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At Sydney, November 29 (day/night)

At Sydney, November 29 (day/night). Australia won by 61 runs. Toss: New Zealand. Rain between innings reduced New Zealand's quota of overs to 40, with an adjusted target of 236. Under the competition's new regulations governing interrupted games, this had been calculated on the basis of Australia's 40 highest-scoring overs. Had it been on average runs per over throughout the innings, the target would have been 216. The New Zealanders had an early setback when Border's direct hit ran out Wright, and the Australian captain was also involved in the run-out of Greatbatch. Crowe was run out by the bowler, Rackemann, as he followed through, and it took a partnership of 61 in half an hour between Rutherford and Smith to bring the evening session to life. Australia, having lost Boon in the first over, batted consistently and were soundly placed at 94 for two from 25 overs when rain reduced their innings from 50 overs to 44. Further rain prevented the last delivery being bowled.
Man of the Match: A. R. Border.