At Rawalpindi, March 5. South Africa won by 160 runs. Toss: South Africa.

South Africa completed their group programme with maximum points. Their total of 328 beat their previous best, against the Emirates 18 days earlier, by seven, while Kirsten and Hudson set a World Cup first-wicket record with a stand of 186. Hudson went on to 161 in 132 balls, with four sixes and 13 fours, and was finally caught on the boundary seeking a third straight six. Holland's best bowler, Lefebvre, had surrendered to his groin strain and their captain, the off-spinner Lubbers, shared the new ball in what he said would be his last international. The Dutch batsmen got halfway to their target; the West Indian veteran, Clarke, was their top scorer, with 32 in 46 balls, and brought up the fifty with a six off Pollock. It was the only innings in which Clarke provided a glimpse of the power that had helped Holland into the World Cup. His poor form was one reason why they were the only team to lose every match. The South Africans won all theirs, and their previous run at home to England made this their tenth successive one-day victory. Some critics, however, thought Cronje should have dropped down the order, to allow some of the later batsmen a little more time in the middle.

Man of the Match: A. C. Hudson.