Keeping the Ashes glowing

Jenny Thompson's guide to this Christmas's stocking fillers

Jenny Roesler
Jenny Thompson
If you thought that all your Christmases came at once this summer, think again. There is now a mountain of Ashes memorabilia to put under the tree

It's a good life being Freddie © Getty Images
Being Freddie - My Story So Far
£14.99 plus £3.25 p&p
Andrew Flintoff's performances in the Ashes made him one of the most popular sporting figures around. Discover the man behind the legend in his book, where you can read about the triumphs and tribulations of a career not without its obstacles. For a full review of Ashes books and DVDs click here.
Ashes Regained - the Coach's Story
£9.99 plus £3.25 p&p
Duncan Fletcher's account is one of the most revealing books to have emerged from the Ashes. Click here to order
The Ashes 2005 - The Greatest Series DVD
£17.99 plus £3.25 p&p
Couldn't believe your eyes first time? Then replay this DVD time and again. It has eight hours of action and features - but not the alternative endings Mike Kasprowicz wanted. Will keep you on the edge of your seat - or behind the sofa - yet again. For a full review of Ashes books and DVDs click here.
The Little Book of Cricket, a cricketing A to Z
If you're all Ashesed-out (how could you be?!) then, may be the antidote for you. True, it starts with A for Ashes but moves swiftly on to bat and ball and captaincy. In many respects it's perfect for the Johnny- or Jenny-come-lately to the game, but there are also some gems in there which may surprise any cricket lover.
Personalised cricket book
£39.99 plus £3.99 p&p
This personalised, hand-made book commemorates cricket history and contains news stories dating from the early part of the 20th century. www.presentsformen.com

Great catch - see what they've done there? © Getty Images
Silly gag t-shirts
£19.99 plus £2.99 p&p
There's nothing wrong with trying to pull everything, apparently. And if you're going to flash, flash hard. It's obvious punnery but therein lies the magic. There's something for the ladies, too, with slogans such as 'Tidy maiden', 'Cheeky single' and 'Fine leg(s)', Fnar fnar. Click here to order
Lime tree paperweight
£35 plus £5 p&p
Kent fans will love this paperweight which contains a section of the original lime tree at Canterbury. Limited availability, so get yours quick at www.kentccc.com.
MCC socks
£9.99 plus £3.99 p&p
Decorated with MCC's red-and-yellow stripes, these knee-length socks will keep you warm and (possibly) fashionable through the winter. Or if they don't grab you, why not get some in your own club colours? www.presentsformen.com

Freddie - tops © Top Trumps
Ashes 2005 Top Trumps
£4.99 plus £3.25p&pAll the players are represented for both teams, with a selection of the commentators thrown in - including Richie Benaud for the Aussies. Players are rated on six categories and, as ever, the skill lies in deciding which field to suggest. Click here for full review and click to buy.
England Ashes calendar
£7.99 (rrp)
Countdown to next year's Ashes by remembering this year's. The calendar features highlights from the 2005 series. Or you can get the Andrew Flintoff calendar: Freddie is everyone's pin-up now. Or if you want to see all of the glory boys, then get the team calendar. Both are available in bookstores or online at Danilo.com.
Silver cricket ball cufflinks
£53 plus £3.99 p&p
Cricket on the mind? Get cricket on the wrist as well with thse smart and stylish sterling silver cufflinks. Ideal for any cricket lover and their shirts. www.presentsformen.com
County membership
£100-£150 for adults
If someone you know adores the game, then give them a whole summer of love with a ticket to the cricket. County memberships are great value - and great fun too. See county websites.
England Test and one-day shirts
£30 plus £3.25 p&p
The Ashes - been there, won that. Now you can get the t-shirt. Or you could get the one-day version. Or both. Click to buy

Jenny Thompson is assistant editor of Cricinfo