1st Test (D/N), Birmingham, August 17 - 19, 2017, West Indies tour of England
(f/o) 168 & 137

England won by an innings and 209 runs

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England win by an innings and 209 runs, that's crushing in any language. Not quite West Indies' worst, though. Job done for England and in very fine style, set up by the double hundred from Alastair Cook and century for Joe Root. Then the bowlers basically had to put the ball in roughly the right area and it was enough to blow West Indies away twice - 19 wickets fell today, the first time West Indies have lost that many in a day. First time England have won three Tests in a row since the India series in 2014. Can West Indies stop it becoming five in a row? I will bring you the presentations shortly.

Jason Holder "It's very disappointing, we were totally outplayed and didn't show any fight. We've just got to believe, we need to use the days off wisely. It's not impossible, we can't drop our heads. The series isn't lost. I felt we were in the game in the first session but Cook and Root put on a great partnership. I was pleased for Jermaine, the way he played was positive and we want to encourage him to keep doing it. Hopefully Shannon can be ready for the next Test."

Joe Root "A very remarkable day, very pleasing. We talk about being ruthless. We held a really good length and made them play a lot. I'm sure there's plenty more in the tank for Stuart, it's a day he'll remember for a long time. He has those spells in him that can turn a game. He's very skillful. As a whole squad we are always looking to improve and it's great to see the senior guys doing that. It's been a great week, exciting and a bit different and we'll see where [day-night Tests] go in the future."

The Man of the Match goes to Alastair Cook "It's nice to turn up to a ground where your highest score is. It's all about opportunity, that South Africa series I can remember four pitches doing so much. This was a good toss to win and no matter what colour of the ball when the sun out this is a good place to bat. I went into the SA series on the back of good runs, but it didn't quite happen. You do doubt yourself but experience keeps you grounded. I felt I was moving pretty well so it's nice to cash in here. I've really enjoyed the summer so far."

Stuart Broad on passing Ian Botham. "It's very special, he's a hero of mine and gave me my Test cap. Very special to be stood by him now. They add up pretty quickly, there have been some great memories. But you remember the matches you win, not the wickets you take. It's a very special day today with the family, but it's the series wins you remember."

That just about wraps things up for this match. We'll be back on Friday for the second Test at Headingley but for now, from Andrew and Alan, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Roland-Jones to Joseph, OUT

edged to slip, and that's the win to England. In the channel outside off, excellent line, the outside edge carries low to Stokes who grabs it down to his right

Alzarri Joseph c Stokes b Roland-Jones 8 (24b 1x4 0x6 38m) SR: 33.33

Shane: "This kind of spineless display from Windies can't bring anyone any joy, even the most die-hard England supporter. I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness when I listen to Michael Holding commentating and thinking of how the Windies used to be."

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

a waft outside off stump, a couple of the slips though there was an edge

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

edged, but doesn't quite reach Anderson at fourth slip...was a full ball which he drove at, slicing across the ball

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

length ball outside off, defended to cover

Tony Fisher: "This Windies side is an utter embarrassment. We should give a test to Afghanistan instead: they couldn't be worse and at least they'd show some pride and fight."

end of over 45Wicket maiden
WI: 137/9CRR: 3.04 
Miguel Cummins0 (1b)
Alzarri Joseph8 (20b 1x4)
James Anderson 7-2-12-2
Toby Roland-Jones 6-3-18-1
Anderson to Cummins, no run

full and straight, he gets behind the line and plays to the bowler

One to go for thought it may be an outside chance of 19 wickets in a day, but still

Anderson to Roach, OUT

that does the job, full and straight. Very similar to the first-innings dismissal, Roach misses his drive and the stumps are clattered

Kemar Roach b Anderson 12 (33b 2x4 0x6 47m) SR: 36.36
Anderson to Roach, no run

tucked off his pads to square leg

Anderson to Roach, no run

a touch wider, he's across the crease plays to cover

Anderson to Roach, no run

back of a length at off stump, compactly defended towards mid-on

Anderson to Roach, no run

full outside off, driven to mid-off

Thanks Alan...wasn't sure I'd get another spell in the seat

end of over 44Maiden
WI: 137/8CRR: 3.11 
Alzarri Joseph8 (20b 1x4)
Kemar Roach12 (28b 2x4)
Toby Roland-Jones 6-3-18-1
James Anderson 6-1-12-1

Out comes the drinks trolley, West Indies have actually done okay to get this far... It's been a rollicking day for England, so here's Gnasher to finish it off. Cheerio!

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

shortish and climbing past the outside edge as Joseph prods tentatively from the crease

"OK, Alan, so what can be done to keep this 'contest' alive? Yes, we want to win, but there needs to be entertainment and some reason for people to buy tickets for days 4/5." In this Test, Frank? I don't think you'll get many takers for Sunday/Monday...

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

Roland-Jones hits a length, 81mph on off stump, turned down into the leg side

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

comes across and prods into the covers

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

TRJ bangs the ball in short, it climbs up towards the not-inconsiderable height of Joseph's helmet as he weaves out of the way

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

length outside off stump, holding its line and allowed to fly through

Roland-Jones to Joseph, no run

Joseph gets across to defend

end of over 431 run
WI: 137/8CRR: 3.18 
Kemar Roach12 (28b 2x4)
Alzarri Joseph8 (14b 1x4)
James Anderson 6-1-12-1
Toby Roland-Jones 5-2-18-1
Anderson to Roach, no run

fired in on off stump, defended doggedly from the crease

"Watching this game reminds me of my earliest cricket watching memory but can't recall exactly when it was... that time Eng-WI played and all four innings occurred in the same day... " You'll be thinking of Lord's 2000, James McAndrew. Both sides were pretty flawed then

Anderson to Roach, no run

pitched up, possibly a slower ball from Anderson, looked like a cutter as it left the hand... Roach drops his bat on it

Anderson to Roach, no run

fuller, Roach frees the arms to have a thrash, mistimes towards extra cover

Anderson to Roach, no run

good length ball, tapped down into the covers

Anderson to Joseph, 1 run

touch short and on the body, glanced behind square for a single

Anderson to Joseph, no run

on the money straight up, curling in and then away as Joseph feels for it outside off

And now James Anderson does return to the fray

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