The Indian board (BCCI) has cracked down on suspect bowling actions by instructing domestic umpires to waste no time in reporting bowlers believed to be chucking. Those whose actions are believed to be suspect have been reported and will be no-balled without a warning, the BCCI has stated.

A list of 32 bowlers with suspect actions was compiled by an advisory group, which subsequently sent the named players for rehabilitation to the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. From the list of 32, the BCCI has reported that 12 bowling actions ranged from between 0-15 degrees as accepted by the ICC, while the other 20 bent their arms at a flexion limit of more than 15 degrees. The list has been sent to match referees, umpires, coaches and affiliated regional boards across India.

"During the pre-match meeting the match referee will only convey the warning and the outcome as per action replay if any bowler from the circulated list plays and bowls with suspect action," Ratnakar Shetty, the BCCI's chief administrative officer, said. "Since the warning is already conveyed to the captain during the pre-match meetings by match referee, there is no need for an umpire to give any further warning to such bowlers on field of play.

"If the bowler with suspect action plays and if in the opinion of the umpires he bowls with suspect action they can immediately call and stop him from bowling as per the law. He should not be allowed to bowl during the match. This action should be clearly communicated by match referees to team officials."

During the first round of action in this season's Ranji Trophy season, three bowlers have had their actions under scrutiny. Two Baroda bowlers were called for chucking in two days while a day later Kulamani Parida, the veteran Railways spinner, was stopped from bowling during a game. Delhi's offspinner Yogesh Nagar was also no-balled for a suspect action on Friday.

The BCCI released a list of eleven bowlers reported for chucking during the junior and senior Twenty20 competitions, before the Ranji season. They are: Gujarat's Mohnish Parmar (whose action was subsequently cleared by the BCCI) and Amit Singh, the Under-19 Maharashtra bowler Sagar Sawant, Uttar Pradesh's Mohammad Norman, Rohan Thapa from Baroda, Delhi's Nagar, Sayed Zaki of Orissa, Punjab's Ankur Jund, Vobhor Bisen from Vidarbha, Tripura's Debabhakt Jamta and Arlen Konwar from Assam.