Don Bradman's home town of Bowral will soon boast its own International Cricket Hall of Fame (ICHOF). The ICHOF - not to be confused with the unconnected ICC Hall of Fame - will open in late 2010 and will be a fully interactive, permanent exhibition of cricket, built at the Bradman Oval.

"Bradman Oval has always been viewed as the spiritual home of cricket as it is the scene of Don Bradman's early triumphs," Michael Ball, chairman of the Bradman Foundation, said. "Now the complex will be enlarged and enhanced by a splendid new building which will house the International Cricket Hall of Fame, an interactive museum based on the international game of cricket with a focus on the greats of the game from all over the world."

The aim is to create a "living centre of cricket" that will be dedicated not only to the game's history but also to the more modern versions of the sport. The project is being financed by a federal government grant to recognise last year's centenary of Bradman's birth.

"Importantly, for all international cricketers who have represented their countries in all forms of the game, the ICHOF will honour them for their participation at the elite level," Ball said. "The ICHOF will also look at many other aspects of the game including umpiring and game technology, international media delivery, sports physiology, spectator experience, global venues, and the game's administration."