1st T20I (N), East London, Oct 9 2018, Zimbabwe tour of South Africa
(17.2/20 ov, target 161)126
South Africa won by 34 runs
player of the match
Imran Tahir
South Africa

9.14pm Whew, one way or the other, that turned out to be entertaining. After SA seemed to be coasting along, thanks to a five-for from Tahir, who ran circles around the ground after each wicket as much as he ran circles around the Zimbabwe batsmen. And then, boom, a manic partnership that came out of nowhere, courtesy some smart, brutal hitting from PJ Moor and young Brandon Mavuta, who was also a hero with the ball. And after all that, Zimbabwe are still without a win on this tour. They have come close on more than one occasion now. Surely, they got to seize it at some point. Or one hopes.

Azweer: "Zimbabwe needs contribution from everyone to beat a very good team Like SA. Better play well next match. A win will get back the confidence. You have to work hard for that.."

Anubhav: "But I have concern for SA too....legacy of Kallis, Pollock,klusner, Donald decling too..can't see any player having decent capability..after AB retirement,I don't think they have any chance in WC'19.."

"I thought the total was just about par," says Hamilton Masakadza. "Definitely the bowlers have continued to do some good work. Batting is something we definitely need to work on. Losing three in the first six was always something difficult to bounce back from."

Imran Tahir's figures are the second best by a South African in T20 internationals. And he also goes past Dale Steyn as his country's leading wicket-taker in the format. For all that, he's Man of the Match.

"I'm really pleased. I don't take things for granted," he says. "Every opportunity I get to play for South Africa is an honour, just pleased to have been able to come out well. I practice mostly with the new ball to see if I can get more accurate if I get to bowl with the new ball. I'm a big believer that it's never too late to learn."

"The wicket got a bit slower, so we were thinking 155," says Faf du Plessis. "And there was a bit of dew, so the ball doesn't grip as much as in the first innings. Russie (van der Russen) batted really well, nice to have David bat well, and me too, obviously. He's got a knack for taking wickets. He sees the value of taking wickets upfront, like today when he got three in the first six. We didn't expect it to be this dewy. The wristspinners face a huge challenge, and it wasn't easy for the seamers as well. But you want your young bowlers to experience a challenge, and Ngidi came back brilliantly in the 16th over. We always knew during that partnership that one wicket was all we needed."

Right then, that concludes the presentations, and our coverage of this game. Hope you had fun. Do drop by for the second T20I on October 12. Until then, goodbye from myself and Sreshth.

Phehlukwayo to Moor, OUT

caught at long-off. For once, a mishit from PJ Moor, and South Africa aren't in the mood to look a gift horse in the mouth. Moor shovels this length ball, chips it off the outside of the bat, and Jonker holds onto the chance

Peter Moor c Jonker b Phehlukwayo 44 (46m 21b 1x4 5x6) SR: 209.52
Phehlukwayo to Moor, no run

full, gets underneath a flashing bat outside off

end of over 173 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 126/9CRR: 7.41 • RRR: 11.67 • Need 35 runs from 18b
Chris Mpofu0 (2)
Peter Moor44 (19)
Lungi Ngidi3-0-7-1
Junior Dala3-0-25-2
Ngidi to Mpofu, no run

yorker, dug out to third man with an open face and refuses the single so Moor can have the strike. Tahir clumsily lets it go and just about manages to pull it back

Ngidi to Mpofu, no run

short ball, a leave outside off amidst all that has happened

Ngidi to Jarvis, OUT

and there goes the ninth. SA closing in. Ngidi with a pacy short of a length ball that follows the batsman backing away, hits the pad and deflects onto the stumps

Kyle Jarvis b Ngidi 0 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Ngidi to Moor, 1 run

slower length ball outside off, mistimed slap to mid-off

Azweer: "@Anubhav: Am happy that they performed.. hope to see a win , at least one in this series"

Ngidi to Jarvis, 1 leg bye

angles a short one that strikes the helmet grille of a ducking Jarvis and runs away towards third man

Ish: "Whatever the result..Mavuta is one for the future for Zimbabwe!!!

Ngidi to Jarvis, no run

back of a length, opens up for a cut but doesn't find enough room and misses

Richie: "Now Zimbabwe can afford to see off Tahir and still have a crack at it! "

Ngidi to Jarvis, 1 wide

a 138kmph dart down the leg side

Jeetu: "Woah...what just happened"

Anubhav: "@Azweer. They took u very seriously :).."

end of over 1618 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 123/8CRR: 7.68 • RRR: 9.50 • Need 38 runs from 24b
Peter Moor43 (18)
Junior Dala3-0-25-2
Tabraiz Shamsi4-0-43-0
Dala to Mavuta, OUT

after all the great hitting, he's picked the worst possible ball to get out. A dud of a full toss, well outside off, deserving anything but a wicket, opens up and carves it away off the outside of the bat into the hands of third man. Oh the irony!

Brandon Mavuta c Ngidi b Dala 28 (15m 14b 2x4 2x6) SR: 200

Azweer: "That was a quick response...!!"

Dala to Mavuta, 2 runs

doesn't get hold of a pull that drops short of deep square leg and they sprint back for the second

Dala to Mavuta, SIX runs

wristy six over deep square leg. Length ball on the pads, just flicks it off them, more of a help-along with the angle. This is smart AND brutal batting

Dala to Mavuta, 2 runs

swipes across the line from outside off and sends an inside edge rolling to deep backward square leg

Dala to Mavuta, FOUR runs

now he bowls the only thing worse than wide outside off - short and down the leg side - and it's helped along to fine leg

Dala to Mavuta, FOUR runs

some more tripe being doled out at the other end. Short and wide, slapped hard through extra cover

end of over 1525 runs
ZIM: 105/7CRR: 7.00 • RRR: 11.20 • Need 56 runs from 30b
Peter Moor43 (18)
Brandon Mavuta10 (8)
Tabraiz Shamsi4-0-43-0
Imran Tahir4-0-23-5
Shamsi to Moor, SIX runs

that's probably the biggest of the lot. Way too much width offered up outside off and pitched right up for him to be able to get down and shovel it over deep midwicket with another huge slog. 80 for 7 at the start of the over, and somehow we've had four sixes by the end of it

Shamsi to Moor, SIX runs

Shamsi's had a terrible last couple of outings. Extends today and into another short ball that's pulled over deep midwicket

Shamsi to Moor, SIX runs

this one's even bigger. Overcompensates and pitches it up but well within the swinging arc of the batsman. Big slog sweep over cow corner

Shamsi to Moor, SIX runs

muscled out of here. Hops back to a slightly short one and sends it soaring over deep midwicket

Shamsi to Mavuta, 1 run

back of a length, waits and pulls to deep backward square leg

Shamsi to Mavuta, no run

slider, pushed across, reverse sweep attempted and missed

Azweer: "So bad to see the state of Zimbabwe Team... Those days with superstars like Andy & Grant Flower, Alister Campbell, Marillier at the end & so on... will Zimbabwe show any improvement or gonna Decline more..!!"