England's fielding masterclass

Colin de Grandhomme fails to make his ground after a needless second run Getty Images

England put in an outstanding fielding display during the first half of the second ODI at Mount Maunganui. David Willey started it, Jason Roy grabbed two excellent catches and four run-outs equalled England's most in an innings. Here are the highlights

Mark Chapman: c Willey b Woakes

Woakes to Chapman, OUT, Willey runs back from midwicket and takes it with a slide on his knees. Chapman late on yet another shot against Woakes, but this time he'll pay because he's trapped on a middle stump line, trying to pull. Back of a length ball, with some extra climb again and he's caught halfway in his swivel as he goes for the shot. It's good work from the fielder, who had to go about ten yards back and to his right before reaching out and completing it

Ross Taylor: run out (Willey/Buttler)

Rashid to Taylor, OUT, it looks like Willey has pulled off another sensational piece of fielding. Taylor won't wait for the third umpire's decision on this run out. This is epic stuff from Willey at backward point. Rashid drops short and Taylor slaps it. It's a release shot after a long time and this probably leads to him instinctively take off for a run. But Willey has leapt to his right to stop this with one hand, close to the ground. He's then chucked it back in with force after swivelling to switch to his stronger hand and it's close enough to the stumps that Buttler won't have difficulty whipping the bails off. Guptill sends Taylor back, and Taylor's dive can't get him anywhere close

Martin Guptill: c Roy b Moeen

Ali to Guptill, OUT, uh oh. Guptill picks out deep midwicket. Another terrific play by England in the field. Roy makes it look so easy, that's one of the harder catches in international cricket. Some flight from Moeen, and Guptill accepts the invitation to sweep fiercely. He hasn't quite got it. There is plenty of bat behind the stroke, but not enough timing or elevation. The ball flies flat and low to Roy, who gets his hands in position early and takes a really good catch.

Henry Nicholls: c Roy b Stokes

Stokes to Nicholls, OUT, 130 kph, another sensational catch! England are on fire. To be fair, that was a terrible delivery, short, wide and asking to be hit. Nicholls cuts, but doesn't keep the ball down. It flies flat and quick, like the Guptill catch, to Roy's right at backward point. His eyes are on the ball right through, he extends his hands with a reverse cup and takes it with both hands. Another very hard catch made to look incredibly easy. Stunning work from England this afternoon.

Colin de Grandhomme: run out (Bairstow/Buttler)

Woakes to de Grandhomme, 1 run, OUT, full on leg stump again, same shot again. But this time Bairstow at deep square has fired a flat throw in after getting there marginally quicker. CDG is struggling. It's been sent upstairs. It's out. A yard short. England have been good, but it won't be unfair to question the wisdom of going back for the second this time. It was much more in front of square and towards the fielder in comparison to the last ball. A good innings from CDG ends tamely

Tim Southee: run out (Stokes/Buttler)

Ali to Santner, OUT, well, what do I know. Southee's gone. Full and drifted in at leg stump. Santner flicks to Stokes' right at midwicket. He fumbles. Santner is waiting to make a call and has taken a few steps down. Southee, however, is craning his neck and is twisted awkwardly trying to look at the ball. When Santner does make the call to go for the run, Southee isn't in position to sprint. Santner makes it at the non-striker's end but Southee won't survive as Stokes fires it on the bounce to Buttler

Trent Boult: run out (Stokes/Woakes

Woakes to Santner, 1 run, OUT, length on off stump, short-arm jab into the ground, to deep midwicket's right. A one-handed pick up and throw from Stokes. Boult appears to have slid his bat in on the second run...but third umpire's replay finds him an inch short. A cruel end to his innings. A premature one for New Zealand. Fourth run out of the innings

And one that got away...

Stokes to Santner, 1 run, Roy has missed a pick up and a possible run out. The first real missed chance. Santner taps this in front of point and it's a very tight run halfway through becase Roy has already reached the ball. He can't gather on the first attempt though