Gabriel gets an inside edge towards deep midwicket

Can he get a five-for?

Hazlewood to Narine, OUT

he's picked the bones out of that, but couldn't have picked out the man better. Steven Smith at the edge of the circle at cover had a thunderbolt coming his way, but he held on to it. Narine cleared his front leg to clatter that, but to no avail. Australia one wicket away from the cup!

Sunil Narine c Smith b Hazlewood 23 (19m 18b 4x4 0x6) SR: 127.77
Hazlewood to Benn, 1 run

gets a thick inside edge to mid-on, they scamper through for a single

end of over 4510 runs
WI: 210/8CRR: 4.66 RRR: 12.20 • Need 61 runs from 30b
Sunil Narine23 (17)
Sulieman Benn1 (1)
Mitchell Starc8-0-32-0
Josh Hazlewood9-1-48-3

Shashank to apply the finishing touches...

Starc to Narine, no run

full and straight, Narine hangs back and flicks to midwicket

Starc to Narine, FOUR runs

Starc hunts for another yorker, this is hurled on the leg stump, tickled fine past the diving Wade for four

Starc to Narine, no run

back of a length and holds its line outside off, 146ks, left alone again

Starc to Narine, no run

Narine takes a trip outside leg, Starc fires it full and outside off. Narine can't reach out. Leaves it alone

Starc to Narine, FOUR runs

inswinging yorker on middle, Narine pushes and sends an inside edge to the long leg boundary

Starc to Narine, 2 runs

Narine stands tall to meet this short ball outside off, punched to deep cover

end of over 447 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 200/8CRR: 4.54 RRR: 11.83 • Need 71 runs from 36b
Sunil Narine13 (11)
Sulieman Benn1 (1)
Josh Hazlewood9-1-48-3
Mitchell Marsh10-1-32-3
Hazlewood to Narine, 1 run

Hazlewood can't cling onto the return catch! Good length on middle, Narine, having stepped outside leg, drills it back to the bowler. Hazlewood stuck his right hand out, but could only tip it over to long-off

shuraim: "Marsh conceded 32 but also scorec the same amount of runs with bat and top that got 3 wickets as a bonus. Great allround performance."

Hazlewood to Narine, FOUR runs

Narine connects with the leg-side slog. Full on middle, swiped over midwicket

Hazlewood to Benn, 1 run

full on middle, Hazlewood draws an outside edge, wanders away to third man

Benn joins his spin partner Narine

Hazlewood to Ramdin, OUT

The middle stump is tilted back. Hazlewood hastening WI's slide. Good length on middle, Ramdin backs away outside leg and does not touch it. Timbaaaah! He couldn't connect with a leg-side slog

Denesh Ramdin b Hazlewood 40 (115m 67b 2x4 1x6) SR: 59.7
Hazlewood to Narine, 1 run

back of a length on middle, Narine slogs and ekes out an inside edge, which ricochets off the pad to Wade

Hazlewood to Narine, no run

short and outside off, left alone

end of over 436 runs
WI: 193/7CRR: 4.48 RRR: 11.14 • Need 78 runs from 42b
Denesh Ramdin40 (66)
Sunil Narine7 (7)
Mitchell Marsh10-1-32-3
Josh Hazlewood8-1-41-2
Marsh to Ramdin, no run

Marsh shortens his length as Ramdin dances out. Flat-batted back to the bowler

Marsh to Narine, 1 run

Narine leans back and slashes this short ball through the covers

Marsh to Narine, FOUR runs

offbreak from Marsh, Narine comes down the track and slices over extra cover, beats long-off running to his right. Narine has come out swinging

Marsh to Narine, no run

Narine opens the bat-face and steers it to point

Marsh to Narine, no run

back of a length and angled in from round the stumps, hit back to the bowler. Marsh got his hands to it, but the ball did not roll back onto the stumps. Ramdin had backed up a fair bit

Marsh to Ramdin, 1 run

short on off, Ramdin gets on top of the bounce and pulls to deep midwicket