In an effort to qualify for the next World Cup, in West Indies in 2007, Scotland are to appoint a full-time coach. Investment from Sport Scotland will help to finance the post.

Roddy Smith, who became Scotland's chief executive on Monday, said the full-time position will be filled by "the best candidate we can find and that the search will be worldwide." Initially, the coach will be on a fixed-term contract until September 30 2005, after which there will be a review.

To win qualification for the 2007 World Cup Scotland would need to finish in the top five at the 12-team ICC Trophy for non-Test nations, which is being held in Ireland in next July. Tony Judd, who is the current coach, works part-time. He thinks that making the post full-time has been overdue and it will be vital for them to qualify for the next World Cup.

Judd remains until December 31, and is undecided whether to apply for the new position. "I will continue to do everything I can to support the teams training and competition programme until the end of the year," he said. At present he is helping the Scotland side prepare for the semi-final of the ICC Intercontinental Cup against Kenya in Dubai starting on November 16.

Smith paid tribute: "Tony has done a fantastic job in his part-time capacity...last year culminated in the Scottish side defeating a full Test-playing country [Bangladesh] for the first time, something for which Tony can be very proud."