You asked for a thriller and got it, arguably the most exciting World Cup final ever. It ended - or not - the only way it could have, with a drama-a-moment last over. This is how Deivarayan Muthu captured it on our ball-by-ball commentary, as one nation held its breath in the wee hours on a Monday, and the other chewed away at whatever little was left of their fingernails.

Right, it's down to England needing 15 off the last over.

49.1 Boult to Stokes, no run, yorker just outside off, jabbed to the left of extra-cover. Stokes keeps the strike as Williamson swoops down on the ball

49.2 Boult to Stokes, no run, mighty full and outside off, not quite a perfect yorker, jabbed more or less straight to Williamson at extra-cover

49.3 Boult to Stokes, SIX runs, Whacked over midwicket. Lord's raises itself to a massive roar. Boult ditches the yorker. Slower ball, full and outside off, in the slot. He drops down to one knee and smokes a slog-sweep over midwicket

49.4 Boult to Stokes, 6 runs, It's all happening at Lord's. Full-toss on middle, smeared away to deep midwicket. Guptill swoops down on the ball and sets himself up for a direct hit. It might have well been a direct hit had Stokes not inadvertently deflected it away with his lunging bat, diving forward to save himself from being run-out. The deflection ensures the ball tickles away to the boundary. It's six runs in the end. Wouldya believe it? It's ridiculous

England need 3 off 2 balls. Williamson chats with Boult, he is slowing things down

49.5 Boult to Stokes, 1 run, OUT, middle-stump yorker, Stokes backs away outside leg and stabs it down to long-off. Santner hunts down on the ball at long-off and throws it to Boult, who takes the bails off in ice-cool fashion. Stokes had to go for the second, he had to be on strike, but Rashid is caught short by a long way. Gone for a duck without facing a ball
AU Rashid run out (Santner/Boult) 0 (0b 0x4 0x6)

49.6 Boult to Stokes, 1 run, OUT, Holy Moly! It's a freaking tie. We're not done yet. We will have a Super Over to decide the winner of the 2019 World Cup. This is a full-toss on middle, Boult searches for the yorker, but can't get it right, pumped down to long-on. The fielder hares in, gathers the ball. Stokes tears back for the second, Wood dishes out a desperate full-length dive, but the throw is to the bowler's end and Wood is caught metres short.