England eyeing qualification, but three other teams in semi-final fray

England celebrate Anya Shrubsole's early breakthrough Getty Images

With four matches left in group B, four teams are still in the hunt to take the two semi-final spots. Here is what each team needs to do to qualify.


Points: 4, To play: West Indies

England's comprehensive win against Pakistan has not only lifted their points tally to four, but also improved their net run rate - which is the first tie-breaker if teams are level on points - to 2.287. That means they could have a chance to qualify even if they lose their last game, against West Indies on Sunday.

However, if they lose that game, things will become quite complicated for England, for they will depend on other results going their way. Assuming that Pakistan beat Thailand, the only way England could qualify despite losing to West Indies is if South Africa win both their remaining matches, against Pakistan and West Indies. In that case, South Africa will be on eight points, with England, Pakistan and West Indies all on four, and fighting for one spot. England's superior NRR will then come in handy.

However, England can avoid the need for all these calculations if they beat West Indies, in which case they will surely qualify.

South Africa

Points: 4, To play: Pakistan, West Indies

South Africa are the only team not to lose a match in the group so far, with wins against England and Thailand. A win against Pakistan on Sunday will surely put them in the semi-finals, as only one of England or West Indies can then move up to six points.

If they lose to Pakistan and beat West Indies, then there is a possibility of three teams - South Africa, England and Pakistan - being tied on 6 points, fighting for two slots. South Africa's NRR is currently the best in the group, but Pakistan will be eyeing a big win against Thailand to lift their rate.

If South Africa lose both remaining matches, they will have a chance of qualification only if Thailand upset Pakistan. Otherwise, Pakistan will move to six points, as will the winner of the England-West Indies match.

West Indies

Points: 4, To play: England, South Africa

If West Indies win their two remaining matches they will surely qualify, as only one other team among South Africa, England and Pakistan can make it to six points.

However, if they lose to England on Sunday, then their hopes will be hanging by a very slim thread: they will have a chance only if they beat South Africa, and if Pakistan beat South Africa and lose to Thailand. Then, England will finish on six, with South Africa, Pakistan and West Indies on four each.


Points: 2, To play: South Africa, Thailand

Pakistan will finish on six points if they win their last two matches, but they might still not be assured of qualification, as South Africa and England could also finish on six each. In that case, the two teams with the best NRRs will qualify.

A defeat against South Africa on Sunday will leave them on the brink of elimination. Their only hope then will be if South Africa beat West Indies, who in turn beat England. Then South Africa will be on eight points, with England, West Indies and Pakistan on four each (if they beat Thailand). However, given Pakistan's poor NRR, they will struggle to pip the other two teams on this aspect.