2nd Match, Sharjah, Nov 5 2020, Women's T20 Challenge
(7.5/20 ov, target 48)49/1
Trailblazers won by 9 wickets (with 73 balls remaining)
player of the match
Sophie Ecclestone

4.10 That's that from this, the second game of the Women's T20 Challenge. It now makes Saturday's match a must-win for the defending champions the Supernovas. Thanks to this margin of victory, it won't boil down to Net Run Rate, in all likelihood. The equation would be quite simple - if the Supernovas win, they make the final at the expense of Velocity. Velocity will take time off to first recover physically, and then throw the bulk of their support behind the Trailblazers, and then hope to play the final on November 9, and exact some revenge.

For the moment, stay tuned to ESPNcricinfo for coverage of the first qualifier, which will begin shortly on our site and pages. For the moment, bidding you goodbye on behalf of Sreshth Shah and Chandan Duorah.

Sophie Ecclestone is the player of the match: "It's great to be with a great bunch of girls. When the wickets aren't turning, you just keep varying the pace and look to bowl as straight as possible. It's nice to get a few wickets. Some of the youngsters are really good. They are teaching me some Hindi and I am getting to understand their culture."

Smriti Mandhana speaks: "We were really excited. We had a quarantine period of 14 days and training for 7 days. It was a good game after all of these months. I was going to field first anyway, so I was happy with Mithalidi's decision. We wanted to have a good look at the wicket. We wanted to know the target to chase. The bowling plans were according to the batters. I just told the bowlers to keep it back of a length, at the stumps, and look to the wicket to do the rest. When I saw the teams, I thought we had a great spin attack, especially for UAE. Having a number of good spinners is a good headache to have. As a captain, I would take that anyday. It's an exciting tournament, and last year, we had some good talents who went on to play in the World Cup. Having Raja (Rajeshwari) bowling alongside someone like Sophie, and then Richa Ghosh, it will be good for Indian cricket."

"Well until you give the players enough opportunities, you can't decide if an 9 team Women's IPL should happen or not. You give them 4 days after almost 8 months of no cricket. Too harsh to judge them. Don't know about an 8 team tournament, but we should surely be having one with 4 teams with a proper league stage the coming year." --- Completely agree, Tarun. Four is a minimum, but I think we have a player pool wide enough around the world to have five or even six. The key is to giving it a proper window, so the best international players are available, which was difficult to organise this time around, obviously, given the pandemic.

Kabir : "How many 10 wickets win in the men's IPL this season? Mumbai the other day against SRH (they are favourite to lift the trophy this year too) The girls have lost by 9 wickets-- 1/3 rd of these games are one sided . I do believe women's IPL is the way forward- I would suggest 6 team, get all the international players in, 5 foreign players in each team, let our young girls rub shoulder to shoulder & blossom- just like our Jadeja's, Rahul's, Pant's, Samson "

Deandra Dottin: "I was just looking to get the runs quickly, because cricket is a funny game. For me, I have been talking to my friends back home, and watching a bit of Netflix. Probably take a dip [on the off day] and rest up for the next game."

Mithali Raj: "When you have a good wicket, when you know that your batters have been in fine form in the last innings. you want to bat first. I personally would have loved to have had a partnership going between Shafali and Danni, but in both innings we couldn't get that. Then there was a collapse in the middle. Overall, this is a match to forget. We are going to recover [tomorrow] but it's important we regroup and analyse. Two matches back-to-back without any preparation is tough, but we have to cheer the girls up. They would have felt sad about the way they batted today."

3.53pm Well, this has been slightly underwhelming, but we have harped on the fact that it was always going to be difficult for the Velocity team, having just finished their opening match last night at the same ground. On hindsight, you might think they would have been better served fielding first perhaps, but then there's no guaranteeing how their bowling would have held up with even lesser rest.

Bisht to Ghosh, SIX runs

the winning runs! Tossed up around off, and she swings this away high and long enough, just past the fielder at mid-on. And what do you know...Sophie Ecclestone's prophecy of hoping that her team wins this in eight overs comes true, in fact, with a ball to spare!

Tulasi Gogineni: "Did RCB get bowled to a similar score against KKR. No one said mens IPL is ready for 8 team tournament. It's unfair to criticise based on one off-day."

Bisht to Ghosh, no run

hits this hard, but straight back at Bisht

Bisht to Ghosh, 1 wide

tossed up, Ghosh goes looking for the sweep, but this passes past her pads. A touch harsh to call that a wide, I reckon

Bisht to Ghosh, no run

length, driven to cover

Bisht to Dottin, 1 run

goes for another big slog, and gets it off the outside edge. It floats high, but lands well short of long-on

Bisht to Dottin, FOUR runs

flighted around off, and she slog sweeps this to perfection. Plenty of power, and beats the fielder

end of over 79 runs
TBZER: 37/1CRR: 5.28 RRR: 0.85 • Need 11 runs from 78b
Richa Ghosh7 (7)
Deandra Dottin24 (26)
Sushree Dibyadarshini1-0-9-0
Ekta Bisht1-0-7-0

Just 11 to win now

Pradhan to Ghosh, FOUR runs

that's a great shot! Sushree getting a little predictable with her length, and that allows Ghosh to get down on one knee, and then pick the line from middle and leg, and swing it away towards the vacant backward square leg fence

Pradhan to Dottin, 1 run

Dottin clears her front leg, and plays this in the air towards mid-wicket. On the bounce towards the sweeper

Pradhan to Ghosh, 1 run

floated wider of off, and she would probably have gotten a wide for this. Ghosh goes chasing it, gets an inside edge and it runs away towards short third man

Pradhan to Ghosh, no run

similar ball, same result. Ghosh punches straight to cover

Pradhan to Ghosh, no run

flighted outside off, driven to cover

Pradhan to Dottin, 3 runs

short, wide, and she goes back to punch this wide of cover. Three fielders go chasing after it, and it is pulled back in time to save one. Excellent running between the wickets, though