ICC Global Awards - East Asia - Pacific's Indonesia & Samoa among the big winners

The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced the Global Award winners of its 2002 Development Program Awards and the East Asia - Pacific Region, supported by Test nations Australia & New Zealand, secured two of the seven categories up for grabs.

The winners are as follows:

"Best Run National Body" - Argentina
"Best Overall Cricket Development Program" - Samoa English Cricket Association (from East Asia - Pacific Region)
"Best Junior Development Initiative" - Indonesian Cricket Foundation (from East Asia - Pacific Region)
"Best Women's Cricket Initiative" - Ireland
"Best Cricket Promotional Program" - Nigeria
"Flicx Community Development Award" - Israel
"Volunteer of the Year" - Leona Ford, Cuba

ICC Global Development Manager, Andrew Eade, said "The inaugural awards initiative is an important step in increasing the awareness of cricket around the world and highlighting the positive impact that sport makes on the lives of people from culturally diverse communities. Well done to all winners for promoting excellence in cricket development. We recognise your exceptional performance and service to the game as an integral part of the ICC Development Program."

"With your help the dream of cricket becoming a truly global game is rapidly bearing fruit," he added.


The other East Asia - Pacific (EAP) Regional winners had been previously announced as follows:

"Best Run National Body" - Vanuatu Cricket Association
"Best Women's Cricket Initiative" - Japan Cricket Association
"Best Cricket Promotional Program" Recreational Cricket Association of Japan
"Flicx Community Development Award" Vanuatu (Antonio Korikalo from Capital Primary School)

"Lifetime Service Award" - Peter Knight (Fiji Cricket Association)
"Volunteer of the Year" - Seb Kohlhase (Samoa English Cricket Association)

All Global & Regional winners have or will receive their awards, certificates & letters of appreciation out of ICC Head Office, London. Some will hold special functions of presentation.

ICC East Asia - Pacific Development Manager, Matthew Kennedy, said "Congratulations to all the Regional winners. It has been a very busy year of excellent progression for cricket development in East Asia - Pacific and many worthy nominations were received under all categories. Member countries should be very proud of what they have achieved in the past 12 months and we look forward to even bigger and better things in 2003 and beyond."

"Along with the players at all levels, volunteer cricket workers and Bodies are the life-blood of the sport and everything that we are all aiming to achieve. It is great for ICC to be able to recognise their accomplishments in this small way. Very special mention goes out to Global Award winners; Indonesia & Samoa, dual category winners; Vanuatu, Japan & Samoa/Seb Kohlhase, and the inaugural Regional Lifetime Service Award winner; Peter Knight - all wonderful achievements," he added.

Further details re all the EAP winners are as follows:

Group Awards

"Best Run National Body" - Vanuatu Cricket Association
Under the leadership of President Mark Stafford, VCA, an Affiliate member since 1995, was judged to have performed in an outstanding manner in all the key category areas of team management, financial management, event management, sponsorship acquisition, and communication with regional and head offices, as well as other member countries.

"Best Overall Cricket Development Program" - Samoa English Cricket Association
SECA's performance across the board for the past 12 months has really been amazing, especially considering they only became an Affiliate member in 2000. The areas of great achievement have included, but are not limited to; starting first-ever junior competitions, getting sponsorship for same, starting women's cricket, major practice & playing facility developments, excellent promotion (independently organised Sir Richard Hadlee visit), harnessing national Government support for a relatively unknown sport (land donations and grants), national team set-up (great use of Auckland CA partnership), volunteer effort etc., and especially staging/hosting a major tournament in the 2002 ICC Pacifica Championships with seven nations. This was the fist-ever ICC senior event held in an Associate or Affiliate member of the EAP and was the greatest achievement by anyone in the Region so far. Also Global Award winner.

"Best Junior Development Initiative" - Indonesian Cricket Foundation
In short, for the ICF to go from non-existent in 2000, to becoming an ICC member in 2001, to having gone from zero to over 3,000 new boys & girls exposed to the game (1,200 now on a regular basis), including formal competitions in both Bali & Jakarta, all being serviced by three full-time and four part-time skilled-up local employed cricketers/trainers, in 2002, is just incredible progress. Well done to all concerned, especially the first two ICF Chairmen in James Arthur & Alan Wilson. Also Global Award winner.

"Best Women's Cricket Initiative" - Japan Cricket Association
JCA, a member since 1989, is the only ICC Affiliate attending the IWCC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in the Netherlands in July 2003. They have eight senior women's teams competing in two leagues/competitions.

"Best Cricket Promotional Program" - Recreational Cricket Association of Japan
At his own initiative, Kenichiro Matsumura's RCA was established in April 2002 and has since taken cricket to over 2,500 Japanese boys & girls who had previously never heard of the game (not to mention teachers & schools in same position in many areas of the country). With support from volunteer staffs, Kenny has surrounded the program with a promotional strategy involving production of logos, use of the internet (see www.cricket.ne.jp/rca/), stickers, posters, mouse pads, badges etc.

"Flicx Community Development Award" - Vanuatu
This entry was received from 11 year old Antonio Korikalo of Capital Primary School and highlighted the excellent community development work being undertaken by Vanuatu Cricket Association Development Officer, Pierre Chilia.

Individual Awards

"Lifetime Service Award" - Peter Knight (Fiji Cricket Association)
Peter has given tireless and outstanding service at national cricket Body level as FCA Secretary for 28 years. Cricket in Fiji, an ICC Associate member since 1965, is indebted greatly to his efforts. No Global Award made in this category.

"Volunteer of the Year" - Seb Kohlhase (Samoa English Cricket Association)
In short, all that has been achieved by Samoa as "Best Overall Development Program", particularly the ICC tournament, Government support and major playing & practice facility developments (including three new grounds) were due to, firstly, the very ambitious vision/dream and, secondly, the outstanding efforts and tireless dedication of this one man, the SECA President.