0.6 Shapoor Zadran to Kieswetter, OUT, gone, played on! Zadran's arms are outspread in celebration and Kieswetter trudges off after seeing out a wicket maiden to open the match! This one did bounce a bit, the batsman stayed back, tried to open the face and use the pace on the ball and ended up blocking down into the ground in front of the stumps, the ball flicking off the bails on its way back up

4.6 Shapoor Zadran to Wright, SIX, oh, that's gone a long way, steps out and cream-crackers an overpitched delivery over long-on, Wright's Popeye forearms doing maximum damage

15.4 Mohammad Nabi to Wright, SIX, another maximum, a full-blooded mow outside off, not the cleanest of connections but it came off the middle of the edge and flew over long-off

19.6 Dawlat Zadran to Wright, 2 runs, low full-toss, gets under it but the ball comes off the bottom part of the bat, loops out towards wide long-on but the fielder gets round, so they can only scamper two and Wright is stuck on 99 not out!

3.2 Broad to Nawroz Mangal, OUT, that's a superb catch and Mangal has to go! The ball was short, came quickly on to the bat as Mangal tried to hook, it was ungainly, went straight back towards the bowler and Broad reached to his right in his follow-through and plucked it out of the air as he tumbled to the ground