The third-umpire call
In the last over of Mumbai Indians' innings, Ambati Rayudu jumped out of the crease, and hit a half-volley straight down extra cover's throat. The umpire, though, sought the TV umpire's help to ascertain it was a fair delivery. The first replay suggested it was a no-ball, but the third umpire opted for another replay. Which was just as well because closer inspection revealed that when the toe landed, the heel - although in the air - was behind the line. Rayudu, who might have had his hopes up, had to walk back.

The unnecessary direct hit
Praveen Kumar knew it shouldn't have happened. He was pleading for it to not happen. He had just bowled a lovely outswinger to end the first over, he had taken the edge that had not carried to slip, and his expressive face was clear he didn't want the first slip, Harbhajan Singh, to go for the throw. Praveen's face, which will give Italian footballers a run for their Liras, told the rest of the story. The disappointment of the edge not carrying became a grimace as he saw Harbhajan go for the throw, and then it gave way to pure frustration as he saw the ball hit the stumps and go for an overthrow. All this while the batsmen were not even attempting a single.

The shocker
Poor Praveen's ordeal was not over. Umpire Bruce Oxenford added to his agony in the next over. An inswinger from Praveen had hit Dwayne Smith's back foot in front of off, and had all the makings of possibly the plumbest lbw of the IPL. Except that Oxenford didn't agree, possibly the only person in the whole wide world to think so. And it looked like Praveen, 27, had aged five years in this period of play.

The non-call
At the start of the Chennai Super Kings innings, Corey Anderson bowled the slower short ball well, and should have had Faf du Plessis caught in the fourth over. The top edge from du Plessis flew towards deep square leg from where Rayudu ran in hard, but seemed like he didn't call. Harbhajan rushed back from inside the circle with no knowledge of the approaching Rayudu. At the last second Rayudu realised Harbhajan was headed his way, avoided a possible collision, but the ball fell well safe. To rub salt into the Mumbai wounds, du Plessis pulled the next ball clear over Rayudu's head.

The hit
When Anderson came back for his second spell he had had enough of the slower short ball, and was intent on bowling the quicker bumpers. However, they forgot to tell him Suresh Raina was off strike when he bowled a brute of a bouncer to Brendon McCullum, his international captain. The ball hit the helmet grille flush, and a screw on the helmet flew as if a bail. McCullum was not out hit wicket, replays showed, but will surely ask Anderson to bowl similar such when he has the black cap on.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo