Azeem Rafiq brands positions of Yorkshire chief executive and director of cricket 'untenable'

Rafiq "uncomfortable" with Yorkshire statement on report into racism at the club

George Dobell
George Dobell
Azeem Rafiq's racism allegations sparked an investigation at Yorkshire CCC  •  Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Azeem Rafiq's racism allegations sparked an investigation at Yorkshire CCC  •  Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Azeem Rafiq has labelled the positions of Yorkshire chief executive, Mark Arthur, and the club's director of cricket, Martyn Moxon, "untenable" following the completion of a report into racism at the club.
The report was launched following Rafiq's allegations of institutional racism at Yorkshire. It concluded that "several of the allegations made by Azeem were upheld" and that he had been "historically… the victim of inappropriate behaviour".
It also found that the club had "failed to implement its policies and procedures in relation to these serious issues".
As well as extending his "sincere apology" to Rafiq, the club's chair, Roger Hutton, admitted "the club could, and should, have supported him better".
While the club offered "profound apologies" to Rafiq, he is adamant that it is actions, not just words, which are required to demonstrate Yorkshire's determination to change. To that end, he feels that all those who were in a formal meeting to discuss his concerns in August 2018 - and, he feels, did little to act upon those concerns - should now leave the club.
"I'm uncomfortable with several aspects of Yorkshire's statement," Rafiq told ESPNcricinfo. "For a start, I'd like to know which allegations have been upheld and which have not.
"Terming what went on as 'inappropriate behaviour' doesn't sit right with me, either. It was racist behaviour. They should say so.
"I'm also uncomfortable with the narrative that these are 'historic' allegations. Most of them concern people who are not just still at the club but in positions of power.
"There has to be accountability. It seems to me that, while everyone who was in that room in August 2018 remains in positions of responsibility at the club, it will be hard to take their words seriously.
"For that reason, I feel the positions of the chief executive, the director of cricket and the inclusivity and diversity manager are untenable."
Moxon, who enjoyed a long and successful career as a player at Yorkshire, had been director of cricket at the club since 2007, while Arthur has been chief executive since 2013.

George Dobell is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo