Pakistan Cricket Board on Tuesday announced the itinerary of the Triangular Tournament being held in Nairobi (Kenya) which has also been confirmed by the Australian Board.

The Tournament, being participated by Australia, Pakistan and Kenya will commence on August 29, and the final will be played on September 7, 2002.

Meanwhile Zakir Khan, General Manager (Cricket Operations) PCB, will be leaving for Nairobi on August 5, to discuss the arrangements of the tournament with the Kenyan officials. The itinerary is attached.

Khalid Butt
Media Manager
July 30, 2002


Aug 29 (Thu) Pakistan Vs Kenya Nairobi Aug 30 (Fri) Pakistan Vs Australia // Aug 31 (Sat) Rest Sep 1 (Sun) Pakistan Vs Kenya // Sep 2 (Mon) Australia Vs Kenya // Sep 3 (Tue) Rest Sep 4 (Wed) Pakistan Vs Australia // Sep 5 (Thu) Australia Vs Kenya // Sep 6 (Fri) Rest Sep 7 (Sat) Final