The sacrifice
Rohit Sharma continued his good work in the field when he dived at cover-point and ran David Warner out. The batsmen reacted strangely: Warner and Michael Clarke both thought there was a single available there, but Warner was more cautious and went back in his crease when he saw Rohit had stopped the ball. Clarke, though, kept strolling towards the striker's end. At this point, Warner left the crease to sacrifice his wicket. Perhaps it had to do with how well Clarke had been striking the ball until then. Warner was 18 off 24, and Clarke 26 off 20.

The tackle
In the 48th over of the Australia innings, Matthew Wade drove Vinay Kumar towards long-on. It wasn't well hit, and Vinay thought he could dive and save the single. Except he would have to dive around Dan Christian, the non-striker. He delayed the dive for a split second, but it wasn't enough and he dived into Christian's legs, tripping him. Christian, though, recovered fast enough to make the single.

The run-out
Christian was run out next ball, attempting a second. It was observed immediately that he ran the second a bit casually, and that he didn't dive for the second. Christian, though, didn't know that the throw was coming to his end. That was thanks to the street-smart MS Dhoni. Dhoni never lets on that the throw is coming in at his end. This was a good example. While running towards the stumps, even before Christian had finished his first run, Dhoni signalled to Ravindra Jadeja to throw at his end, and then came and stood casually by the stumps, looking blank. Only when the ball approached did Dhoni get into action, and by then it was too late for Christian to dive or make up ground.

The edge
In the Test at the Adelaide Oval, Virender Sehwag fell to two full tosses, both leading edges. There must be something about this track then. Today he got a terrible loosener from Clint McKay, short of a length, down the leg side, a wide if he hadn't touched it, not a slower ball, but he somehow managed to get a leading edge on it to be caught at point. We could call it the Adelaide edge.

The Clarke touch
That Clarke is going through a captaincy honeymoon has been obvious this season with how his bowling changes have brought immediate wickets. He added to that tally today with an even more startling immediacy. McKay got Sehwag with the first ball he bowled, and when Clarke brought him back in the 35th over, he struck first ball again, getting Gautam Gambhir lbw for 92.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo