South Africa's national men's team will need to field a minimum average of six players of colour, of which at least two must be black African, in their XI effective immediately, in order to meet their transformation targets. The instruction was confirmed by CSA's board at their AGM on Saturday and follows confirmation in July that all national teams will be obliged to meet targets as part of what CSA has termed a drive to transform "aggressively," and "make cricket a truly national sport accessible to all."

The targets will not be imposed on the XI in every match they play but calculated on an average basis over the season. That means that South Africa's selectors will not be strictly bound to that combination all the time, but if there are some matches where they do not meet the targets, they will have to compensate in other games.

"With the targets being measured over the full season and being cumulative across all three formats, our selectors and team management will have the flexibility to deal with varying circumstances," CSA president Chris Nenzani said. "This shows very clearly that the targets are very attainable and sustainable and we will maintain the world-class standards that our players regularly produce."

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