Jug Suraiya writes in the Times of India that the best way to clear up the IPL muddle is for fans to boycott the event, leading to a fall in TRPs and the money generated by the league.
Bans, in any context, are not part of the solution but only a compounding part of the problem. So who's to solve this problem? Greed is the key both to the problem and the solution. The IPL scam took place because of the humungous money involved. Who generates all that boodle? No, not the players, superb performers though they are. It's the Indian fans, more than willing to put their purse where their passion is, who've made cricket, particularly T20 and IPL, the money-spinner that it is. What would happen if these fans - if you - as a mark of protest to what is being done to the game were to switch off their TV sets, or switch channels to the news, or a soap, when a match was being played? Ratings would drop, the money would dry up. Greed would meet its comeuppance.

And on rediff.com, Sheela Bhatt deconstructs the murky goings-on in the Indian Premier League. Also check out this hilarious cartoon involving the now-defunct Indian Cricket League.

Dileep Premachandran writes in the Guardian that for most of the season the headlines were hogged by quality players like Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis and Anil Kumble but the bottom fell out of the IPL after one tweet from Lalit Modi. He wonders how long it will take to recover from the scandals of the past week.