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Schofield Report recommendations

The full list of recommendations from the Schofield Report

Cricinfo staff
Below is the full list of recommendations from the Schofield Report
Focusing on the Individual
1 Central Contracts To ensure the system of Central Contracts is maintained and developed by establishing challenging individually tailored training and preparation programmes which are closely monitored through the Performance Centre at Loughborough University, and reflect the 'needs' rather than the 'wants' of the players.
2 England Performance Squad Players outside the system of Central Contracts, but selected for the England Performance Squad should have an individually tailored 12 month training and preparation programme closely monitored through the Performance Centre.
3 Skills Sets Skills Sets of players up to the age of Under 19 should be established, and have individually tailored 12 month training and preparation programmes closely monitored through the Performance Centre.
4 International Exchanges Maintain and develop links with Academies and teams throughout the World in order to provide players in England squads with the opportunity to spend time overseas developing their technical and tactical skills at appropriate times during their development.
5 Fitness and Conditioning The introduction of individually tailored strength and conditioning programmes for players within England programmes at all levels.
6 Medical Support and Screening To implement the recommendations within the ECB Science and Medicine Review, enhance the medical screening of all senior players, particularly fast bowlers, and provide 'World Class' medical support for Centrally Contracted players.
7 Player Personal Development To provide individual personal development programmes for each player in the England Performance Squad programme including media training in order to ensure the development of 'well-rounded' individuals.
8 Captaincy & Leadership Development The establishment of mentoring and development programmes for players who are in, or have the potential to be in, Captaincy and leadership roles within England cricket.
9 Coaching and support staff professional development The establishment of Professional Development programmes for England coaches and support staff in order for them to remain leading edge practitioners
10 Skill development Supplement the coaching resources at the Performance Centre by the appointing a Fielding Coach responsible for raising the standards of this discipline throughout the game.
11 Succession planning Maintain a succession plan for all key positions within the England programme
Focusing on the Team
12 International programme To provide more opportunities for players to prepare, perform, repair and regenerate by reducing the amount of International cricket.
13 Establishing the National Cricket Centre as the 'Performance Centre' Refurbishment and rebranding the National Cricket Centre at Loughborough as the ECB Performance Centre, and establish the Centre as the focal point for all England player monitoring and development.
14 Domestic Competition Structure To reduce the amount of cricket played at First Class level to enable players to maintain and develop their cricket skills and fitness levels during the season, and provide competition formats and regulations which as far as possible mirror the international game.
15 Improving the quality of coaching A review and continual updating of the Level 4 Coaching and CPD programme to ensure the top coaches are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop 'World Class' players.
16 Improve links/communications with Counties Establish within a management structure, executive responsibility for promoting engagement and communication between England programmes and Counties, and raising the standards of First Class cricket.
Focusing on ECB
17 England Management Structure The establishment of a new management structure within the ECB with full accountability and responsibility for the selection and performance of the England cricket team.
18 Player Tracking Database The establishment of a player tracking database with the ability to monitor the development of every player in an England Squad
19 Ongoing Planning Process Establish a robust biannual review process including all stakeholders and designed to take the game to the next level