2nd ODI (D/N), Bloemfontein, Oct 3 2018, Zimbabwe tour of South Africa
(24/50 ov, target 199)78
South Africa won by 120 runs
player of the match
Dale Steyn
South Africa
end of over 24Wicket maiden
ZIM: 78/10CRR: 3.25 • RRR: 4.65 • Need 121 runs from 26 overs
Donald Tiripano12 (16)
Imran Tahir6-1-24-6
Dale Steyn6-0-19-2

7:53pm And that is all from us. Thanks for joining.

Duminy: Pitch certainly wasn't ideal. It's not the pitch we've come to know here. But from the position we were in to get 198 was good, seeing Dale apply himself the way he did. If you look at the surfaces we've had, it's been tough for the batsmen to grab the opportunities. But again, it's a chance to play for the national team and there's one more chance. It's really good signs for us, the way the bowlers are doing heading into this summer. We're hoping that the wicket in Paarl where quite a few runs will be scored and good opportunities will be presented and hopefully the guys will take them.

Steyn: Any time it's quite difficult and the wicket was quite tough. But the opening bowlers bowled out and myself and Andi batted it out in five-over spells. The thing is I've been playing cricket, which is nice. In the past I've come into series' from the winter, but I've been playing recently and I feel cricket fit. There was a nice breeze behind me, there was pace in the wicket. The wicket was a little up and down and there is always help. Tough for the batters. I thought Zimbabwe bowled really well.

Dale Steyn is the Man of the Match.

Masakadza: We controlled such a large part of the first half that it's disappointing how it went in the end. The guys bowled really well up front, but we just couldn't close it off. Definitely need more application with the bat. We lost a couple when it was going up and down and then it eased out. Disappointing that we lost so many wickets to spin on a pitch like this. We always felt we were in the game, chasing 200, plenty of experience. We just needed a couple of partnerships.

7:35pm That is also the series for South Africa. Wow, what a day it has been. Zimbabwe had their best chance to get one over South Africa today. They had them on the mat at 101 for 7, allowed a comeback, and even after all that, needed a very gettable score. As it turned out, even if South Africa had stopped their innings at 7-down, they would have won extremely comfortably. Dale Steyn owned most of this match - a 60 and then two early wickets. Ngidi got a few to bounce up nastily off the pitch and immediately Zimbabwe's batsmen looked anxious. That was where the crack was made, and Tahir turned it into a full blown gash. Ripped through the lower-middle order. Properly. A hat-trick and a six-wicket haul. What could have been an exciting chase has finished in 24 overs.

Tahir to Chatara, OUT

picks the one fielder out on the leg side! It's a slider dropped short on middle stump. He gets good bat on this but he manages to hit this short-arm pull straight to deep midwicket. That is six for Tahir and a 120-run win for South Africa.

Tendai Chatara c Steyn b Imran Tahir 3 (16m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 27.27
Tahir to Chatara, no run

googly at a length outside off, blocked on the front foot

Tahir to Chatara, no run

length ball outside off, past the outside edge as he looks to defend

Tahir to Chatara, no run

length on off stump, blocked on the front foot

Tahir to Chatara, no run

googly, looped up at a length outside off. Jumps up at his body as he looks to block on the front foot

Tahir to Chatara, no run

length ball on off stump, blocked on the front foot

end of over 233 runs
ZIM: 78/9CRR: 3.39 • RRR: 4.48 • Need 121 runs from 27 overs
Donald Tiripano12 (16)
Tendai Chatara3 (5)
Dale Steyn6-0-19-2
Imran Tahir5-0-24-5
Steyn to Tiripano, no run

short of a length on leg stump, defended off the back foot

Steyn to Tiripano, no run

length on middle stump, defended into the leg side

Two slips, two gullies. Short leg.

Steyn to Chatara, 1 run

gets away from strike! Length ball on leg stump, backs away and stabs it through midwicket

Steyn to Chatara, no run

wants to run again but this time Steyn is at the ball and doesn't let him. Length ball on off stump, tries to drop it into the covers

Steyn to Tiripano, 1 run

short ball on leg stump, lifts up at him as he tries to get out of the way. Pings off the elbow guard and clears the wicketkeeper

Steyn to Chatara, 1 run

runs the hell away from strike. Chatara backs away and jabs a length ball into the off side. Says yes and looks one way.

Here is Dale Steyn. Two slips a gully and short leg in place.