Joyous celebrations but Martyn could've held his eagerness to lift the cup © Getty Images

Damien Martyn, the man at the centre of the controversy where he pushed BCCI chief Sharad Pawar off the podium after Australia beat West Indies to win their first Champions Trophy title, has apologised for his actions.

"I didn't mean to offend him and I apologise if I did so," Martyn told an Australian paper. "There was nothing in it other than me trying to help him out as there was a crush of people."

Martyn's actions, along with those of his captain Ricky Ponting, have drawn strong reactions from Indian officials, former and present Indian players and media who called the Aussies "rude and arrogant".

James Sutherland, Cricket Australia chief executive and Ponting were trying desperately to contact Pawar by phone in a bid to ease the tension.

The Australian board is investigating the matter further and has not ruled out reprimanding Martyn.