England Played India in the First Match.

I knew team morale was going to be an issue - nearly all the England team members requested a name change - but the rules would not allow this -

India won the toss and decided to Bat First. They amassed a massive score thanks to Shar the slugger who finally succumb to a Canadian slower ball that fooled all including the batsman - actually it was a full toss - Shar's eyes light up but he swung to early, the ball hit the back of the bat and ended up in the wicket keeper hands.

But the was not the first victim of the Day - Big Jim Scallon - a likely lad from down under produced a spell that had the Indians shacking in their boots - his first wicket was a devastating delivery - started on leg - pitched on off cut back to leg - the bats changed his stoke three times only to glance the ball down the leg side - where the wicket keeper took the catch. That was the first and only wicket for big Jim - but the Indian's were worried - indeed after his five overs - the cries came to remove him from the attack - according to our one day rules - a blower can only bowl 5 overs.

The Indian Captain came on - being English the Fielder's clapped him - Syed unleashed some huge - I say huge sixes.

Mark Temple bowled some off spin - a very rare art in the Republic of Korea - as I looked round the ground I detected tears in the eyes of the old times as they remember a time long forgotten , cause at one stage it looked like England might make a come back.

England in the field could be described as England in the field.

India scored 217 runs -

England - well Mark Temple put a few balls away - but the Indian bowling was tight - the ball seemed to skid through on the South African made flix pitch -

The English captain got one that kept very low - in fact it did not bounce at all - and changed direction 3 times - before hitting the bottom of the stumps.

When Temple went for 60 odd the came could only have one conclusion - (some could say that this is a generous statement)

India won - by 100 - Well done India.

Pakistan Played Korea - match report from by good friend and Pakistan captain Nasir

Korea won the toss batted 1st, made 100/all out. Good bating by kyung s.h 18. Bad fielding by Eagles so many extras. Some good and huge boundries by Korean mates.

Good bowling by kashif 4/19, Nasir 3/12. Pakistan won 107/5. Ali good bating 28, Roni 25. Good bowling by kim 2/25. Outstanding fielding Korean team