Niranjan Shah to plead Jadeja's case

Niranjan Shah, the IPL vice-president, has said he would plead his case with the IPL governing council

Cricinfo staff
Niranjan Shah has come out in support  •  Getty Images

Niranjan Shah has come out in support  •  Getty Images

Ravindra Jadeja, who was banned from the IPL 2010 season for allegedly trying to negotiate a contract outside of Rajasthan Royals, has received support from Niranjan Shah, the IPL vice-president. Shah, also the president of the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA), whom Jadeja represents in domestic tournaments, said he would request the IPL's governing council to consider the case.
"We are hoping that everything will be fine in the coming days and Jadeja will be able to take part in the IPL3 for his franchise," Shah was quoted as saying in the Indian Express. "We will see if his ban can be reduced to a couple of matches and not for the entire tournament."
Earlier, Jadeja had pleaded his innocence saying that he had sought prior approval from the BCCI, before deciding to negotiate with other franchises. In his letter to the BCCI, reportedly written two weeks before Saturday's ban, Jadeja said his contract with Rajasthan had expired on December 31, 2009 and that they did not give him any indications they were going to renew his contract.
"It is my understanding that my contract with Rajasthan Royals has expired and they have not at any stage offered me a renewal for Season 2010," Jadeja said in the letter. "In addition, I have never refused until this day to sign such a contract. Hence, I believe I am free to sign a contract with any franchisee."